After nine long months of pregnancy, youíre finally looking at the precious face of your newborn. Now, itís time to get to know your baby: what makes her laugh and smile; what foods she turns her nose up at and what she canít get enough of, plus all the other joys of new parenthood. Share your love for you newborn with the world by telling us your story. Don't forget to consider your baby's future by purchasing term life insurance.

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Beautiful Blessing

On March 11, 2008, I went to a party with my best friend Jakob, we ended up getting wasted. Jakob and I have been best friends since we were both 4, so when he proposed that we engage intimately, I agreed since I trusted him and in my drunken state I thought it wouldn't be such a bad idea. We had unprotected sex that night.
About 3 months later I noticed changes in my body. My breast were getting bigger, my belly pudgier, and I was beginning to have strange cravings. I bled lightly and had no morning sickness, so I never thought about being pregnant. I decided to take a pregnancy test. The results were positive. I went to the doctors to confirm it and I was already 14 weeks pregnant. I told Jakob right away, he was supportive of me and wanted to raise this baby with me. I was hesitant at first to raising a child when we were both only 17. But I decided to try.
5 months later at 34 weeks and 3 days I was in a car accident on November 16th, 2008. I managed to fracture my collarbone and nothing else. However, the next day I went into labor. I called Jakob and he rushed to the hospital. At 5:47 pm, my beautiful baby boy Caiden Dean was born weighing 4 pounds and 10 ounces and was 17 1/2 inches long. Jakob and I were so happy and scared at the same time.
Caiden stayed in the hospital for two weeks and came home weighing 5 lbs 4oz.
Jakob and I are married and Caiden, now 4, is a big brother to twins Arianna Grace and Elizabeth Paige (17 months). I'm grateful to have the four of them in my life and wouldn't change it for anything. I'm glad I became a mother at 17. I have since graduated high school and college. If Caiden had never come into my life, I would probably still be going party to party wasting my life away.


My Two Little Angels

Hi I am Megan and i am raising my daughters, Grace and Bridget. And I love them with all my heart and even though i had them at a young age i know they are not a mistake. Their dad is training to be a marine so he is not here alot. I have learned that raisng a baby isn't easy it takes a lot of work and love but i still love my daughters Grace Ava Dupre and Bridget Layla Dupre


Young Mother

When I 14 I met Dean. Dean was three years older than me and three grades older than me. Needless to say I was shocked when i realized he had taken an interest in me, an eighth grader. When i was 14 all i focused on was soccer, cheerleading, friends and my grades. I couldn't care less about anything else in the world, but i think thats how a child should think. They shouldnt have to worry about anything else. However, after meeting Dean i soon realized that if i wanted him to be exclusive, i would have to give him what other girls had already gave him, a relationship that basically consisted of sex. I lost my virginity to him after dating for three weeks. Once i had sex with him i thought he wouldn't want other girls. I was wrong, he stopped talking to me and about 6 weeks after we did "it", i found out i was pregnant. I was terrified of having a baby so young, so i had an abortion without my parents ever knowing i was pregnant, the only people who did know was my close friends and my older step sister.

You'd think that after that incident Id learn my lesson with having sex. Well you'd be wrong. When i was 16 i met Peter, he became my boyfriend after knowing each other for only four weeks. He was 17, only a grade and year older than me. After Dean, i hadn't had a sexual relationship with anybody else. Peter and i dated for four months before having sex, this time i knew to use protection. But after all, this website is about babies, and as you guessed i did get pregnant.

Considering we had a condom every time, the only logical answer i have for my getting pregnant is that the condom broke, which is possible of course. I found out shortly after Peter and I had been together seven months. I was about 4 weeks along. The first thing i did was take several pregnancy tests just to be sure, and by several i mean six. All were positive. The next thing i did was tell Peter, who as i expected told me he would stick with me no matter what we decided. After that it was our parents. I knew that i didn't want an abortion this time, I couldn't go through with that again, I cant say I regret my abortion but I knew that I didnt want to have another one, it was too hard. So when we told our parents, i was somewhere around 8 weeks pregnant. I would say our parents took it better than most.

After discussing everything with our parents, that i would not be getting an abortion, but we would take their advice and at least consider adoption, i knew that i wanted to parent our baby. It was official at me being 10 weeks pregnant, we would be keeping our baby. At that point i gave permission to my friends that if anybody asked i didn't care if they told people i was pregnant. I knew i couldn't care what people said about me.

When i was 18 weeks, i found out we were having a baby girl. We already had picked out the name Audrey Grace. As time went by eventually i turned 17 and Peter 18. He graduated high school in May, I was 32 weeks pregnant. I had Audrey Grace on June 12th, seven weeks early. She was only 4 pounds 3 ounces, but after two weeks in the hospital she was allowed to come home with us, i guess we got lucky. Peter and I chose not to live together, as it seemed that for most couples it was too suffocating, instead both houses had a nursery, but for the first two weeks of Audrey's life out of the hospital, Peter and I did everything together.

