Even though infertility affects at least 10% of the population, most couples feel as though they are the only ones struggling through it. Help give some reassurance to those encountering fertility problems by talking about your experience. Did you turn to in vitro fertilization or some other form of infertility treatment? Were alternative or natural fertility treatments useful for you? We want to hear your encouraging anecdotes about infertility and fertility treatments.

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bleeding and was not sure

When my boyfriend and I decided to have a baby it was the most difficult and emotional time of our life when after five years it had not happened.

My last period was on feb 20th 2006 and I did not think that I was even pregnant. I had no signs of being pregnant. I missed my period for a month and three weeks.

My boyfriend was the one who felt sick but we still did not think that I was pregnant after being disappointed many times. On the 10th of march I started seeing a brown discharge then some spotting. I had that for about four days, then on friday 14th six days before missing my period for two months. I started having some serious cramps and passing cloths and was quite sure I was also passing tissue.

I am still not sure if I was pregnant or not but some of my signs were, very painful back pains, cramps on my left side and the lower part of my tummy. The pain was just very very bad, the worst I have ever felt. It lasted for four days and counting. I am going to see the doctor on tuesday. My breast are still very sore.

i do hope for the best.


scared i may never have a family

When me and my husband, Jessie, first married i was 19 years old and he was 34 years old. We both thought that since i was young we would not have a problem conceiving, when we thought the time was right. After all, we already knew that he had a daughter with his ex-wife and knew that he could have children.

After 8 years of being together we decided that it is time to try to have kids. No problem we thought this will be a piece of cake. Little did we know the battle that we were in for. Every month i was sure that i was pregnant and every month when I got my period it was like a big kick in the stomach.

I was crying every night when Jessie would go to bed, I didnt want him to see me cry because I always acted so strong and tough. I would sit around sometimes and think about on career day at school when the teachers would ask me what do you want to be when you grow up, and I would tell them "I just want to be a mom, I dont want to be rich or famous, I just want to be a mom."

Of course by this time i am thinking that I was never gonna get pregnant. After at least a year and a half of trying to get pregnant I go to my dr. who is an ob/gyn. We had 2 post-coitel tests and both came out the same. They showed that my husbands sperm are mostly dead and the ones that are moving arent swimming very good. At this point I ask the dr what were my chances of ever getting pregnant like this and he said slim to none. Well come to find out Jessie's ex-wife wanted kids and she had them, with the help of someone else. The dr said there was no way Jessie got her pregnant without going through IVF. This really devastated us.

At this point I think that all hope is lost, until I start researching different options on the internet. So now Jessie and I have decided to try IUI using donor sperm. We will start doing this next month and see what happens. I will let you all know what happens and if we have to do IVF instead, but so far I am hopeful that this may work and I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I am so glad that I can share my stories with others, and maybe it will help someone else decide on what they can do. I will update this story as we go along.


trying for our 2nd

My husband and I got married when we were 22. Young, I know, but we started dating in high school.
Anyway, we thought we were young and so we waited to try having a baby. After 3 years of marriage, it happened, I was pregnant. We were not even trying. We were so excited, yet nervous at the same time.

My two older sisters both had a baby prior and so I had a lot of support. THe pregnancy was going well I thought until one night I started to bleed. It was pretty scary. I was already 11 weeks pregnant, right to the point where you are starting to feel better about the pregnancy and getting past that "12" week.

Well,I went to my dr. to find out. The baby stopped growing at 6 weeks and that I was going to miscarry. I was devastated. My older sister had a late miscarriage as well, so I thought what are the odds of me having one. Well, pretty good I guess.

My other sister had a miscarriage 2 months after I did. We thought what are the odds of all of us having one. Well, needless to say that Thanksgiving was a sad one, but we got through it with the support and love of our families.

We tried for the next 5 months and finally was pregnant again, once again with no assistance. We were very timid this time around. Very careful. This time I started spotting again at the same time. I was terrified. I went again to the dr. the next day, but to our surprise everything was fine ( thank God). The next few weeks I was still really scared.

Then the nausea set it, and I thought ok, here we go, the next few weeks are going to be rough. Well, to my surprise again, I was sick the next 7 months of my pregnancy. I knew when and where I would get sick to the place and time. It was scary. I ended up losing 12 pounds in my first few months, but then it did get a little better and I ended up gaining 15 lbs . I gave birth to a healthy baby boy ( 8. 14oz.) Charlie is his name. He is 4 now. We are so blessed to have him in our lives.

We are now trying to have our second baby. We have been trying now for about 18 months. I never thought that we would have so much trouble since I got pregnant before. I have always had irregular cycles, so I thought that maybe it would be possible, but then when I got pregnant before, I was relieved.

Anyhow, I was diagnosed with PCOS and therefore have been told that our next step would be to start IVF treatments. I am 30yrs. old, so I know I still have a little time and we were told our chances are good, but I am really nervous about the whole thing.

We want more children more than anything, but IVF is very costly, and I was told very stressful and time consuming. I am not complaining, I am just very nervous. We pray that this works for us.

Thanks for listening!


All I want is a Family

Well my story started out 2 years ago when I went to the OB/GYN to get ready for starting a family. I was told to start taking prenatal vitamins and mantaining a healthy diet. Well I went on my merry way, but knowing that I have had problems with my cycle since I was a teenager I knew that I would come across problems. We tried the "normal" way for 1 year trying to have our family. Then finally I looked into a RE. We went to her and got started with an action plan.

