After nine long months of pregnancy, youíre finally looking at the precious face of your newborn. Now, itís time to get to know your baby: what makes her laugh and smile; what foods she turns her nose up at and what she canít get enough of, plus all the other joys of new parenthood. Share your love for you newborn with the world by telling us your story. Don't forget to consider your baby's future by purchasing term life insurance.

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Becoming a Father

Hi. I know this website is for moms, but I thought I would share an inside to a teen fathers life. I was 17 when my girlfriend told me that she was pregnant. I was a senior in high school and she was a junior. We had been dating since I was in the 9th grade and she was in the 8th grade. We where not very smart about safe sex and eventually she did get pregnant.

My parents where in tears because they told me they watched my life go down the drain, and her parents where very upset thinking that now she will never finish high school. Abortion was never an option for us. We knew that we wanted to have our daughter. Once our daughter was born in March 2005 we where proud and happy parents. I finished high school that May, and my girlfriend got her GED that summer. We then got married and made it into college.

It was very difficult to start out living on our own with no help. We had to work to get the deposit, and then to turn on all our utilities. We made it though. I am happy to say that my wife and I now have a 2 month old son who was born April 2007. My wife was 19 and I was 20. I have 2 years left at the University of Oklahoma College of engineering to finish and my wife has about 3 years for her nursing degree.

I want to tell all teen parents out there that no matter what anyone tells you and no matter what you can go on with your child and become something great in your life. I plan to graduate May 2009 and my wife may 2010. I work full time in an engineering office as an engineering designer. My wife and I both work together to take care of our children and of course there is always late night studying, but I know it will be for the best for our children.

I want to tell anyone to not give up and if you truly love your child to not give up on them. They need you just as much as you need them. You can go on and give them the kind of life you want to give them, and what they deserve.

Miguel Camacho

Trina Rae

I was induced on April 18 and after about 15 hours of labor I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Trina Rae.

She weighted 7 pounds and 11.2 OZ and measured 20.5 inches long.

She will be 1 month old in 3 days. I love being a mom but my and my hubby both can admit we miss sleep lol.


My 4th at the age of 16

This is continuing my story; I had a daughter at 13, a son at 14, a son at 15, and I just recently had my 4th a girl we named her Carrissa. I had confusion as of who the father was. When I had recovered from 7 hours of labor my boyfriend demanded a DNA test.

I knew it was either his or his best friend Joeís. I thank the Lord everyday because he has forgiven me for my sins against him and also blessed me with 4 awesome children, and just recently for allowing my boyfriend to be the father. It's very hard having 4 kids, and living with your boyfriend, his parents and his 3 siblings. His sister helps us a lot with the kids. His parents don't help with the kids, but they give us a place to live and sometimes cook our meals.

My boyfriend is very supportive of me. To all you people out there that want to know if I plan on having more kids, the answer is (this is from me and my boyfriend) "We are going to continue living as if we are married. If I get pregnant we are going to keep it. If not we already have 4 perfect children. No, he's not the father to all of them, but I still love him."



Iím Leanne, and Iím from the uk. I decided to share my story after reading some tales on this website.

The day I turned 21 was the day that my life got the biggest shock, I found out I was pregnant, I was shocked, embarrassed and scared. My first reaction was not to keep it but after discussing it with my mom I knew I had to keep my baby. I was sure my boyfriend would ant nothing to do with me or the baby, but after a week or so he said he wanted us to be a family. My pregnancy went fine. I had a little morning sickness but nothing major.

I gave birth to a healthy baby girl weighing 6 lb 7oz and we called her Gabriella, it was tough at the start but I soon learned what I was doing with a new baby and my sisters were great as they already had kids of their own.

Then when Gabby was 5 months old I went for a check up at a local clinic only to get another HUGE shock, I was pregnant AGAIN. I was gob smacked; Gabby was still only a baby and the thought of another baby was very daunting, but as before I knew I would have this baby. My boyfriend was totally gob smacked and thought I was playing a cruel joke. My family thought I was going mental when I said I was pregnant at 3 months especially with gabby only 8 months.

At 17 weeks I already had a very neat bump, everyone joked that I was having twins but I didnít think I was, I went for my first scan at 18 weeks and everything showed that the BABY was fine, then at 21 weeks I started getting strong cramps and I went to the doctor who immediately did a scan. I was shocked when he said that I was having cramps because the BABIES were fighting for room in my small womb. I was shell-shocked as was my boyfriend, TWINS was all we could say, after that everything flew and at 36 weeks I went into early labour with my twins

I gave birth to my second baby girl weighing 4lb 10 oz we called her Jessica and my third girl weighing 4lb 7 oz we called her Chloe. The girls were small so they had to stay in hospital for 4 weeks but now they are happy healthy 4-month-old girls and their big sister Gabriella is 16 months.

Me and the girls father are getting married this summer and we are hoping to add a boy to our family in the future hopefully 2 years not too soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ava Rylee

My due date was December 22, 2006 but I had to have c-section. I wanted her out of me so bad so I asked the doctor if she was ready to come early and he said she was. So I had my baby girl December 11, 2006.

She was a little bigger than the doctor expected...7lbs13oz. She was 19 1/2 inches long. She was beautiful...well she still is of course. Ava's a big ol' 2 months old. Itís so weird to say that, it's just like yesterday I was pregnant.

But it's been kind of difficult w/ my boyfriend but we are trying. Iíve found it to be super hard to deal w/ a relationship and a baby. I love her so much though and she's my little joy!!

Hope all is well w/ all the new momma's!


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