After nine long months of pregnancy, youíre finally looking at the precious face of your newborn. Now, itís time to get to know your baby: what makes her laugh and smile; what foods she turns her nose up at and what she canít get enough of, plus all the other joys of new parenthood. Share your love for you newborn with the world by telling us your story. Don't forget to consider your baby's future by purchasing term life insurance.

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finally had my mircle baby

hi my name is ashley i wrote on one of these before well i had a babygirl on febuary 21,2010 and i named her jaylyn rayne she is the best thing that happened to be i dont know what i would do with out her she is 4 months old and she is thriving she loves to discover everything i love her so much


Teenage Pregnancy is not all bad you just have to

Well i was 17 when i had my first daughter. I was still in school. My boyfriend was shocked but happy. My dad was envious of me and my mom was very supportive. i thought my life and having a social life was over, but it was not it was just the beganing of a new chapter in my life. yes being a mom is hard because your a teenager and still want to party and have fun. but think about how wonderful it is that you get to take care of a baby that is made by you. you really never know what love is intill you have your kid. when i was 19 i had my second child we were still living at my boyfriends house and yes both babies are from the same guy. But i had two beautiful daughters. i had great support from my school and my friends and family. The support is out there for anyone in need. you just have to go out and ask for help. and dont be scared because its the right thing to do for you and your child. I asked for help and know im almot 21 with 2 beautiful girls. i'm going to college and i finally living on my own with my boyfriend and two kids. Being a mom changed my life, I can still have my friends and social life and still be a great mother. Times can be hard but just believe in yourself and dont give up !

Lachelle Archuleta

oliver's beggining

this is the story of the birth and difficult start my new son - oliver - had.

so im coming out of work, glad that tommorow i start my maternity leave, i am graciously given a seat in the bus shelter by a young lad, and five minutes later the bus wheezes up infront of us.
i heave myself up, clutching my enormous stomach, and waddle onto the bus. i find a seat up the back next to a goth kid, all studs and piercings, and i can hear the heavy metal from her ipod that shes listening to.
so im just sitting there, thinking about jack - my fiancee- right now at work, i think about what im going to cook for his tea, and as im just absentmindedly rubbing my bump, i feel this incredible pain shoot across my belly, so strong i gasp.
and im thinking; not now baby, cant you wait untill jacks here and were at home? im scared now, this cant be happening! but a few minutes pass without another one so i start to relax, but spoken too soon... i feel another shocking pain slice through me and i grab the rail infront.
my eyes are screwed up, but a tear slides down my face; im terrified, the contraction lasts longer than before and i know this is real...
i try and call jack on his mobile but he doesnt answer, oh god. and then anther one comes and i cant help but cry out, a lady infront says "you alright love?" and now im practicly wailing in agony and i dont care about the embarassment of it all, the kid next to me looks almost as scared as i am, who nearly leaps off the bus as we stop at her stop.
i sit sideways on the chair and pull my legs up onto the seat, i call jack again and again and finaly get through:
"honey you need to come quick!"
"whats the matter?!"
"the babys on its way"
"ok where are you, il be right over"
" no jack im on the bus..."
"aaaaaaaaaaah oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuurrrrh!!!!!" - (as i get a contraction whilst on the phone)
"oh god siobhann... whats the next stop il meet you there?"
"duns road... hurry!"
"i will i will, i love you honey, and baby too, i'll be as quick as i can, hang on in there for just 10 more minites"
"okay" i say as he rings off.
im desperately waiting for duns road, and when we arrive i stagger off the bus just as my waters break on the pavement, followed by another crushing pain in my stomach.
i hold my stomach and whisper for jack to come, and it appears my prayers are answred as i notice his bmw pull up in the bus stop and he runs over.
i bury my face in his jumper as he holds me tight an i feel safe, another contraction spoils the moment but jack cradles my stomach, and kisses me, and he helps me breathe through them.
tiptoeing over to his car, he cuddles me as we fly along towards the hopsital. i have about another 5 contractions during the journey, and when we pull uup outside the hospital, jack insists on carrying me to the door, with my arms around his neck, i still have no idea how he managed to lift me.
at the front desk, jack's arms are replaced with a wheelchair, and we are given a room. i realise now that we dont have the bag with us, with all the baby's things and the camera and towels etc... and jack suggests we call sandy- his brother-and get him to pick it up for us.
a while later a nurse gives us the bag and a bunch of flowers sandy left for us, he couldn't come in and to be honest im not sure he would want to.
the next few hours are a blurr of entoxicating pain, through the cloudiness of the releif broght by the gas and air. i use a birthing ball, and the bouncing sensation really helps, and i feel quite deeply comfortable.
then i was broght back up onto the bed, where it was announce that i was alwready fully dialated, i remember the midwife commenting that our baby was obviously in a hurrry to meet us.
the next hour or two was all gentle pushes, and encouragments. untill they said i was close, the head was there and it would just be one big push for our son, with jacks arm around me, and holding his hand with the next contraction i gave everyhting, until i felt it, and heard the first cries of my son.
he was whisked out of view and the nurses sorted him out and the handed me my bundle, and i will never forget the look of horror,sadness and shock that i saw on jacks face, as he saw the wrigling bundle. for me and jack were both white skinned, but this baby was half-race, a pale coffee colour.
and i cried, desperate tears, remembering a one night stand with jack's mate ross after a row when jack had gotten drunk, but i was so sure that was well before i fell pregnant...
i nervously look up at jacks face, who is just gazing at oliver, i feel like i have betrayed jack, i have really, iv destroyed him. the midwife wheels their trolley and themselves out, and we are left alone, silent apart from the baby's snuffling.
i m reassured by the fact that jack alwready knew about the onenight stand, as soon as it happened i'd regretted it, and when me and jack made up, idd confessed, and we got through because he knew ross meant nothing, it had just been a row.
suddenly i feel jack leave my side, as he calmly walks out the room, and im left staring at oliver. and suddenly i have the overwhelming urge to blame him, its all his fault! i start to shout, i should of aborted him, and immeadietely regret my words, the baby cries with all the noise, and im hushing soothing appologies, telling him hes the most special thing, and i dont notice as my tears fall onto his face.
when i notice jack standing outside the doorway, he sees me watching him and comes in, " we can still do this siobhann... my head just needed to work this out, but i still love you and want to be a father for him." jack says looking at oliver.
im relieved, im happy, i love jack soo much and i know he'll be the best dad any child could wish for, and i adore my son.

