Labor and Birth

Giving birth is the most momentous part of pregnancy, and involves a lot of hard work, energy, and emotion. Whether you opted for natural childbirth or an epidural, tell us how your pregnancy progressed. Did you give birth at home or in hospital? Was it complication-free or was baby a little more stubborn? And, of course, how does it feel to have a new addition to your family? Help other women prepare for their birthing experience by telling us your story

And feel free to mention details of your baby's life like the type of baby bedding sets you chose for your nursery.

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I was 30 years old when I became pregnancy with my 2nd child. It was to be a boy. I always felt that something just wasn't right. We had 2 sonograms and I was told each time that everything was fine. All labs were normal except that I had gestational diabetes, which was well controlled by diet.

I was in labor for 8+ hours. At delivery after the babies head was born the doctor held him and did not place him on my stomach. I did not hear the cry. I kept asking what was wrong. Then he held just the forehead up for me and my husband to see, and at that time he instructed us that our newborn son would need surgery. He had a cleft lip and palate. I did not know what to expect and did not know where to turn.

I was left alone. No nurses visited my room frequently, they were not joyous and happy. Little was said. I had to ask to see and feed my son. He was still a beautiful baby to me. Basically we were on our own. I, being a nurse, did a lot of research and found out a lot of information and places for help.

I hope that no one else has to go through this but if anyone does and needs an ear and some guidance I will gladly help them in any way that I can.

Today my 17 year old son is still as beautiful to me as the day he was born. We struggled through and made it just fine!


17 with one child and one on the way

I found out I was pregnant on December 7 2004. I had been with this guy for only 8 months. We were both in shock when I told him. He stayed by my side through the whole pregnancy. He went to all the doctorsí appointments and everything. My pregnancy was normal with no complications. My due date was July 21 2005.

At my doctors appointment on July 6 2005 she tried to pop my bag of water that was hanging out of my cervix. She popped a little pinhole in it and I leaked fluid for 4 days. Then on July 10 2005 about 5:55 pm I bent over and I felt this weird feeling in my stomach. Then I felt my water break. At first I was confused. I was 15 and this was my first child.

I got in the car and my mom took me to my auntís house first and when we left there about 15 minutes later I was having horrible pains. When we reached the hospital it was about 6:30pm and I couldnít walk the pain was so bad. Then I got it a room and they strapped the machines to me. They checked my cervix and I was dilated to 3cm. the nurses were convinced that I wasnít going to have this baby until the early morning. I kept telling them no I am going to have this baby tonight.

I got an epidural but it only numbed my left leg. They called the anesthesiologists in time and time again. About 11pm he came back in and told me that he could reposition it. I told him not to bother - I was 9cm dilated and I was ready to push. The nurse told me I couldnít because the doctor wasnít there. I pushed anyways then the doctor got in there and said okay with the next contraction push. I gave it my all. At 11:15pm my son was born 7lbs 12oz 18in long. And now I am 17 and 36 weeks pregnant with my second baby I am nervous about going through labor again. But it is all well worth it.


Grandma's story. Birth of Malachy

My daughter Laura is nearly twenty. She had her first child at 15. The labour was long - 36 hours. She had a posterior cervix which took its time getting straight ready for birth. Dani was born looking poorly. His apgars were 3 and 7. There was meconium in the waters, and he'd ingested some. Laura had a haemorrage and lost 2 litres of blood. For a while, the situation looked desperate. They both rallied well though. Mr daughter recovered quickly, Dani grew into a beautiful little boy.

