After nine long months of pregnancy, youíre finally looking at the precious face of your newborn. Now, itís time to get to know your baby: what makes her laugh and smile; what foods she turns her nose up at and what she canít get enough of, plus all the other joys of new parenthood. Share your love for you newborn with the world by telling us your story. Don't forget to consider your baby's future by purchasing term life insurance.

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A Mother Who Does Her Job

well my name is jazzy and iam 24 years old and i was twenty one when i had my first child (Jayden Say'vaughn...) and i was in college i found out i was pregnant a month after i graduated from high school and it was the happiest day of my and my boyfriend didnt rush into gettin married because we both had jus graduated from college so we just said we were going to wait, so when i was six mos pregnant my boyfriend (deon) asked me to marry him and i said YES!!!!! lol my son was born november 12. when my son was 2mos my husband went to iraq and then after eight mos later he was stationed to germany and i moved there with him and were doing GREAT my son Is 3 now going on four and now i'am prego again with my second child and this time its a girl YAY!! and i cant wait to meet her


Jasmine Rhoes

a younq mama but proud ,,

im a new mom and i got pregnant at 16 but gave birth at 17. so many ppl frown upon girls such as me :) but i could care less ! i got pregnant with my 19 year old boyfriend of 3 years now. i gave birth to a beautiful son. hes a junior and his daddy is a junior. ivan ortiz jr. :) <333 he was never a mistake i wanted to get pregnant. sooo many ppl thought i was going to fail when i had my son but i didnt sure i was a freshman dropout but im back in school now 17 (dropout at 14) i did alot of ckrazi things imean ALOT!! but nowim taking online courses to better my vida for my family and stop with all my ckrazi nonsense. sure my baby daddy can leave me sooner or later but i wouldnt care ,... as long as i have my son im good. im blessed and proud my son is in my life. he makes me wanna be a better mama :) im not ashamed to be a teen mama. i hope all of you aint either!! i feel ya if your struggling like me to support your ckhild without any help. but keep your hopes up ckuz yu'll make it :) much love and respeckts ,, O.G. REDEYE5


fairy tale

hi im 18 years old and i gave birth to a beautiful boy on january 4 2010 that was the best day of my life i was only 15 years old i wasnt aware of what i was getting myself into but thanks to my baby daddy he stood by my side and now till this day we are still together i really didnt think he was going to stay but im really happy , and for all you single young moms im amazed and proud of you girls its not easy being a mom no matter what age u will never be prepared . just keep your head up soon it will all fall in place . pinky promise <3


Teenage Mummy

hi everyone and i thought i would tell my horrors and shocks of being a teen mum. if any of you used to watch Underage & Pregant , then you will already know all started when i had been with my boyfriend for over 3 months 1 day i took a pregnancy test and found that it was positive but took another 1 just in case to find that also said positive so i told Mark (my boyfriend) and my parents and i went to the doctors to make sure. so a few moths had gone by and had gotten my scan i didnt want to know the gender yet. so another few months went on till i was 30 weeks pregnant and my waters had broke at home and there was no one in the house but me so i rang Mark and my parents and then the hospital and Mark rushed home and took me there. to be just in time although the Labour went on for 4 hours it didnt go on for half as much as it sometimes does for other people. but when SHE was born we had taken her home only to find that she was having trouble breathing so we went back to the hospital stayed there for 2 days then went home, we are still having trouble sleeping with Mackenzie Elyse keeping us awake at night but its bound to happen.


teen mom

my name is kallee and i am 17 year old mother i had my frist son matthew at 15 and just had my 2 child lilly 2 1/2 old my son is now 2 years old my mom and dad past away when i was 13 so me and my little sister moved in whit my aunt my aunt is now useing drugs so i had to move out when i found out i was pregnant i tuke my little sister with me me and my boyfriend and i moved in to a house that his mother was renting out we olny have to pay half so i am raising 3 kids and being a stay home mom my boyfriend works 2 part time jobs yes i am a vary young mom but i love being a mom its not always easy but its worth having my family happy at the end of the day family is all i need love. kallee lilly matthew rose and jack


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