Even though infertility affects at least 10% of the population, most couples feel as though they are the only ones struggling through it. Help give some reassurance to those encountering fertility problems by talking about your experience. Did you turn to in vitro fertilization or some other form of infertility treatment? Were alternative or natural fertility treatments useful for you? We want to hear your encouraging anecdotes about infertility and fertility treatments.

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we want so bad to have a baby.

I had a tubal reversal; my dr saved one tube. My husband has 0 sperm count, so we are using a sperm donor.

I truly regret ever having my tubes tied. I have one son and I thank GOD for him. But I would love to have one or more babies.

My son is 13 years old.

dallas peck


I am 26 years old. I have been married for almost four years now. My husband and I started trying in August of 2005. I got off of the pill and two months later I was pregnant...I was so happy and so was he.

At seven weeks I miscarried. The doctor didn't know why and said it is common in first time pregnancies. I had irregular cycles and had to be put on provera to try to regulate them. That went on for a while and then in August 2006 I went on clomid. I started at 50mg and ended up at 150mg with progesterone levels of over 40...still nothing...I got off of it after six cycles.

I had all of the fertility tests done and the doc found that I lacked progesterone in the post ovulation time. I couldn't hold a fertilized egg because my uterine walls were not maturing at the right speed. So back on clomid and doing ok. I am on day three now and will be getting IUI when I ovulate.

I am praying and praying that this will be the answer to this long journey. I pray for all of us.


The second time around...

In a few months I turn 35, my husband will be 37, so now we are in a high-risk category for the OB/GYN.

After 10 years of marriage and NOT trying to get pregnant it surprised us both when I found out my test was positive. After raising my child these last two years NOW I am desperate to have another.

We have been trying for the last 15 months -ovulation tests, basal body temperature, even the fertility drug Clomid…and still nothing. I feel depressed and dysfunctional.

I am confused if I need IVF now that I am a whole two years older, or if we should keep trying.


Forever Hopeful

My husband and I just celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary last week. I am 38 and he is 40. We found out we were pregnant 2 years ago (after the first try) and were thrilled. Unfortunately, our baby was not to be. He was very sick and passed at 18 weeks. We were so devastated.

After the D&E I was very sad but hopeful for the future. We started trying 5 months later and became pregnant again. Once again, unfortunately we miscarried at 6 weeks. Now, over a year later we are going to the fertility clinic and are hoping that with the help of fertility drugs and IUI we will conceive again.

I am scheduled for an IUI next week (depending on my LH surge). I am very excited and just know that we will have our baby to hold in our arms one day (hopefully in 9 months from now). Keep your heads up all those out there trying. If it is meant to be.... it will be



Trying to get Pregnant

I have one child who is 14 years old. I've had two miscarriages. The first one was 12 years ago and the second one was last year. I recently began the clomid fertility drug treatment and had an hCG injection.

At the end of this week or the beginning of next week I will be administered a pregnancy test by my doctor. I'm requesting for all readers to pray for a positive result and for me to carry the baby full term without complications.

Thanks to all of you and I will pray for all of you as well!

Pam Anderson

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