After nine long months of pregnancy, youíre finally looking at the precious face of your newborn. Now, itís time to get to know your baby: what makes her laugh and smile; what foods she turns her nose up at and what she canít get enough of, plus all the other joys of new parenthood. Share your love for you newborn with the world by telling us your story. Don't forget to consider your baby's future by purchasing term life insurance.

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A Mother's

Hey, my name is Savannah I am 15 years old and a sophmore in high school. My boyfriend Devon and I have been together since 8th grade and it's serious. To be safe we used condoms nd I was on the pill but somehow someway I GOT PREGNANT I couldn't it I will never forget the feelings I had when I saw that pregnancy test with a plus sign. I was scared and I was only 14 at the time and I would cringe at the thought of telling my mother I thought she was going to kick me out or make me get an abortion or something like that but when I finally told her she surprised me; she was incredibly supportive and explained to me that even though we try to stop this kind of thing from happening it can still happen. The only thing harder than telling my mom was tellin my boyfriends parents. They are both lawyers and didn't even want me to be with Devon so immagine how i was feeling having to tel them I was pregnant with his baby? I did tell them eventually and when I turned down their offer to make an appointment for me at an abortion clinic they kicked Devon out and wanted nothing to do with they called an "abomination" so my mother took him in.
When I was 19 weeks pregnant I found out I was having a baby boy, Devon and I were super excited!! Things were great for the rest of my pregnancy until 12/23/2009; when I was 34 weeks pregnant; that day changed my life forever!. I went into labor and I was in labor for 9 hrs with no epidural!!! I was in so much pain but when it was time to push I started thinking about having my babies with me and that seemed to get me through that. When out came my baby boy I had never really seen Devon cry but when Mason Michelangelo was born and took his 1st breath he completly lost it. When I held Mason for the 1st time is when it was sinking in that I was a mother now.
It's been a year and baby Mason is 1 year old he is starting to walk and talk and he is the pride and joy in my life he's the reason I wake up in the morning and stay awake all hours of the night<333 If I cud go back in time I wouldn't have changed anything other than the fact that Devon's parents were unaccepting of the pregnancy, Mason has made me a better person and I would be lost without him:) to my baby boy; mommy loves you more than anything:)
~Savannah, Devon and Mason~


My unexpected angel

I'm sixteen years old and a junior in highschool. My boyfriend and i have been dating for over a year. I didn't tell my parents right away but when they found out, they were very disappointed. I moved in with my boyfriend but eventually moved back home a little before the baby came. My baby was 2 weeks premature but only had to stay in hospital for a few days. We named her Kayden Ahlea, she was Born February 2, 2010. Im trying to go back to school but its really hard since i'm always taking care of her. It's hard right now, watching Kayden by myself. Because her father works a full time job. We are currently trying to get our own apartment. We don't have much because we always make sure she has what she needs. I know i'm young, but i believe she was sent to us for a reason.


If Only........

Eventually my sense of hopeless romanticism took over and I began to imagine myself and my boyfriend taking long walks with "our child" in the stroller, "our child" lying in a soft bed next to his/her parents, "the proud mom and dad" sitting side by side as "their child" grew up in utter bliss. By the time I left that bathroom with the little white stick in my hand, those childish fantasies were real in my mind.
Never once did it occur to me that my unborn child's father might not want this. After all, he loved me; he had told me so. In my naiveté, I had made myself believe that sex was love. After all, I was a good girl and good girls didn't sleep around. They "made love" to the person they were in a relationship with.
Now excited about the idea of being a mom I called the father-to-be, expecting, I guess, for him to share my enthusiasm, for him to come right over, scoop me in his arms, profess his undying devotion and propose to me on the spot! Well, as I eventually learned the hard way, fairy tales only exist in those beautifully drawn books in the libraries. This was no library and he was no Prince Charming.
He was a 15-year-old kid, getting a phone call from a girl he barely knew, telling him he was going to be a dad. "Are you sure?" was his first question. "Are you sure it's mine?" was the next. That should have been warning enough for what was to come, but I had always been a romantic and I wanted -- no, I needed -- to believe in love so badly that I didn't process his doubts. To me, they were just a reaction to major news; he would come around.
We went to the doctor several weeks later to confirm what I already knew. Soon, at 15, I would be a mom. Soon this tiny life would be in my arms.

terina rangitiki-ropoko

I Made It .

I just turned 15 when I found out i was pregnant, and my whole life changed . i worked extra hard in school so i could graduate a year early, i graduated with full honors. Aubree Faith McKinley was born august 1st 2010 at 2:36 AM. Since Aubree has been born I have gone to the university in my city[while my mom watches her] and stared taking my classes to become a physio therapist . SO the point of my story is you CAN do it with a baby . I never thought I could, but I made it . :)

Bree & Aubree Faith McKinley


A successful teenage mother.

Just after my 17th birthday, I found out I was expecting.
I told my partner (who proposed with in days- ring, flowers. Everything). We were both happy, Both of our parents were dissapointed, but got over it with in moments.

As my belly grew, I did as well. I finished year 12 with three certificates, including a TAFE degree.

Now, I have a six month old. I part own a car detailing company, work as a dance instructor and in enrolled in Uni as a drama teacher in the year 2011.

If, as a teenager you fall pregnant, you dont need to give up your life. Finish school. Make your self happy with who you are, if you are then your baby will grow up knowing that no matter the situation their is always success.

Im still with the same guy and live on our own.


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