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Giving birth is the most momentous part of pregnancy, and involves a lot of hard work, energy, and emotion. Whether you opted for natural childbirth or an epidural, tell us how your pregnancy progressed. Did you give birth at home or in hospital? Was it complication-free or was baby a little more stubborn? And, of course, how does it feel to have a new addition to your family? Help other women prepare for their birthing experience by telling us your story

And feel free to mention details of your baby's life like the type of baby bedding sets you chose for your nursery.

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Christina Marie. march 8, 2006

Christina marie was born March 8, 2006 she was a blessing.

it was a warm day and i was having a all natural home birth. i wanted it this way ever sence i was little. i was only 16 and i had no idea what i was doing my family had been pretty supportive through out the whole pregnancy. i was at walmart about 4am because i couldnt sleep so i decided to take a drive to walmart for no reason. i got into the makeup section of the store when i started having horrible pains in my tummy. i started crying and didnt know what to do all the sudden water came out i thought i had peed myself i was all alone, 16, and looking at make up at 4:15 am! at 9 months pregnant. i couldnt believe what was happening. i ran to the clothing section and grabbed a pair of strech yoga pants and put them on right there. i called my mom and started driving home she called the midwife and her friend pat who delivered me. to come because it was time pat got there and i remember laying im my sun drenched room. i got into the bath to sooth the pain. i was still waiting on my midwife who lived an hour away i was having horrible pain and pat said we couldnt wait any longer so i started pushing and after the 4th push i had a beautiful baby girl! i screamed "shes real!!" and then burst into tears the midwife showed up about 10 minutes later and my mom brought her upstairs to meet my adorable baby girl. i cannot say she was a mistake even though i was only 16 she was all mine i graduated high school top of my class and went onto college people asked me how i could do it and i guess its different when its your own because you get so overcome with love and joy you forget about everything else. i am now 19 and soo happy to have had a beautiful and healthy girl who just turned 4. i do not suggest teen pregnancy to anyone but if it happens to you just embrass the natural way of life and the beautiful thing you will bring into the world!

for Christina marie. . "it was than that i carried you"

love mommy,

Abrianna Testani

happy family

i was 14 when i fell pregnant, my boyfriend matty and i were together since middle school and we are happy together with gorgeous twins vanessa and suri leigh, it was a shock to find out that i was pregnant so young but i was so inlove with matty i didnt care. i had a crush on matty for a long time and i was so excited when he asked me out a month later we had sex and the condom broke i was shocked as i knew i would get pregnant as my best friend amy had got pregnant the sam way and hadnt taken the morning after pill, i took the morning after pill but i forgot to take one i was really scared, matty asked me what as wrong and i told him he cam with me to the family planning clinic and i took a pregnancy test i was in shock to find out it was apositive but i was happy i had always wanted to have a baby matty was very very happy, telling my adoptive parents was really scary but they were really happy for me and so was my best friend the twins were born a month early i was sat at matty's house watching .v when my waters broke it was horibble matty's mum rushed me to hospital and i was in labour for 9 hours matty stayed with me the whole time when the time came for me to give birth i was so scared mtty had held my hand the whole time so im grateful to him now i have two gorgeous little girls who are now two years old and im 16 and my family are being really supportive looking fater the girls when matty and i are at school.

i would like to wish all you mothers who are expecting a baby congratulations and i hope all goes well.




i had a baby girl in april 2007.i went threw 20 hours labour only to be rushed in for c, babys heart stopped twice then the labour came to a full stop.after the c,section everything was fine .doctor said my wound was healin fine so i was leftt home 4days later.i then got a nasty infection.didnt recover for now 6 weeks preg and am afraid of my life it happenes again our something happenes the baby.could i give birth natrauly our at home,where its clean our do i have to go threw all that again.some one please fill me in im so worried...


heyden's birth

Well I have to say that my heyden's birth is something I will never forget.

It was the middle of the night and I was wide awake dealing with contractions they were 20 min apart so I wasn't worried. Anyway tristain (hubby) had woken up because of all the movement. Also at the time we were living with his parents and his father was a gynocoligist so he wanted to deliver the baby which was so awkward but oh well.