First we worked on regulating my periods. At the time of my visit I had not had my period for 3 months. So the doc prescribed progestone so I would get on my period. Once that happened I started out with Clomid as the first treatment. I took clomid for the next 4 cycles. Nothing happened. So went to the next step, which in our case was doing an IUI. I was hopeful that it would work, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. We did IUI for the next 3 cycles. I was taking Gonal-F as prescribed, the # of follicles did increase but along with that the E-2 level increase way beyond believe. On the last cycle it went from 230 to 2400+.

After several attempts and disappointments, we discussed with our RE and she suggested that we can either try IUI or we can go ahead and take the next step which was IVF. Well we are finally starting our the IVF cycle and hopefully by the grace of God we will have positive results by May.


My Own Path to a Family

My infertility story doesnít start out like the rest. See, my husband and I never wanted children. We had even discussed him getting a vasectomy but decided against it ďjust in caseĒ we ever changed our minds. Then one day, after 10 wonderful years of marriage and birth control, my period was late. I didnít think anything of it at first, as my period would sometimes change the day it decided to come on. But when I ran out of sugar pills and still didnít have a period, I knew something wasnít right.
My doctor had once told me that some women stop getting their periods while they are on the pill. I figured that that was most likely the case with me but took a home pregnancy test so I could be sure. Since I was very much expecting a negative, imagine my surprise when it came back positive. I felt numb. Alex and I had always wanted to be the childfree couple and suddenly we werenít. Alex reacted pretty much the same way I did Ė he didnít know what to do or think. We decided we better get a blood test from our GP to confirm the pregnancy. After all, it could have been a false positive.
When we got the results back from the doctor, I was still pregnant. However, my doctor said there was some concern as my hCG levels werenít quite as high as she would like them to be; could I come in for an ultrasound? And I think that was the moment. Right then. Suddenly, I didnít want to be childfree. Suddenly I wanted a child more than anything and the thought that something could be wrong with this baby inside me, this baby that managed to develop despite me using the pill religiously, the idea that something might not be right filled me with so many emotions, so many fears that I never knew possible.
The ultrasound revealed just what I didnít want it to Ė I was having an ectopic pregnancy. Whether I liked it or not, the pregnancy had to end. I was gutted. But not only that, I realized that I didnít want to go back on the pill, I wanted to try again for another baby. But how would Alex feel?
To my amazement, I learned that night that Alex felt the same as me. It wasnít until the possibility of having a child presented itself that he really thought about having kids and realized that he did want to have children. So we decided to start trying to conceive. I threw out my birth control pills, we both started eating better and doing everything and anything we could think of to improve our chances. After all, we were both 36, so we knew our bodies werenít getting any younger.
A year on, and no pregnancy or even late periods to make me think that maybe I was pregnant. We were desperate to conceive but nothing was happening. We couldnít understand it. When we didnít want a child, we got pregnant and now we did want a child, but no pregnancy was in sight. We decided to go see a fertility specialist.
After a bevy of tests and procedures and assessments and analysis, it was decided our best chances lay with IVF. This involved more tests and procedures and poking and prodding than I ever could have imagined. But we got through it and waited on pins and needles after the transfer to see if any eggs had implanted. Much to our disappointed ears, two weeks later we found out that we were not pregnant. We decided to try again. Again, no pregnancy.
We could only afford one more cycle of IVF. After that, all the money we had saved up (supposedly for our retirement) would be gone. Our doctor suggested we consider trying a donor egg since my ovarian reserve was not in the best of shape. Alex and I debated over this idea for a few weeks, but in the end I just could not picture myself getting pregnant with someone elseís egg. If I got pregnant, I wanted it to be my baby, through and through. When our infertility doctor heard our decision, he advised us not to go ahead with a third cycle. While the final decision was ours, he said, statistically, it was not in our best interest.
Again, Alex and I discussed the issues. I wanted to go ahead with it, he didnít. I felt like he was giving up after nearly two years of trying. I felt so hurt, so alone. Then one day he suggested adoption. Specifically, international adoption. I immediately shot down the idea. I wanted to be pregnant and adopting a child wouldnít allow me to experience pregnancy. Alex looked at me and said: ďDo you want a child and a family or do you just want to be pregnant?Ē At first I thought that was the most horrible thing he had ever said to me. Didnít he understand why I wanted to actually be pregnant?! As I opened my mouth to yell at him, what he said echoed through my head. Yes, I wanted to be pregnant, it would be the most amazing thing in the world to be pregnant. But what I really wanted was a child to complete our family. I closed my mouth again and just started crying.
Adoption wasnít easy either. There was a lot more red tape and paper work than either of us had anticipated. But a year after making the choice to adopt, we were on a plane to China. We had finally been approved and were going to be adopting a little girl.
The first few days were difficult. We had expected to be introduced to our baby at the orphanage and get to know her over a few days before taking her home. But within a half hour of arriving at the orphanage, we were handed our new daughter and shuffled back out the door. Understandably, she was scared. She was just over a year old Ė old enough to understand simple Chinese phrases, which we couldnít speak. That first week was trying, frustrating, scary, and tiresome, but we hardly noticed. Alex and I were just over the moon to finally have a child.
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to want to have children. Nor did I ever think that it would take me over three years to have a child. But now that Alex and I have Rita in our life, I donít think either of us would want our family any other way. She brings us so much joy everyday.
Alex and I are now in the process of adopting a sibling for Rita and canít wait to bring home a brother or sister for her.

Erin Harvey

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