After nine long months of pregnancy, youíre finally looking at the precious face of your newborn. Now, itís time to get to know your baby: what makes her laugh and smile; what foods she turns her nose up at and what she canít get enough of, plus all the other joys of new parenthood. Share your love for you newborn with the world by telling us your story. Don't forget to consider your baby's future by purchasing term life insurance.

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Disneyland with four babies in tow

Right after I was out of the hospital after having my fourth baby we had to go to Los Angeles for my mother's wedding. I finally got my twins, Charlie and Maeve, 28 months, with Lucy, my 13 month in the car watching a movie. Britta was next and we were off! We arrived in Los Angeles and went to our hotel where I spent the night cuddling Britta, who refused to sleep unless she was in my arms. Not just anybody's. Mine.

I got about an hour of sleep and that was it. The next day it was warm but not sunny so my husband decided to take everyone to Disneyland. Well after awhile carrying Britta in my sling was necessary because her seat in the stroller was full of memorabilia. After 8 hours of carrying a sleeping newborn around about 4 miles of rides we were done and the babies were all sleeping. That was the last full nights sleep I've had since but I don't recommend Disneyland with a newborn and three excited children!


Triple delight

My sister and I fell pregnant within 2 weeks of each other. We've always been close and we both phoned each other within the same hour to tell each other the fantastic news. My pregnancy was great because I had somebody else to share it with - from buying colour coordinated baby-grows to groaning about cravings (Pepsi and marzipan respectively). My beautiful niece and nephew Lucy-Elisabeth and Nathaniel were born on the 29th October and my own gorgeous miracle Rosa Grace four days later.


For grandpapa

Our newborn miracles, Poppy and Thomas are finally here. Their grandpapa, a war veteran after whom they are both named (his name was Thomas, and Poppy's name is derived from the poem "in Flander's fields" is sadly not alive, but we know in our hearts that he is alive, watching over us. x


My Little Miracle!

After waiting so long for my little miracle, I got her a few weeks early!!!

My beautiful daughter was born on September 8th, 2007!!! At 35 weeks. She weighs 5 pounds and 7 ounces... She's perfect in every way.

I knew that she was the world to me. But I can't begin to explain the feeling I get whenever I hold her or see her.

If I had to do it all over again. I would do it in a heartbeat.

Congratulations to all new mommy's!!!

Eve M.

Knowing you are pregnant

In the beginning for me it was a shock. We were married for only two months when I got to know I was pregnant. My husband was extremely happy but I was full of doubts and fears. First of all, in the following weeks we had planned a trip to Australia and New Zealand, and after consulting with my gynae, we decided to cancel it. The first weeks of pregnancy were difficult for me. I did not have any stomach problems, but emotionally yes. I cried a lot but at the same time I started reading articles and even looking for names! The initial shock passed and we started counting the days!! So if you are feeling shocked, be sure it will pass especially thanks to family support. Now we have a super baby who makes our hearts flutter every time she smiles or looks at us.

Good luck to you all!

Anna Maria

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