it took a few days but we got our head roung things...
and when we took oliver home we were the perfect family, and still are. we have our troubles, but our love for eachother holds us together, and i have no doubts about anything as jack loves being a father, and noone would know they werent biologically related if they saw the way they were together.

glad to share my story- i think it really helped x


Never would I have expected to be a mother at 17

It was the end of my junior year and I was always late for my period I would get it every two months. Then when those two months came and I didnt get it but i did get nausea and really bad. I went to the doctor and she said I had the stomach flu. With the medicine it didnt go away I went a second time with my mother and the doctor told me I was 9 Weeks pregnant! I was so disappointed in myself because I wanted to go to college in Boston. You see, in the beginning of my junior year 15 of us went to the East Coast trip were we traveled to Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachussetts and New York and visited 10 universities. I was so determined after that I wanted to go to Boston to study. When the doctor told me I was pregnant that dream went away. I never wanted this for myself nor did my mother in which she was very disappointed in me because i was the last hope of the family and I failed her. I didnt know what to do, I really wanted to go to college so I told the doctor I wanted an abortion. Few weeks later I changed my mind because I was not about to kill my baby for my mistake,I just had to face the consequence, so I kept it. At 5 months they told me it was a girl but she came out positive for Down Syndrome, I was devastated. Soon after my insurance called said they were not going to cover my pregnancy, that just broke me down. I had no way to pay the bills and my mom said it was too much. I applied to Medi-cal but they denied me, I applied a second time and it was given to me. During my senior year while we were applying for college I chose the ones near my parents house since I was going to live with them so they can help me with the baby.My due date was Dec 26,09 but Sophia was born Nov 26,09. I had her vaginal with no epidural within 12 hours. Sophias weight was 5lbs and perfectly healthy no Down Syndrome. She was kept in the hospital for two weeks that was the hardest part for me, I couldnt let go. I would cry everytime I had to leave when I visited her. Now I know what mothers go through, what one has to suffer for the love of their child. First week past and she wouldnt eat right so they had to stick a tube up her nose and she kept losing weigh. The second week she got better and they released her weighting 6lbs. I was really happy to have her in my arms and being able to finally take her home. Sophia is now 2 months and is weighing 8lbs. She is very active and just recently got her shots.


my babies

I got pregnant when I was only 16 years old. I was so scared and I didn't know what to do. I had my daughter on January 9th 2009. (My birthday) She was perfect 8 pounds exactly. I named her Shanina Phoebe Rose. I am still with my boyfriend now and we are very happy and he loves his little girl so much. To other teenage girls who are pregnant It's not the end of the world. Once you tell your parents everything Is better and you would be surprised at how supportive they are. My mum and dad love their little angel Shanina Phoebe Rose. Good luck to all of you pregnant, trying to conceive or who have children. Baby dust to all. Lots and Lots of Love. Shannen, Riley and Shanina Phoebe Rose. xoxo oxox xoxo oxox xoxo oxox xoxo oxox.

Shannen Lee McDowell

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