Labor and Birth

Giving birth is the most momentous part of pregnancy, and involves a lot of hard work, energy, and emotion. Whether you opted for natural childbirth or an epidural, tell us how your pregnancy progressed. Did you give birth at home or in hospital? Was it complication-free or was baby a little more stubborn? And, of course, how does it feel to have a new addition to your family? Help other women prepare for their birthing experience by telling us your story

And feel free to mention details of your baby's life like the type of baby bedding sets you chose for your nursery.

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my labor story

i was in labor for 15 hours and that was the most painfull thing i have ever been throw.and yes i would do it again. my son was born at 10:26 am march 9. i went to the hospital the night before and felt like i was there for ever. my son was due on the 2nd of march.i went over a week.and it felt like he would never come out.i wanted to do it vaginal birth but my son was to big and after 14 hours in labor i had only dilated 3 i had to have a c-section because his heart rate went from 144 to 96 and that wasnt they rushed me down and got started and man it felt like he was never goin to come out. when i heard him cry for the first time. it hit me that im a mother now. and that i have someone to take care of.and that it wasnt all about me anymore it goin to be all about my son and that really didnt bother me.when i first saw him he looked just like me and when they put him close to me and i said his name he stoped crying. when they took me to my room and brung him in and he was crying really loud.when that women put him in my arms and i touched his face and said mama here he stoped crying and slowly went to sleep in my arms.that was the best monent of my son is a month now and he still like to fall asleep in my arms and nobody else. because he a mama boy.


Birth at 17

I was seventeen and about a week overdue with my baby girl. I was living with my boyfriend, and he was at classes (college) when I felt the first contraction. I knew that my bf had an exam that hour, so I didn't want to bother him. I got another one about ten minutes later. I decided that I shouldn't worry yet and tried to relax. Soon, the contractions were coming nonstop, and I knew I couldn't get to the hospital. I just tried to make it until I knew my bf would be back. Well, pretty soon, I felt like I needed to push. i couldn't help it, and I pushed really hard. I felt the baby moving. I had to push again. The baby was coming out; the pain was unbearable. I was screaming, but I still had to push. The baby came all the way out. I cut the cord and she started crying. It was so beautiful. Now, I'm 19 and I two weeks ago, I gave birth to twins...alone. My experience at 17 proved to me that childbirth is a natural thing that can be done without medical help.


I Had My Baby in My Husband's Car

Where to start... I have two boys and just had my third baby- its a girl.

I was 28 weeks pregnant when I went to the hospital Thursday morning I was having contractions and they did a test to see if I was going to have her early. The test came back negative and the doctor said there was no way I was going to have her for at least another couple of weeks. So 6 hours later they sent me home. My husband and I went to pick up our son from his grandparents house. My contractions were still strong and I was still in pain. I told my husband that if it didn't stop soon t I was going to go back in the hospital. My husband had to go to work for an hour. My contractions were 2 mins apart...My husband got home I told him I couldn't take the pain any more so we got in the car When we were about 10 mintues from the hospital, I had this urge to push. (I had two previous c-sections and my little girl was suppossed to be a c-section.) My husband kept telling me not to push but I pushed as hard as I could I told him that something was coming out. I pushed again and she came out.

She was still in the sack my water didn't break.We get to the hospital about 5 mintues later and my husband ran inside to get the doctors. At first I saw two doctors then when I looked up, there were doctors all around the car. They broke the sack. I was waiting for her to cry or make a noise, but there was nothing. they then cut the cord and still nothing.They took her inside the hospital and they got me out of the car. We got inside and they told us that our daughter was doing well. She tried breathing on her own, but she needed help.

She is my miracle baby. I told the doctor that I was supposed to have her by c-section but I had her naturally. It was the worst pain ever. She weighed 2 pds 6 oz She is doing well. I told her father that we will be keeping the car that way when she asks where she was born, I will always have the car to show her and the story behind it.


