After nine long months of pregnancy, youíre finally looking at the precious face of your newborn. Now, itís time to get to know your baby: what makes her laugh and smile; what foods she turns her nose up at and what she canít get enough of, plus all the other joys of new parenthood. Share your love for you newborn with the world by telling us your story. Don't forget to consider your baby's future by purchasing term life insurance.

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Thought she was gone

I got Pregnant when i was 15 by my boyfriend of 2 years. I found out after coming home from Cheer practice and getting so sick. Ryan came over after soccer and helped me get better. I didn't get better so he took me to the doctor. She said i was pregnant and 6 weeks long. We went and got an ultra sound and i saw our baby. He kissed me and hugged me when the doctor was out of the room. My mom and dad weren't happy but very supportive through the pregnancy. 5 months came and i found out i was having a baby girl. Ryan was so happy and excited. 1 month pasted and i was 6 months i woke up in the middle of the night with bad stomach pains and bleeding. Ryan spent the night that night and he was freaking out. We went to the hospital and they told me i was having a miscarriage i bawled my eyes out right there Ryan hugged me and told it would be okay. The put me in a room and i fell asleep i woke up to Ryan crying and he looked over and saw me awake. He laid down in the bed with me and we told each other it would be okay. He kissed my stomach when we felt something kick. We called the doctor in and he said she didn't die but i need to get her out soon. They under went surgery and my little baby Kalie was born on December 29. She was so small and fragile. Ryan stands in the ICU everyday looking at our baby. I quit school and now i am a full stay a home mom. My beautiful baby girl just came home today after being in the hospital for a month. Ryan and i are very happy. I work at a little coffee house and Ryan is a in college studding to be a sports trainer for soccer. The things our baby went through was so hard and sad. I miss school and being in the "in crowd" but i wouldn't trade my baby for anything! She is so small and Ryan just holds her and doesn't want to put her down. Wish us luck. i thought my baby was gone but shes my miracle baby and is here for a reason :)

Love you Kalie and Ryan(:


Seth Cameron

When i was 16 i fell in love with my boyfriend of 8 months, Allen. He was 16 also. We had been having unprotected sex for about 7 weeks when i found out i was pregnant. Allen had bought me a test, and it came out negtive, so we continued havong sex and whatever, as if nothing had happend. Stupid right? I mean we just had this big pregnancy scare and we still didnt use protection or anything. But i guess it was too late by then anyway, because almost a week after that i took another one that i had bought, and it was positive. Allen had been waiting outside the bathroom while i took the test and when i showed it to him, he said that he could get money for an abortion. Thats all he said besides i have to go, "I'll call you later". He never called me later. in fact it was almost a week before he talked to me again.

When he and i talked about the baby, we decided to keep it and we told his family first, they were super excited, even though he and i were only 16. My family wasent excited at all. But i learned to deal with it. Allen and his family were so supportive, i ended u moving in with them at 20 weeks pregnant, and a sophmore in high school. I couldnt believe it.

But reality was catching up, cause we found out we were having a boy. Allen i think had been wishing for a boy, but he would never sayi ti out loud, because i was convinced it was girl. But at the end of the day, all i wanted was a baby, boy or girl, healthy or not. Allen was an only child so his parents enjoyed buying baby cloths and helping with the nursery, because concieving children had been hell for them. WHen i was 32 weeks my doctor put me on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy because i had been dialated 3 cms. So i was stuck sitting at home for the rest of my pregnancie.

When Seth Cameron entered the world on June 3rd, Allen had just turn 17 and i was two weeks away from it. He weighed in at 6 pounds 2 ounces and was 18 1/2 inches long. Oh and did i mention he was beautiful? Because he was ans still is. I am now finally 17 and i will be in 11th grade in a few weeks. Allen will be joining me. While we're at school, Allen's mom, Joy will stay with Seth until i get home. My parents see their only grandchild almost everyday, and are very supportive with me raising my son, even at 17. I kow that everybody is proud that Allen and i are still together and after being through so much together, are in love.

A year ago i would be coming him to my own parents and family, but now i am coming home to my boyfriends and "baby daddies" parents. And i am now myself a parent. It's hard but i have never regreted getting pregnant at 16. Because now i have an 8 week old baby to come home to.


I'm young, but fearless.

I got pregnant on my 15th birthday. I had a bonfire 'party' thrown for me by my friends. It was great. There about 70 people there, some i didnt know too well and some were people i had known since kindergarden. Like i said, it was great. Until things started to get too out of hand. My parents were told about the party by my friends who planned it, so they assumed i would be sleeping over at a friends house. But right before midnight, someone got out the beer, and even a little pot. I was turning 15 and i had always felt a like a little goody good, so i tried to be fun, the life of the party. I got really drunk and i even did a little pot.