I think the hardest part of having a child early in life is you can never ever be ready for it, no matter how prepared you think you are. After having Audrey I was forced to grow up, I was no longer able to be selfish. My new worries didn't involve cheerleading, or soccer or what i was wearing to prom. Now i had to focus on my daughter. I am proud to say that Peter and I have been together for over two years, we've had our ups and downs, and im sure there will be more to come in the future, but for right not we are together. This past May i was the one to graduate from high school, Peter is in college, he lives at home and makes the compute back and forth between school and home. We still do not live together, for the same reasoning but of course we plan to once we can get our own place. So if i have any advice to anybody thinking about a sexual relationship, it's to think twice. If then you still want to, think about it once more, and also think about the possibility of having diapers, bottles and lots of cleaning in your near future. But if you still want to have sex, use double protection and know that even then you still have a chance of getting pregnant.


Garrett and I

When i was 14, i starting dating this guy Garrett who was 20. I know it was a bad plan from the start. After we met a few times i agreed to have sex with him. I thought i was in love and by having sex it would make him realized that he loved me too. In the end all that happened was i had a painful "first time" and a broken heart the next day. The day after I got a text saying that he didn't want to be with me anymore because he didn't want to get in trouble. I was so heartbroken and i felt to stupid. A few weeks after i had sex i realized that i was late, which was odd. I knew i was pregnant before i saw the two little pink lines. My mother was a teen mom at 18, i'm her oldest. So when i told her i was pregnant she supported me from the start, considering i was only 15 i was going to need all of the support i could get. I switched to home schooling because i was bullied terribly at school. Eventually my mom made me tell her who had gotten me pregnant, i gave her his name but i refused to say anything else. By that time he had been ignoring me since he broke up with me.

When i was 24 weeks along in my pregnancy, i was told that i was having a girl. I was excited to be having a daughter. I realized that i wanted Garrett in our daughters life, and he at least had the right to know that i was pregnant. I called him non stop for a week before he agreed to meet me. When he saw me i could see the look on his face, his instinct was to run. I was pretty huge when I told him i was pregnant, my tummy spoke for me. He told me he wasn't ready to be a father and that he didn't want to get in trouble for getting me pregnant. As time grew on, he told me that he wanted to take responsibility and that he was ready to deal with everything. By the time i was 30 weeks, he met my mom and started getting things ready with me. My mom even agreed to let him stay with me for the first two weeks of our daughters life so he could help out. Because he was 20, he had a job and was able to support me and our daughter.

I went into labor when i was 34 weeks pregnant, my water broke while i was sleeping, and when i woke up i was scared that i was having a miscarriage. My mom rushed me to the hospital where Garrett met us. I knew that because i was 15, my labor would be unique compared to other woman, i just had never imagined going this early into labor. My doctor told me that they were going to keep me on bed rest for as long as they could, it only lasted two days before i had to have a C-section. My daughter Julia Rose was born on December 4th. She had to stay in the hospital for 38 days, while i was discharged after a week. After bringing her home, my mom and Garrett were a huge help.

I am now 16, Garrett is 21 and our baby girl is a year and a half. She is starting to walk and talk, its amazing how fast time has gone, I've stuck to getting my GED instead of a normal high school, and i will be moving in with Garrett into our own home. My mom and I get along even better than before. She's proud that Garrett and I have been able to make a relationship out of a one night stand. We are planning on getting married this summer. I am now currently 32 weeks pregnant with our second child, a boy to be named Justin Andrew. I'm not saying that a teen pregnancy is good thing, it's not. A part of me will always wish i hadn't been so young, because while I've gained a lot of things I've also lost a lost


Blessings In Disguise

you have alll probably read my story on here about my beautiful baby girl Isabella, and now me and Brian are married and his daughter is mine to. i adopted her, and we now have a newborn baby boy, his name is Randall Tyler, he was my blessing in disguise. we thought i was having some reactions to the medication i was put on, but in reality i was pregnant with a beautiful 6ilb7oz bby boy. now i think that Isabella's daddy would be so happy if he were alive to see her growing up, but now at almost 3 years old, she calls Brian daddy, and to her he will always be her daddy, because with as much as it hurt me knowing that she would never meet him due to his death, i wouldnt want her to have to know about her not being Brians until she is old enough to fully understand, and even then i think that to her he will still be her father, i mean after all how many kids are lucky enough to have a man thats not their father take care of them and be there for them as though they are their own?
thank you for reading my story about my now extremely happy family


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