Even though infertility affects at least 10% of the population, most couples feel as though they are the only ones struggling through it. Help give some reassurance to those encountering fertility problems by talking about your experience. Did you turn to in vitro fertilization or some other form of infertility treatment? Were alternative or natural fertility treatments useful for you? We want to hear your encouraging anecdotes about infertility and fertility treatments.

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still trying

My husband and I got married 9/04 and started the process of trying to get pregnant and start our family, neither of us have children. i have been pregnant 10 years ago at age 23, and none since. We started the process of seeing Dr to figure out why we wer'nt getting pregnant. My HSG showed left tube blockage. My husbands SA show poor morph. Devisated we went ahead and started Clomid x 3 no success. We let it go. Then early this yr we saw a fert spec. we did'nt have ins to cover, so he sug ICSI- we were devistated. We prayed and sought counseling with our preacher. Well, we saw Urologist who sug for my husband a vericocele repair. I saw my OB?GYN- she sug lap and anoth HSG. Well much better news- now after x2 IUI we wait- patiently. Still nervous and confused as to how far we can go with this


Trying before it's to late

My huband and I have been together for almost 7 years, married for almost 4. We got married at 21 and 22 years of age.we decided that since we were young that we would wait to get pregnant, until we are a well established couple. we decided to start trying last year.Last year on Christmas eve I got pregnant, on the first try, but miscarried at 8 weeks. he and I were devasted. After that I dodn't know if I want to try again, because I had a awful experience as far as the misscarriage anf the treatment that I received. Now we are ready to try again, but there are some problems with me. Large uterine Fiborids, with some endometriosis. I have a Dr appt on the 10th wish me luck


gone but not forgotten

Whe I first found out I was pregnant, I could not believe it. I love everything about children. My joy did not last. My marriage was falling apart and on January 1st 1989 I gave birth to my son who had died in utero. Two weeks before my full term pregnancy I lost my dear son. Three weeks later I seperated. However God gave me a second chance. I met a wonderful man and remarried. We kept trying to get pregnant but nothing came out of it. I had my tubes unblocked surgicaly once, then another time a few months later due to an ectopic pregnancy. A few months after that a 3rd surgery to remove a severely damaged tube. After one stilbirth, one ectopic, three surgeries, 3 rounds of IVF and one Donor egg from my sister this past august 2006, I am still not pregnant. I am now 44 years of age and although I try to not lose hope I know my chances of ever being a mom are next to nil. The pain of not getting pregnant after the IVF treatments does not hurt as much as losing my stillborn son. He will never be forgotten. Every Jan.2 is a reminder of what coul have been. The pain is beyond comprehension. I pray for every single woman that is in a similar situation. Not only do I pray for a child, but that God helps us a liitle bit with the pain that we feel in silence. Good luck to all of us.




We have a daughter who is 4 and one who is 2 /1/2. We have been trying for a third child for over a year and a half now. It's so disappointing each month when I get my period. We did not have trouble conceiving our daughters. I've had surgery to open my cervix, I've had a hysterosalpingogram, I've had the blood work done. I have very low progesterone and started Cloimd on August 7, 2006. I have gone through 2 cycles and will be starting my third in a few days. My progesterone has increased from 4.3 to 18.4 so we are seeing progress. I'm just not getting the end result...pregnancy...that we are hoping for. It's hard to keep your hope up when you are continuously disappointed. I pray about it a lot. I'm 35 and will soon be 36. I'm not getting any younger. I'm losing hope in our dream to have a third child and that is very sad.

Hopeful in Carmel

Our last resort: IVF...

Why is it so difficult to conceive, I wonder? My husband and I had been trying to start a family for over 4 years but to no avail...

After 2 rounds of IUI, we had decided to go for IVF this round. Well, definitely we are very hopeful for positive results but I am also aware that the chances are not 100%. I am trying not to give myself too much stress over this.

I am aware that the IVF journey will not be an easy one. Having just embarked on the programme last Sat (16/9), I am currently giving myself daily jabs of Lucrin. I had just gone for a blood test yesterday (23/9) and the nurse had reverted that I will have to go back to the clinic to take the medicine for the next series of daily jabs that is meant to stimulate the production of eggs.

So far, so good... well, this is just the beginning... As advised, during the period of the programme, couples should eat well, sleep well and relax! I had also shared with some of my close colleagues and boss regarding this and I am very grateful that they are all very understanding, supportive and encouraging.

Well, I guess in about 5 to 6 weeks' time, I would know the results... positive or negative? *take a deep breath* At this moment, I can only pray hard and stay positive! ;P

- staying hopeful -

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