At some point, i ended u having full blown sex with this guy, Garett, who was someone i had a sorta crush on, in front of like 6 different people. We all "took turns". I had sex with 3 guys that night, before it was even 2 in the morning. I don't even remmeber, but i do remmeber them on top of me. I wish i could blame it on rape but i know it wasent rape. The next morning i woke up in some guys bed! I was mortified. When i left the room, after finding my clothes in different spots, i went out into the living room to find more stranger'snd my friend, naked, among them. We left the house immidetly.

It turns out, the guys lived on my friends block, and she knew who they were. But we were still embarssed about the whole thing. I mean we were the good girls who never did drugs, got drunk or had sex, with anyone! Boyfriend or not. But i learned that anyone who was there that night, and saw everyone having sex didnt remember or didnt talk about it because they did it too. I still thank god everyday that nobody tooks videos or something.

The good thing was nobody's parents found out. Well nobody who really cared about what their kid did, found out. About two weeks after this happend, i started to feel weird. My boobs had started to get heavy but they didnt look bigger to me, so ididnt think i was pregnant. I didnt get my normal period but i saw a little blood that lasted for only a few days, maybe two. The truth is i think i knew i was pregnant but ididnt want to admit it. I took a pregnancie test, and i was, or course, positive. Two of myt friends took a pregnancie test with me because we all had sex that night and nobody really remember if protection was involved. Lisa and amber waited in antipation with me. Lisa's was negative but Amber's was positive. I couldnt help but think that we were lucky to be pregnant at the same time, and we even discussed that our babies would be the best of friends.

It was stupid of us to think such thoughts at such a young age, with no GED's, no money and no idea who the fathers were. But we lived in our fantisy world until Lisa reminded us that we had to tell our parents. When i told my mom Amber was there for me and when she told her parenents i was there for her. Our parents werent stupid so when they askd us how we were both pregnant at the smame night, we refused to tell them that was had sex with different guys, after we had been high and drunk.

They assumed we planned it and demanded to know who had got us pregnant. We just said that it didnt matter. But Amber's parnts were strict Cathoics and said that she had to get an abortion. Amber cried for hours on end because of that, so finally i told my mom the truth about what hapend. She just looked at me and cried and asked how i could i embarss myself and her like that?

Me and my mom were best friends after we started to tell each other the truth. She went to every doctor's appointment and she was there when i learned i was going to have a baby girl! I was really excited. Amber wasent soo lucky and she did eventuelly get an abortion. I'll never forget how she cried to me that day. I always felt weird talking about my baby around her after that because i always felt like i was bragging.

Soon reality set in, and people at my school found at i was pregnant. I was called every name in the book and i was bullied daily. I guess i expected it because of course word got around about all the "skanks" that had sex at my birthday. Some of it was lies and some of it was the truth. But wether or no it wa, it never took the pain away.

Soon i relized that i wasent going to have this perfect life with my baby girl. Iwas ent going to fall in love with a guy who loved me and my baby,a dn ride off into the sunset. Once i relized this, my life felt like hell. But after Elle Marie was born on March 28th 2009, none of my depressing thoughts mattered. NIether did the fact that i had no name for the 'father' spot in her birth certificate.

I am now 18, i just graduated, and Elle was in the crowd with my mom and dad cheering me on. I grauated 8th of my class, which i was very proud of. Through it all, im still best friends with Amber and LIsa. Amber still has thoughts about her almost-baby but in at the end of the day, she says she would have had to give it up for adoption anway. ALisa was a big part of the reason i graduated from Highschool, she helped me study for almost every test. So i thank you guys for your support and i thank Elle for being the best little girl anyone would be grateful to have as a daughter.


baby gigglez

well being a pregnant teen isnt nesesairly easy spacialy when you dont have the daddy of your baby thats the hardest part of all and this story is for all the girls to see that they are not alone and that there is more people that are going through the same thing i waz 16 when i got pregnant and trust me it waz really hard totell my parents but i did and they kiked me out of hte house at first but aftre they saw the baby they fell in love with her and told me i can go back to the house and that made me so happy because without my family i couldnt be enithing at all i love them soo much and they r the best thing ever in my life and that baby has brought happiness to this fammily and in thankfull to have her with me i love my baby soo much with all my heart

cyntia castaneda

Teen Mom

Hi my name is Kirsten and i am a teen mom.. I got pregnant wen I was 16 almost 17 and me and my babydad only been together for not that long and I found out that I was pregnant. I was scared because I didn't want to tell my parents but I had to so I was only a couple weeks pregnant and I told my mom and she was VERY UPSET and she was crying and I started to cry but then she forgave me and told me and my babydad that we have to be very responsiable. Then like 3 months later my dad asked me if I was pregnant and I said yes. He was upset too but then got over it. Now here I am at 18 years old and I am engaged to my babydad and my daughter will be 9mths on April 22, 2011.. I love being a mom and a future wife... Its very hard being a TEEN MOM but my parents been there for me and my daughter since day one and so has my babydad


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