Natural Child Birth

When my husband and I started thinking about having a baby I knew that I wanted to deliver all-natural but I didn't know anything about it or where to go to do it. Then I met someone who explained to me that she was a doula and that she couched mothers through all-natural childbirth. She then introduced me to my local birthing center and my midwife that would deliver my baby. After being sick for 9 months, and three weeks early, my daughter came to us!
The day of delivery I woke up from probably the only good night's sleep my whole pregnancy. I took my last test for my degree that semester and I was feeling pretty good! I decided to say hi to an old friend that day and spent the rest of the afternoon talking with her. When it came time for me to leave I said my goodbyes and took a step off her doorstep.... WHOOSH! My water broke.
My friend and I looked at each other and started laughing! I was afraid at first but then I realized that this meant my daughter was coming! I began to be so excited!
I called my husband out of a work meeting and we made our way for the birthing center. I wasn't feeling any contractions at that point but was just feeling a little 'crampy'. When we got to the birthing center my midwife told me that I was moving along slowly and to go home and call her when my contractions were 5 min apart. We left the birthing center but didn't go far because I felt like that baby would be coming sooner than later and I didn't want to be clear across town!
My husband and I took a walk, enjoyed some time together, had dinner, and went to the baby store to pick up some last-minute things. I still wasn't feeling any contractions but was just feeling really 'uncomfortable'. We decided to go back to the birthing center and settle in and begin my hypno birthing exercises. As the minutes went on I only began to feel more and more uncomfortable and I felt like I needed to pee so bad! I went into the bathroom and suddenly felt the urge to throw up but after 9 months of nausea I had learned to handle it and resist. I then realized that if I were going to listen to my body like I had planned for 9 months that I would let myself throw up. Weird I know but I honestly believe it was my body's way of cleansing itself and getting ready for pushing by opening my cervix.
My back had been hurting a little but that was normal for me at that point from my big belly until... I felt the urge to push! I looked at the ground and saw a drop of blood and suddenly all of my calmness turned into utter fear!
I thought that I had done something wrong and that the baby might be hurt.... and that is the only point in my entire labor that I experienced pain. It was because I lost my focus and excitement and let it turn into fear, tension, and thus pain. Up until then I had been extremely calm and excited that the moment was here, mostly because I was sick of being pregnant!
My pain was at it's peak when my midwife rushed in and announced, "You're complete! Let's get ready to push!" Right then all of my pain left my body and I let out one huge sigh of relief because she said my baby was fine!
At this point in my labor it had only been 5 hours since my water broke and up until about 5 minutes before this I had no pain whatsoever. I laid down on the birthing bed and pushed my daughter out in 27 min completely pain free!
Labor can be such a wonderful experience simply because you chose to make it one! I refused to have anyone in the room who was not happy and positive and to be honest didn't even tell my parents that I was in labor either! And because of my preparation and calm attitude I did not think of labor as stressful or painful. It is because of this that I did not feel any pain. I had hypnotized myself into believe I would be calm free for 9 months and I was! My labor was completely a bonding experience between me, my husband, and my baby which is exactly what we wanted. As soon as she came out my midwife handed her to me, delivered the placenta, and left the room for us to be alone. My husband and I sat in awe for what I thought was just minutes but had actually been 2 hours before my midwife came back in because she wanted us to bond with our newborn! It was the most spiritual, bonding experience I have ever had!

Hailey Erickson

14 is too young

My name is Gerty and here is my story. I am in my freshman year old high school and i was in 8th grade when i first found out i was pregnant. i was a straight A student that took collage corses in 8th grade and never really got in trouble. it was with my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years and we decided one day on his birthday i would give him the best gift i could... my virginaty. A few weeks later, i missed my usully punctual period. i called my best friend to help me make sure. I was scared when all 5 of the pregnacy tests were positive. i told my boyfriend and he promised to stay with me and he did. My parents we horrifyed but after about 2 weeks they helped me thorugh it. Now i am a sohpmore still an honors student and have a beautiful baby girl named sandra. My boyfriend is still with me and we plan on getting married as soon we get out of high school. I love my life and i dont regret anything.


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