Laura, now 19, had her second baby this morning. This time she has a good partner to support her and Dani. Kieran welcomed the news that he was to be a father. At 34 weeks Laura started having braxton hicks, which grew more and more painful as the time passed. Three weeks ago, she had a false labour. We went to the hospital thinking he (we knew it was another boy), was coming early. But no. The cervix was tight shut and again posterior. She started drinking raspberry leaf tea, having heard that it helped the cervix dilate. For the following three weeks she had intermittent contractions. She had another internal, this time the news was better. The midwife much admired her cervix! It was no longer posterior but centralised and effacing nicely. She was 2cms dilated. She was due the next day. The midwife was sure she'd deliver within the next couple of days, but booked her in for another appointment and for induction at term + 10 days. Laura's due date arrived and passed. No contractions, no signs apart from intermittent braxton hicks. I went with her to the ante natal appointment. The midwife was surprised to see her. Laura was desperate by this time, convinced she was to remain pregnant forever. The midwife said that because she'd lost a lot of blood last time, that she would be started immediately on syntocin. My daughter was very worried about her labour being so "managed". She wanted to do it herself, with just entenox and use yoga positions and breathing to help with the pain, as last time.

The night before the induction, Dani stayed with my husband and my other two teenage "children", while I stayed overnight at Laura and Kieran's house, just a few miles away. We wanted to be ready for an early start. Laura and I stayed up talking. She was stressed about the induction. We went up at midnight. Eventually I got off to sleep. I awoke as Laura stumbled into the room. It was 5am. She'd been having contractions since 3am. They were now every 5 minutes. "He's not going to wait.." she told me. "He's coming. Now."

I phoned the hospital. We were to go straight to the labour ward.

Kieran and I rushed about frantically, getting the last minute things into her bag, and running with them, into heavy rain and thunder, to the car. We stopped numerous times getting her from the bedroom to the car to support her through contractions. They were coming quick and fast, with a max of 2 minutes between them. The contractions continued thick and fast through the journey to the hospital. The rain was still pouring down, the roads were awash with water. After what seemed an eternity - it normally takes 10 minutes - we arrived. Laura had two contractions in the car park, in the thunderous rain, we were all soaked, more in the lift and another three on the short walk to the labour ward.

I breathed a sigh of relief when we arrived. It was about 7am.

The midwife was lovely. Immediately, she dimmed the lights and pulled the curtains, shutting out the awful weather outside. It was still pouring with rain, thunder crashing and lightning flashes.

Laura was examined. She was 3-4cms dilated. We were so so deflated! We thought she'd be 6cms at the least! Laura was attached to monitors, with belts around her tummy. They baby's heartbeat was steady, the contractions were mounting. The midwife suggested that Laura lay on her side. Kieran and I alternated sides of the bed. One helping Laura with her breathing, holding her hand and keeping her cool with cold flannels, the other massaging her back during contractions and stroking her tummy in between them. She found all of this soothing. She had entenox and an injection of pethidine. We reminded her to take deep steady breaths, soothed her as well as we could, told her all the time how well she was doing.

By 8am, she was complaining of "pressure". The midwife looked. No sign of the baby's head. She said she wouldn't examine Laura again yet, they only did this four-hourly to check on progress. A few contractions later, Laura said the pressure was worse, much worse. The midwife looked again. Nothing. She said she would examine her. By this time, Laura's contractions were relentless, one after the other. The midwife waited for a lull, then went in. She asked if she should break the waters. Said she could feel the bag bulging. Laura agreed instantly. The midwife waited again for the next very brief lull, and broke the waters.

I remembered last time. The meconium. I asked if the waters were clear. They weren't. This baby also had meconium in the waters. The midwife didn't seem over concerned but Laura was distraught. We all tried to soothe her. The contractions increased in intensity as soon as the waters were broken. The midwife rushed to prepare the delivery trolley. She told us the baby would need resuscitating due to the meconium and she switched on the machine.

We started telling Laura "not long now" but think she was too "out of it" to register this.

A short while later, Laura was obviously bearing down. The midwife encouraged her onto her back into a sitting position, supported by pillows. It seemed to take forever to get her moved, we practically lifted her up and back in the end, because the contractions were so intense she couldn't move.

