Labor and Birth

Giving birth is the most momentous part of pregnancy, and involves a lot of hard work, energy, and emotion. Whether you opted for natural childbirth or an epidural, tell us how your pregnancy progressed. Did you give birth at home or in hospital? Was it complication-free or was baby a little more stubborn? And, of course, how does it feel to have a new addition to your family? Help other women prepare for their birthing experience by telling us your story

And feel free to mention details of your baby's life like the type of baby bedding sets you chose for your nursery.

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my saviour

i found out i was prgnate a week before my 16th and it changed my life,,, my labour was an induced labour they started to try and induce my on mon 24th may at 8.00pm and nothing happend so they tried again with gell on the 25th and still nothing at this time i was 10 days over so on the 26th of may at 8.00 am they broke my waters, i tested positive to group b strep which everyone has it just shows up now and then i just happend to have it while i was pregnate, they had to give me a needle and hook me to a drp for it im the biggest needle phobic person you will know it took 8 attemps to get it in once labour started i was expecting pain but not thats much pain i couldnt walk arround much cause of the drip 3 hours passed and i had only dialated 1 cm they then turned up the drip which brings labour on more and my contractions were getting stonger i just wanted to go home as i cryed to my mum to take me home they gave me the gas and as an ex addict it made me feel sick so they gave me morph and it helped but not enough they gotstronger and stronger till i asked for a c sectin they said no i just wanted to be unconcious so i had a epedural i couldnt talk the pain and being a needle phobic i would of prefered the needle than labour, he doc stuffed up the first time which made my right leg go numb then he finaly got it in after 45 mins through the whole epidural i was pushin no one was beleiving that my baby was ready to come because i was only 5 cm wen i had my ep so i was having a epidural while my baby was making his way down as i layed back down they said that they may as well see if i had made any prgress and just as i spead my legs they said we wont be having a cheek we will be deliverying a baby the 2 midwifes that i had didn ko who was goin to deliver so my mum sai i will and they said glove up,, it every push felt like i was doing a poo all over the bed but i wasent i couldnt stop it finaly i felt a big erge to push and out came his head then i had a break the out came his body in less then one minute of pushing my baby was born at 7:16 pm a beautiful baby boy then within 2 mins my placenta came out ,, i tore really bad and had so many stitches i didnt wan to go to the toilet but i had a beautiful boy so after the 11 hours of labour i had a son i couldnt be happier


My C-section

I had been in a slow labor for around 2weeks, i was due on the 12th September 2009, well a full week later, on the 18th around 5pm i started getting these really strong contractions, although i didn't know what they were. Every time i had a contraction i needed a wee, i was on the toilet and had a contraction i almost feel in the bath!!
My husband came home around 6pm, and i told him i thought i was in labor, we ended up getting to the hospital around 7pm, greeted my my mum and sister in law, who would be there at the birth with my husband who wasn't every good with hospitals or pain!
I got into my room, and had a bath which was amazing!, i went on the ball a bit, and around 10pm i had gas and air, i had only dilated to 4cm but this point, i had someone come in around midnight, and pop my waters hoping to get it going, i went into transition stage and couldn't cope (the baby hadn't engaged and was rolling over)
I had piortin and a epidural to take the pain off which i regret, in 17hrs i only dilated to 9cm and still had the lip of my cervix which just wouldn't break, my child went into distress and pooped in his own water, stopped breathing, i was rushed in for a emergency C-Section, and luckily my baby boy was okay after being resuscitated twice, he was 9lb 5oz born on the 19th September 2009 at 11.49 am perfect in every way..

Carla Thompson

my labour!!!

i was 17 when i found out i was pregnant and was over the moon and my family soon go tused to the idea after the initial pregnancy went smoothly and was only sick once! then at 38 weeks, i started feelin really really uncomfortable, and one night i felt so ill, words cant describe how bad i felt, then the next day i was about to start and suddenly my waters burst. i started shaking and was really nervous thinking i was going to start having the baby right later that day i was admitted to hospital and was due to be induced 3 days later. i had no contractions at all while i was waiting to be induced. then the time come and i was put on a drip. slowly i felt the contractions come on,gradually getting stronger. i started on the gas and air which was great. then after 15 hours of the most painful contractions, the midwife found i was only 1cm. the pain got worse and worse and i decided to have some pethidine. that was like heaven, and i felt like i was in some kind of magical world!!! lol. i had a second shot a few hours later but the magic started to end and i was in agonising pain and couldnt cope any longer so decided to opt for an epidural. That has got to be the best thing EVER!! the pain completely went and i was able to get some sleep. then when i woke up i could feel my baby moving down and as though i wanted to push! it was the strangest feeling! i was trying to push but couldnt feel my contractions and after 27 hours in labour and was becoming exhausted, and was told i would have to have my daughter soon or i would have to have a c-sec,which i really didnt want! so i put every ounce of energy i had left into pushing and with help of forceps,my beautiful baby girl finally arrived at 18.39 on the 18ht june 2009. i couldnt believe how beautiful she was and how i managed to push her out, but she was worth every ounce of pain, and i would do it again. it was the most painful experience i have had but by far the most amazing and rewarding!



Yesterday July 17, 38 weeks 1 day pregnant, I was lying in bed, vaguely awake, at 6:45 am, when my water broke. I nudged my husband and told him, had to say it twice, actually, cause he was fast asleep. I called my parents' house and told my dad "I need a babysitter *right now*!" Well he has 7 kids, so he knew what that meant! We were on our way to the hospital a short while later. Because I wasn't having contractions, they started me on the pitocin almost right away. When they called my doctor, she was getting ready to leave town but asked who it was, and then she said she'd come in. :)) I had the epidural pretty soon, which numbed the pain but I was still able to feel the contractions a little bit. After a few hours it was clear my baby was not doing so well and they turned the pitocin off, so of course I stopped having contractions. Turned out the cord was around her neck and arm- they told me I'd have to have a c-section. It was over quickly, and when they showed me my little girl, I cried a little cause she was so beautiful. Willow Fay was born at 12:56 pm, 5 lbs 12 oz, 18 inches long, and has beautiful dark wavy hair. My husband actually looked over the drape after they cut me, and described it as "stuffing a turkey" lol. I was disappointed to have a c-section cause I know what the recovery can be like, but I am determined to get through it as well as I can. I am determined to maintain my sense of humor, too. I have a lot of family around to help me, and I am grateful for them. My son just loves his little sister!


17 and pregnant

i was 17 having my first baby, shes the best thing thats ever happend to me :) im 18 now & shes 9months old. any moms want to chat id love to :) .. i had 2 have a c-section after 33hours of hard labour, i had a great pregnancy, i had to be put asleep so didnt get too hold her first, see her first, or anything! which is upsetting, but im glad she was born healthy. she was 8lbs born, her father and i are still 2geather, was rocky with us at first but hes pulled his finger out, we get on great and we love ffion so much. but as a young mom myself, if your thinking about getting pregnant, wait untill youv finished school or got a job, in my eyes, i dont see ffion as if shes stoped me doing anything, im more determind to do more now. i want to become a mindwife, im in college doind health and social.. i live with my boyfriend and baby, he works iv always got ffion but i wouldnt have it no other way. any1 wants a chat id love too :) x


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