Even though infertility affects at least 10% of the population, most couples feel as though they are the only ones struggling through it. Help give some reassurance to those encountering fertility problems by talking about your experience. Did you turn to in vitro fertilization or some other form of infertility treatment? Were alternative or natural fertility treatments useful for you? We want to hear your encouraging anecdotes about infertility and fertility treatments.

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Yo vivi la experiencia de endometriosis y efectivamente tiene solución, solo tu medico tratante debe efectuar una laparoscopia que requiere de intervención y determinar si padeces o no de este mal.... En mi caso los dolores eran cada vez mas intensos todos los meses y efectivamente lo mio era una endometriosis recto vaginal, por tal razon no podía quedar embarazada, pero luego de la operación que fue en Marzo del 2005, ya en Abril estaba embarazada.... solo deben pedirles al médico que realice este exámen, aunque es invasivo, pero determinara si efectivamente tienes la enfermedad, no hay otra solución, yo después de innumerables exámenes, finalmente el médico me dijo que haríamos la laparoscopia, y fue así.. Endometriosis.

Y ahora estoy felíz con mi hija que ya tiene un año y 7 meses.



I have been researching different things & wanted to share with all of you a couple of really great web sites: and I have read & learned what is going on in the world of infertility beyond me. I hope it does the same for you.

As I have previously posted I have no trouble conceiving, but I am then unable to retain the pregnancy. I have learned on these sites that my progesterone level, which my doctor has explained to me is in a gray area, not really as high as they'd like to see, but not low enough to do anything about. Well, through reading I have realized it was well below the 15 on a medicated cycle & the 10 on a natural cycle. My levels were 11.8 on a medicated cycle & 7 on a natural cycle with positive HCG levels!?

I am now going to pursue with her Clomid cd 5-9 & insist on progesterone suppositories after ovulation & ask her to see what my levels are then. She's probably thinking, that little bit may not make the difference, but as we all know everyone is different & my middle of the road may be low for me. I mean, I never had this problem before so, there are no baseline levels for me. I feel wonderfully encouraged after 4 miscarriages & 2yrs of trying.

I hope these sites help you along your journey as they have mine.

Love, Luck & Sticky thoughts


Tryst with Secondary Infertility

“I need to call your insurance to do a pre-authorization for infertility” – those words struck like a bolt of lighting the first time I heard it. I had never, even remotely, imagined myself to fall in that category.

Our first child was a planned event, but she was conceived almost the first month we tried. We felt lucky and blessed, but not for a moment understanding any of the technicality around conceiving a child and carrying it full-term and delivering a healthy baby. It was something we had always taken for granted. We were young, healthy, with no known problems, genetic or otherwise of either side of our families. Millions of women conceive daily and carry and deliver full-term babies. There is nothing unique about each of us or the fact that we can have children. Or so we thought at that time.

We decided to take a few years before trying for our second child. When our daughter turned 5, we had completed several other family obligations to our parents, his brother’s children etc and moved in to a much bigger home, had no other liabilities. We figured it was time to try for our second child. We always wanted to have at least 2 children and we felt our daughter was at that perfect age (well, we would have preferred a 3 year difference, but we were busy with other things in life!). We even planned on the month because we wanted a spring/summer baby. Our first born was a winter baby and it was always a big event planning her birthday parties around the trials and tribulations of winter. Also school age cut-off was in August – I think I focused so much on all these factors, that I was missing the important factor, destiny or fate as us easterners would like to call it.

Our expectation was that this time would be just like the first one, we would conceive immediately. The first month was disappointing, but both of us were at least 6 years older, I was now 32 and knew sometimes, over 30, thinks took time. The second month was disappointing still, but we just blamed it on stress, other little things called life.
Then the 3rd month happened as well. We were planning for the baby, but were not too serious about it. We decided it was time for ovulation predictor kits, the next step. Later that month, my father passed away. It was a devastating moment; I traveled to India, spent some time with my family around my dad’s funeral. I went into depression after that, we were still trying to have a child, but in retrospect, I am glad it did not happen then.

Later that year in May, after about 6 months of trying, we decided to see my OB/GYN about it. That is when I heard those fateful words from their billing department in the first paragraph.

That started my long journey with the fact that we were considered to have “secondary infertility” – another new term I have learned in the last year. The OB/GYN wanted to do a serum progesterone test first and said if that turned out to be normal we will take if from there. Well, it was not. Meanwhile my husband had a workup done and everything was normal. We started Clomid 50 mg for 3 months, no success. Then we did Clomid 50mg + IUI for 3 cycles – no success. I had had enough of the ordeal at that point and decided to take a break for another 3 cycles. Then again the desire to have the second child took pre-dominance and we were referred to a reproduction endocrinologist. We had a wonderful meeting with Dr.Williams for our first counseling. We decided to try Metformin – after 2 cycles, I started panicking.

Another visit with Dr.Williams, we decided to try gonadtrophins + IUI. This Monday was our first cycle. I am feeling so hopeful – I really do. Somewhere along the line, my stress levels were so high and combined with the grief over my father’s loss and over our secondary infertility made me go in to severe depression. Luckily a good talk with my physician healed the depression to some extent – I would have hated to take medication for that as well. I pride myself in being a strong woman and resorting to chemical aid to something I could control would have further devastated me.

I think this cycle I have just let go! People tell me, well meaning of-course, that when that happens, everything clicks in to place. I tell them, had I known that, I would have long since given up; It may seem funny, but sometimes I feel like that. I go to my Dr appointments and see so many hopeful parents, waiting and undergoing all kinds of physical discomfort to have that elusive off-spring. It tears my heart to hear their stories, but strangely it also is very healing. Suddenly you are not alone in your fight and in achieving your dreams.

These sisters in armour share your pain, agony, help you stay encouraged and focused.


TTC for almost 4 years

I am 36 years old and I'm trying to conceive. We have been trying for 4 years now.

The doctors don't see anything wrong with me or my husband. It is just not happening. I just starting taking Geritol.

Pray for us.


Staying Strong...

This afternoon I spoke to my RE. She was understanding, empathetic, & equally as frustrated with the situation. There is no medical reason that I continue to miscarry.

Between my OB & RE they have ruled out everything with the exception of scar tissue... which I plan to undergo testing for that next month. So, we wait...HOPING that eventually God will grant us a little miracle we can call our own!!!

I feel better that we spoke. She answered all my questions & explained everything. I guess I just needed to hear it from her. We just put the past behind us & try to stay positive about the future.


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