After two good, strong pushes, we watched as the baby's head crowned. Under the midwife's instruction, Laura blew, panted, gave little pushes. Out he came. We supported Laura forward, to show her the baby's head. She put her hand down, felt his hair. The rest of his body slithered out, in the same way. The birth was slow, gentle and fully controlled by this wonderful midwife. And then, there he was, this little tiny baby, on Laura's chest, mouthing already for food. We all cried with relief. The midwife laughed. She's seen it all before many times, no doubt.

The time was recorded. 9.10am. We'd been at the hospital only two hours!

Seconds later, he was whisked away, onto the resuscitator. There was no panic. He was fine.

After a bit of oxygen, he pinked up beautifully and gave his first cry. He was given to Laura to hold, and she put him to the breast. He latched on immediately.

After a while, the midwife gave him to Kieran to hold, while Laura delivered the placenta. It was enormous. The midwife commented that it was no wonder he'd been in no rush to be born! He felt a bit cold, so Laura asked me to dress him. I chose a cute little vest and matching babygrow from her bag. He looks so beautiful in baby-blue!

Because of the meconium and the risk of infection this presents, he has to stay in hospital tonight. Nurses are taking his temperature 4-hourly. But he's looking good.

Tomorrow he'll be home. We're all looking forward to seeing him in his nursery. He is just the most beautiful baby. Looks so tiny. He's not! He weighed in at 8lbs 9oz!! We all love him so much already. He's just perfect.


15 with 3 unborn.

Well it all started when I was 12. I was in my first real relationship. I had relations before then, but never a real relationship. I was turning 13 in a couple days. My boyfriends mom invited me over to their house two days before my birthday for dinner and a movie. I happily agreed to go. We ate dinner and watched a movie and time flew by. After the movie I called my mom and told her I was going to stay in the guest bedroom at their house and that i'd be back the next morning. Well lets just say I lost my virginity that night at 12 years old.

Like everyone that loses their virginity I said "oh I'll be ok, no worrys," boy was I wrong. I skipped my period the following month, then 3 more weeks past and still no period. So I went to the only person I could trust at the time, my boyfriend. We told his mom, and she called mine. 2 hours later we were all in CVS buying a pregnancy test. It came back positive. Next day I was in a doctors office with my boyfriend, my mom, and my boyfriends mom. We were all anxious to hear the results. 10min. later it was confirmed. I was 6 weeks pregnant and 13. I lost a lot of trust that week. My parents were disappointed and my so called friends started calling me names I'd never hear before. My boyfriend was the only one who seemed to care. He told me he would never leave me, and he never did.

I went to regular doctors appointments and had the support of my boyfriend the whole time. Four months (16 weeks) into the pregnancy, I found out "we" were having a boy! I was having few complications, nothing major. We were all getting excited. I had a baby shower when I was 26 weeks, and got tons of stuff. Who could have guessed that babys would be so much fun to shop for. Well I went into my 3rd Trimester a week after my baby shower, thats when the pregnancy started getting tough! So much pain. I was growing out of all my clothes quicker than ever. My little baby was getting big. I graduated 9th grade with a's and b's.

I went into labor on June 12 at about 4:30pm. I was in labor for 10.5 hours. Labor is the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. June 13, 2004 at 2:47am I delivered my first baby Justin Lee. Justin was 17in. long and 5pd. 4oz. I had the loving support of My mom, my dad, my "mother-in-law" and my WONDERFUL boyfriend. Justin was healthy and mommy was allowed to take him home 4 days later. Thats when things started getting hard.

Time flew by. I know what my parents mean when they say I grow up to fast. Before I knew what was happening I was planning my baby boys first birthday party! All of my little cousins came and enjoyed the cake and ice cream. After my boyfriend and I cleaned up we tucked Justin into bed. Later on that night My boyfriend and I "went to bed" If you know what I mean.

