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Giving birth is the most momentous part of pregnancy, and involves a lot of hard work, energy, and emotion. Whether you opted for natural childbirth or an epidural, tell us how your pregnancy progressed. Did you give birth at home or in hospital? Was it complication-free or was baby a little more stubborn? And, of course, how does it feel to have a new addition to your family? Help other women prepare for their birthing experience by telling us your story

And feel free to mention details of your baby's life like the type of baby bedding sets you chose for your nursery.

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37 weeks with a breech

Iím 37 weeks with my first child. My husband and I are going to have a girl, which we plan on naming Phaedra. At 34 weeks she decided to become breech. My doctor wasn't worried at that point and figured she would turn on her own soon. At my 36-week appointment he finally told me I might have to have a scheduled c-section since she was still breech. I don't have the option of him manually turning her since the placenta is right over her head. So I am now 37 weeks and 3 days with a scheduled c-section for June 5th.

My pregnancy has gone smoothly except for morning sickness and a mild case of a UTI. With not having anything serious during this time I feel lucky still even though she is breech. Iím glad I have had the time to read up on what to expect during a c-section. It has given me time to mentally prepare for it and to know what I may be losing compared to a vaginal birth. Other than what I am expecting now and how I look at a c-section I don't know how I emotionally will be afterwards but I hope I will be well enough to take care of my child.

I think every woman should prepare herself for a c-section even if it doesn't seem present when you go into labor. You never know what to expect when in labor and most of the horror stories Iíve read had to do with women who did not prepare for it mentally and were set on a vaginal delivery.


My Beautiful Pregnancy and Baby Boy

The week before Easter 2005, my cousin and I ate a Denny's restaurant and I told her I just couldn't be pregnant for Easter. I got home and went to bed. I woke up with a sharp pain shooting across my belly. I waited for another, to show I was in labor, but it didn't come, so I went back to sleep.

A half hour later, another pain went across my belly. I got up, called my best friend, my cousin and my sister. I started cleaning the house and packing a bag. I kept calling my son's father, but he wasn't answering his line. I called 17 times before he answered!

He got up, walked his dog and came to pick me up. My contractions weren't moving any faster, so we walked his neighborhood. They still weren't moving, so we lay across the bed and he performed nipple stimulation for four hours. Finally at 6:30 that evening we went to the hospital. I'd decided not to have any pain medicine, but after an hour, I was exhausted, so I used the code we'd come up with to get an epidural.

Well, my OB/GYN wouldn't hear of it. She gave me a shot of Stadol, which did nothing but put me to sleep. The pain was still intense. Finally, at 9:27pm, my 7lb, 2oz bundle of joy was finally born. ITíS A BOY!!!!


First time birth

I was 17 when I started dating this guy that I had known since I was about 13 or 14 but never talked to. We finally stared talking when we met at my job. On June 7th we started dating then on August 6th I took a home pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant.

I went to the doctor about a week or two later and she confirmed I was about 6 weeks pregnant. The guy I was dating was 20 and I was 17. He was happy and scared of course who wouldnít be and I was also happy but scared. On January 31st I turned 18 and he turned 21. We had decided to get married and set the date for Feb. 17th. I was 7 months pregnant on our wedding day.

My aunt works as a Labor and delivery nurse and was almost begging me to let her be my nurse so I agreed to deliver at the hospital she worked at. She recommended an OBGYN she was friends with and I started seeing her. She was a very nice doctor, my aunt and my doctor talked and decided to have a social induction. My due date was April 13th. I went into the hospital April 18th at 8:00 PM with no contractions and was only dilated 1cm.

First thing my aunt did was gave me an IV around 9 or 10 Pm. Everything was going so slow since I wasnít even in labor and had no pain. At 2 or 3 in the morning my aunt came in and told me they were going to insert a Foley bulb into my cervix to help me dilate but first they were going to give me an epidural because they are painful after the epidural. She gave me a cathedral then the doctor came in to insert the bulb. Still no contractions pain or anything but I had an epidural.

Once the bulb came out I was at 5 cm. After the bulb came out they gave me an IV with pitocin to start contractions after that I dilated about 1 cm every hour and was in pain. Around 10 or 11 that morning I was in so much pain my aunt went and got the doc to give me so medicine but he refused to. Some time the next morning I was stuck on 7 for hours the doc came in broke my water and that deff. speed things up. My aunt checked me at about 3:15 and said I was 9.5 centimeters and we would be pushing in about 15-30 mins so my mom went down to get some food.

About 5 mins after she checked me I was having contractions almost in the 100's so she checked me again and said we are ready to push. I was freaking out because my mom wasnít even in the room. My hubby kept trying to calm me down but I was in so much pain. My mom finally came in the room after I called her screaming Iím getting ready to push. My aunt turned my epidural off because it was empty and to me it felt like it wore off.

I had it at 2 in the morning and now its 4 the next day the doctor even said before he gave me the epidural it may ware off because they last about 12 hours. Well anyway my beautiful little girl was born April 19th at 4:19 PM weighing 7 pounds 11.2 oz and 20.5 inches long. She will be 1 month in 3 days it doesnít even feel like its been one month.


Fourteen hours of labor emergency c-section

My grandma and I found out that I was preg on Aug. 15th 2005. (My husband was at school; I called him). My due date was Apr. 12th 2006. I had morning sickness not too bad.

When I was 5 months me my grandma and husband went to my OB appt and we found out I was having a boy. When I was 38 weeks I started having Braxton hicks contractions. So at my last OB appt (apr.10th) I asked my OB could I be induced he said that I could get induced (apr.13th at 11:45pm). I get to the hospital get induced I think I was 2cm. I was hoping to go natural but that went out the window. ]

At 8:30am my OB came in and broke my water I donít remember what time it was when I hit 10cm but I had to get an epidural and have an emergency c-section. My OB noticed at 11:45am my son's heart rate was dropping real low so I was prepped for the c-section. At 12:10pm I was in the OR and at 12:47pm Isaiah was born weighing 7pounds 9ounces and 19 1/2inches.

My recovery was ok not too bad I was sore. Iím expecting #2 in 3wks. C-section on (June 7th 2007).


Early Baby

I was 28 weeks pregnant with my second daughter. Everything was fine with the pregnancy, except for when my water broke early. I was then on bed rest in the hospital for the next 3 weeks until she was born. 3 weeks is along time, once you have broken your water. You run the risk of infection inside the womb. In my case the placenta was 30% detached and my baby had swallowed a lot of blood!

Not to mention she was breach and hardly had an amniotic fluid, and me on bed rest also raised the question about her mobility skills. All you have is time to think about what might, and what could happen. Then on Oct.25th I got up to use the restroom. Before I could start to pee, blood poured out of me, like nothing I had ever seen!!! The doctors all rushed in. They found that the placenta was detaching and they rushed me in for an emergency C-section.

She was born within 25 minutes of entering the OR. She was 3lbs.9oz.16 inches long. She dropped weight the very next day to 2lbs. 11oz. Talk about scary!! She was a little longer than a hand. She was so tiny. They keep her in an iceolet for 5 weeks, until she could hold her body temp. Then they moved her to a bassinet, and wouldn't let her come home until she was 5lbs. and was eating, and keeping down 2 oz. of milk. She was there a total of 8weeks.

Today she is healthy and happy. It just goes to show you that you can do things by the book, and not always have the "planned pregnancy" you thought you where going to have.

Remember to take it easy- you are pregnant.


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