Anyway we lay there for w while timing even though it was pointless but tristain was worried so we did. It got to a point where I couldn't sit still and I needed to pee so I got tris to help me and we moved to the bathroom. Suddenly I got this huge pain it almost knocked me over luckily tris was holding me then straight after my waters broke. I reckon I almost colapsed in shock as this was my first child. I started crying so tris helped me clean myself up before running to get his father. His father did an exam and revealed that I was 4 cm he then told me that I should try get some sleep.

At the time this seemed like an impossible feat so we lay there while tris rubbed my tummy finally he realised that this was getting to hard to deal with and asked me what I wanted to do so we ended up walking around the bedroom about 2 hours later I colapsed on the floor I had no strength left in me by that time tris was freaking out and I was in tears we then lay togeather on the floor for an hour till tris father came in to check on me he told me that when I felt like I should push to do so. We decided to go downstairs where all the equipment was and get ready for the birth they had already set up one of those beds with stirups I think that's what they call them so tris helped me up and she sat bekind me with pillows and a hot pack on my lower back it felt so nice with him there holding me verry comforting anyway the contractions got so bad and soon came time to push tris held my tummy with one hand and held my hand with the other and I started to push it hurt so badly but it didn't work so we moved to a squating position tris got down on one knee and I sat on his leg this worked so much better and in a few big pushes our beautifull baby boy graced us with his presence


Mommy At 16

My name is Kristian I am 17 years old.
I got pregnant at 16 and had my son at 16.
Here is my delivery story...

My son was due sep 14, 20008... On Sep 12th I went to go take a nap as I was not feeling well, I had been asleep for 3 hours when my mom came ti wake me up to see if I was feeling better, I got up to go to the bathroom I was bleeding so my mom took me to the hospital they checked me and I was still 1cm dialated like I was for 2 weeks... They told me to go home eat something and take a warm bath so I went home and got in the bath.
As I got out of the bath I noticed something dripping down, I thought I peed myself I started calling my mom to come here, she came into the bathroom and scremed your water just broke. Right when she said that I broke down in tears as I was getting dressed.
I got dressed then called my son's father to let him know my water broke and I was on my way to the hospital.
I got in the truck as we drove to the hospital all I could think about was pushing my son out and how much it would hurt, I got to the hospital stepped out of the truck and I felt a gush my water broke the rest of the way I breoke down in tears again my mom got a wheel chair and took me to labor and delivery floor, when I got in there the lady said "back so soon" my mom said "her water broke"
They took me in a room and checked to make sure it was my water for sure my water broke. They checked me again and I was 3cm dialated.
They told me to get some sleep and that if I did not progress by 6am I would get petocin, So at 5 am I still had not progressed allot I was 8cm dialated, so they gave me petocin.

They had to keep upping the dose, after about 3 hours *8am* they checked me again and I had only dialated to 9cm, I was having horrible contractions so they asked if I would like pain meds, I told them I was not ready for them yet but when I was that I wanted an epidural.
At about 10am they gave me the epidural I felt so good, I fell back asleep and work up because I hear them saying m son's heart beat was faiding away, They gave me oxygen and had me move on my side to see if it would bring up his heart beat and mine, It didn't so they said I would be having an emergency C- section.
As heard as they said that the room got really hot i didnt know what to do, they put two fans on me and about 10 minutes later took me into the c- section room, when I got in there I got really cold and was shaking they had to tie my hands down so that I was not moving.
My mom was sitting next to me telling me everything was okay and that I would have my baby boy soon, Then the doctor said you will feel allot of pressure when we pull him out all of a sudden I heard a cry it was my baby!! they cleaned him up and handed him to my mom to show me, I couldn't cry I kissed him and said "mommy loves you baby'
My baby boy was born at 1:22pm he weighed 7lbs 9oz 21inches

my mom left the room with my son as they stapled me up and got me cleaned up after they took me to a recovery room, everyone came in to see me I was shaking bad which scared my son's father.
About an hour later I was able to go to my room, before I got there though they took me by the nursery to see my son, I started crying he had so much hair and at that moment I just wanted to lay there all day with my son.

they took me to my room and later on brought my son to me,.

My son is not almost 4 months old, and even though things get hard at times I would not change it for the world my son is my heart and means the world to me!

Christopher Ryan - My son
Kristian- Me


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