It all happened again. I skipped my period the following month and I knew somthing was up. I once again went to the only person I could trust, My boyfriend. This time we decided to tell all of our parents at once. Three days after I told them I was back in the doctors office. Everyone was once again anxious to hear the news. 1.5 hours after we got there it was confirmed that I was yet again pregnant. I didn't tell anyone besides my family members, I had went through enough the year before at school. I couldn't bear to do it again. I waited and waited with everyone wondering. I wore big sweatshirts and never told anyone why I left early once a week. Well when I got into my 2nd trimester I knew I had to tell someone. I was four months pregnant with a baby girl. First thing I did was have a meeting witch consisted of Me, my boyfriend, all my teachers, the guidence consoler, and my principal. Everyone was yet again shocked, esspecially since I was doing so good in school. We told everyone the news and the principal asked my boyfriend and I to go from school to school to talk about teenage pregnancy. My mom brought Justin to each highshool we went to. Everyone was so surprized that a 14 year old girl could handle a relationship, a 1 year old, a family, and being pregnant and still maintain a's and b's in all of her highschool classes.

My pregnancy with my little girl was a bit more complicated. Being so young and having a seconed child. Well 32 weeks into my pregnancy, only 8months. I went into labor at school. It was about 12:30pm. Everyone freaked out. Someone got my boyfriend, someone else called my mom, and someone else called 911. I was in pain, and I was worried sick. My boyfriend and 2 other guys got me out to the front of the school where the EMS were waiting. They suddenly got a call and apparently something is more important than a 14 year old girl in labor at school. I was really starting to get ill at that point. The prinicipal drove my boyfriend and I to the hospital where my mom was waiting. My mom and the doctor were sitting there listening to the story about what happened while I was having major pains. I ended up slapping the nurse because she stopped to talk to someone else. I was finally settled into a bed.

Everyone was on edge. I was a month early. "The baby can't come yet. Its too early." You could tell something was wrong because noone would tell me anything. They finally told me that my baby was ready to come out, and there was a slight possibility that she wouldn't survive. Well she sure showed them. ha. On March 4, 2006 at 8:14pm with my mom, my dad, my boyfriend, and his mom with me I had my seconed baby Alannah Marie who was healthy and strong. Weighing 4pd. 7oz. and being 15.5 in. long, I held my baby girl in my arms. I went home 6 days later. I was homeschooled for the next 8 weeks. Then I returned to school in May. Everyone was anxious to hear the story or how Alannah Marie came into the world.

I graduated 10th grade with a's and b's. I celebrated my baby boys 2nd birthday shortly after school got out. I had my hands full then. I had a 2 year old, and an 3 1/2 month old in my house. It's November now, and I'm pregnant with my 3rd baby. 16 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby boy. Everyone knows I can do it. No one has any doubts. Just remeber that whatever God hands you in life, you have to take it and go with it. I'm not saying you should try and get pregnant but just remeber..Its not that fun.


to C-section or not to C-section?

i was 22 yrs. old when my son was born in 2002. i am now pregnant with my second and have to make a decision whether to have a repeat c-section or attempt VBAC. I must admitt, i am terrified to have another c-section. the procedure was basically uneventful, except that i had tension and pains in my heart, which eventually subsided, but were very scary at the time. after a successful operation, i was put in the recovery room. my doc had been called to an emergency c-section somewhere else. which left me, in recovery, with noone to authorize a pain reliever. as minutes went by, i started being able to feel more of my chest, then my upper abdomin, and yes, eventually i could feel the actual incision of where my son had been taken out of my body only 1/2 an hour before. i was screaming, crying. no pain i have ever felt in my life with ever be that intense. my mother in law found me alone in the room crying, and thought the baby had been lost. i explained what was going on in short pauses, and could only describe the pain at the time as, "the corner of a piano resting on my abdomin". now i find myself having to make a decision whether to try a VBAC? i am truly scared and don't know what to do. i am due july 8, 2007. help!!!


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