After nine long months of pregnancy, youíre finally looking at the precious face of your newborn. Now, itís time to get to know your baby: what makes her laugh and smile; what foods she turns her nose up at and what she canít get enough of, plus all the other joys of new parenthood. Share your love for you newborn with the world by telling us your story. Don't forget to consider your baby's future by purchasing term life insurance.

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My newborn

Hello. Im Skyler. When i was in the 7th grade i was dating i high school hockey player. We had sex regularly and i didnt think i was gonna get pregnant. A month later i found out i was pregnant. I couldnt belive it. I couldnt stop crying. When i told my boyfriend he was so excited he couldnt stop smiling. My mom and I got in this big fight and i ended up moving out. I moved in with my boyfriend and him and his mom took me to my appointments. After what seemed years of being pregnant i finally had my baby boy on July 29th, 2008. Now im 13 and my son is almost 5 months. I was kinda norveous but now im happy. I love being a mom and i dont care what other people have to say about it. Me my boyfriend and my son couldnt be happier


Joanna Natalie Turner

I'm 15, my name is Rosalie, I'm 15, and I have an 10 month old baby girl named Joanna Natalie, she was born on December 25th, 2007, and is the best gift I have ever received. Her father is not in the picture, he raped me and I filed charges and sued him and won, but she has no father on her birth certificate. Jojo has my last name and the only person related to her father that is involved is her grandmother, who has disowned her son and is an excellent grandma. Jojo looks just like me and has no shadow of her father in her, she can walk holding on to furniture and she babbles constantly. I take her to school with me twice a week and she goes to daycare to play with the other kids, the other three days a week that I'm in school she goes to her grandmas house. My mom and dad have been incredibly supportive and it has been great. I am a teenage mom but I didn't have my baby because I was irresponsible, I was raped, and I kept her because I have the rescources to raise her. I will go to university in 2 years, I want to be a pediatrician, even though I have a baby this soon I still want to get married and have more babies after university, when I have enough money and when I have a steady job. Jojo is the light of my life, by the time I start university she will be in preschool, and when I am done university and I am a pediatrician, she will be the age am now. But I will be able to pay her way through university and we will have a good life together. My daughter amazes me every day and even though she was concieved horribly and those 9 months were quite possibly the worst 9 months of my life, the moment she was born my world shifted and now she is my access, she holds me here, she keeps me steady even when she can't stand up on her own. She is my true love. And as far as I am concerned, she is me, not her father, she is made of my flesh and blood. She has my red hair, it's curly and 2 inches long, she has my blue eyes that go green in the rain, she has my paper white skin but she has rosy cheeks like me too. She has my smile, she has my facial shape, my nose, my lips. She is from me. She is stubborn, oobstinate, and wants her way, but she is kind and selfless at only 10 months she will hand her toy to a homeless child. She is trusting and innocent and she is hilarious and jovial, she is fascinated with everything and she is fascinating. She is miraculous and beautiful, she is steady even though she falls all the time, she is happy and almost never cries. She says mama and it lights up my world, I feel like I'm sitting on a cloud for hours after she coos my name. She gurgles and she gasps when I walk into her view int he morning, she grabs my face and presses it to hers, giving me an open mouthed sloppy kiss on the lips every single morning, then she smiles loke I am her world, and, even though to her I probably am her world, she has no idea how much she makes mine go around. Many people give me looks when I take her out, I get judged as the teenage mother who had sex and didn't protect herself. People have come up to me on the street and told me to my face how much they feel sorry for my child and how they are so disgusted by me that I would go and have sex without a condom. And I inform them that I was raped. Some of them believe me, and some don't and instead tell me not to make excuses when it's my fault. But none of them apologize. So I feel anxious taking my daughter out. But I still do because I love her and she needs to see the world. But I worry that she will understand them and her innocence will be shattered. And I hope that she never judges people just by looking at them from across the street, because not all of us teenage mothers are irresponsible, we are strong. And we have our children to hold us here when times get hard.

Rosalie Turner

my First Child

When i first found out that i was having a baby i was thinking what am i going to do because i am only 13 and i could not get a job and i was scared to tell my mother and father so i told my sister who told my grandmother and she help me out alot and now that i am 17 and my son is 5 we are living the best ives ever so thank you grandma i klove you

Rosalie Turner

My Baby Girl Makyhia Destieny-Hope

Im only 15 and i have a daughter and she's 3 months old. Her name is Makyhia Destieny-Hope. I love her to death she is so easy going and she sleeps all the time. But sometimes she can be very demanding and bossy when she wants something she wants right then she doesnt like to wait. She's really spoiled and she's a mamas girl and no she doesnt sleep all night she stays up but, i love staying up with her. And her smile is the most beautiful one and purest one ive ever seen. I love how she can see no wrong in this world. Her eyes are deep blue with green edges and she's got really curly hair and she loves pulling her hair like she's frustrated haha. But she's just my little bundle of joy and i love her to death.

Rosalie Turner


Grace Elizabeth White was born on September 17th, 2008. I had already had two daughters, Kennedy, age 4 and Frances, age 2. It was late at night and I was getting up from bed to go to the bathroom. I walked inside and I got some cramps. I thought I was hungry so I went downstairs. I sat down at the table, and then my water broke. I was rushed to the hospital and after 23 hours and 18 minutes of labor, Grace was born. She is everything I ever imagined. I love her so much.

Millie White


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