After nine long months of pregnancy, youíre finally looking at the precious face of your newborn. Now, itís time to get to know your baby: what makes her laugh and smile; what foods she turns her nose up at and what she canít get enough of, plus all the other joys of new parenthood. Share your love for you newborn with the world by telling us your story. Don't forget to consider your baby's future by purchasing term life insurance.

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Hi, I am Mallory, an eighteen year old mother of two. I have my two beautiful children, Maggie and Alex. Maggie was recently born in early September and Alex will be two in March.
My schedule is CRAZY! I get up every early morning to Maggie's crying. My husband Dan, he works at a sporting goods shop, so he is always gone in the morning. I usually wake up at about 4 AM. Maggie is starting to sleep in more and more each and every morning. What a relief! I am also in full custody of my thirteen year old sister, Lilly. I drive Alex to daycare sometimes while Lilly is at school so he can meet other children his age. Then Lilly usually leaves and I ahve to take care of Maggie. She is so small I barely want to touch her, for I am scared that I will hurt her.
Maggie has the curliest and most beautiful red hair that I have ever seen. My husband, son and I have brown hair so we have NO idea where it came from. Maggie is starting to smile now and her big brother wants to teach her everything! She is my life, my newborn and my baby girl.


Galen, Damien, and Rhea

I got married very young, 2 days after my 18th birthday. Jason was 22 and we had been dating since I was 14, but he had to travel with his father and I didn't want to loose him. So we married. Alot of people thought I was pregnant. But that was impossible. We didn't have sex until after we were married, because it would have been illegal. Jason and I knew things were going to be rough, he had 4 years of med school and 1 year of interning to do before we would move to a different city with a teaching hospital for Jason. I started university too that fall and the next 9 years of my life were totally school oriented. Jason had done 4 years of residency by the time I started mine. Being a new ob/gyn I was amazed nearly every day when a woman gave birth. I wanted a baby but I knew I wanted to pay off our debt and get money ready before I got pregnant. Jason and I agreed that when I turned 32 we would start trying. So slowly we paid off our debt (med school is expensive) and then bought a house and then paid off that and then bought a family friendly car and paid off that and then sold the house and built a personal one and paid off that and then saved for retirement. It took us an extra year but when I was 33 we were ready. We had everything but the nursery done in our house, we already saved up enough money for retirement and enough to pay for 3 children to go through university, and we were ready. I got pregnant after 4 months of trying and I quit my job the day I hit 6 months. I was in nesting mode from then on, nursery, gear, clothes, bottles, safety, everything I would need. I had a textbook pregnancy, and by the time I was 8 months along all that was left to do was pick a name. We had the car-seat in the car and my hospital bag and the babys hospital bag next to mine, we had all the newborn clothes washed, and every single itty bitty sock with it's match in the top drawer. We didn't know what we were having and so we had to pick both boys and girls names. We spent many nights trying to choose but in the end I went into labor without a set name. 11 hours after I felt the first contraction I vaginally delivered a beautiful little boy, Galen Xander. I couldn't take my eyes off him, and I knew I wanted another baby. We gave Galen a brother 11 months later, Damien Orestes. It was wonderful for us having them so close in age, one would hit a bunch of milestones, then pause for a few months while the other hit a few milestones, and then so on. We planned on being done and I was happy with my family. At 35 I had two wonderful little boys and a great husband. But when Galen went off to preschool when he was 3, I thought maybe, just maybe, we might have another. Then Damien went to preschool and I was sure. I wanted another baby. So with Galen in prekindergarten and Damien in preschool I had another baby. I was hoping for another boy, familiar, safe, and always on the run. My husband wanted a girl, he wanted to paint a bedroom pink and slam doors in guys faces in 15 years. He wanted to be able to buy the Daddys Little Girl shirts and cuddle her and teach her catch and watch her do ballet. We he won, we got a little girl, Rhea Urania. I'm not a fan of her middle name but it was my husbands mothers name and she had been in the hospital for 7 months, she was in the same hospital as me when I gave birth and she was in the room. She died 5 hours later. Therefore Urania is Rhea's middle name, where it was going to be Kay. I am so happy we decided to have another baby, Rhea is perfect and we are definetly done!


My 8 babies

I was born and raised in India, my parents have alot of money and as the oldest daughter my marriage was arranged before I was even born. My parents wanted me to be married at 19 but my future husbands parents put me through university, announcing that I was engaged, and 3 days after I graduated university, when I was 22, I got married. Nalin was busy and barely spent any time with me, but I knew I was expected to have a baby very soon. It might sound old fashioned but I was raised where men are better than women and we have to obey. Nalin wanted a baby, I was to give him a baby. I became pregnant very quickly and gave birth to a baby, though everybody hoped for a boy, it was a girl. Nahil was surprisingly delighted, he was so happy and to this day I don't know why he didn't want a son yet. He had told me since I became pregnant that the babys name was to be Manas for a boy, Asha for a girl. When he told me I could name her whatever I wanted I was thrilled. Devica Asha was the name I chose. We took her home and when Devica was 4 months old we started to try for another baby. We got twin girls this time, Opal Monita and Leela Mena. My husband was happy this time but he was hoping for a boy when I got pregnant again. We had a sweet baby boy this time, to everybodys delight, and named him Nikhil Nalin. When we had our next baby 11 months later it was a girl, Sohalia Ranee. Nalin was happy ot have 5 children and he arranged marriages for the girls and Nikhil was to marry a very adorable baby girl named Opal. Everything was great. We had another baby, a girl again, Prita Savarna, and Nalin said we were done having children. I was fine with that, I had been pregnant every year for the past 5 years. Nalin travelled alot of places and it was qite some time before I found out that he was cheating on me. It wasn't my place to be angry though, and I wasn't. I gave him everything he wanted, I didn't know what I did wrong. He and I divocred after 8 years together and he kept the children. I miss them and I see them 6 times a year. I moved to England and I got remarried to a wonderful, loving man named and I have twin babies, Emmett Harris Jackson Brown and Annice Mina May Brown. I have 8 children in total, I am 30 years old, and I can't wait to raise my beautiful Annice and Emmett!


My Story

Okay so on the night I turned 16 I had sex with my bf Jey, and even though we used a condom and I am on the pill, we got pregnant. I found out when I was 4 months and I told my mom 3 weeks later. She had me when she was 15, and she even offered to the baby. But I wanted the baby. Jey stayed with me through everything and after a perfect pregnancy I had a perfect baby girl who I gave alot of middle names because I like them and it's not like they ever get used anyways. I named her
Emmeline Vera Evangeline Rosalie Louanna Yasmine Shanley Ever.
Ever is Jeys last name by the way, not another middle name. Her initials spell Everlyse, my favorite name. I like it, there are probably alot who don't but she's not your baby. Anyways, my mom took care of her alot and I went to high school and Jey graduated and started university and finally I graduated. Emmer, as we call her alot, was 13 months old and beautiful. Jey comes from a pretty money healthy family and his parents actually paid for a house completely and gave it to us. It has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and we couldn't be happier. I started university as a 2nd year student because I graduated high school ahead and with university credits. I got ahead in university by 1 year and I was only 20 when I was doing my 4th year. I graduated and Jey graduated his year 6 of university and got a job, his parents paid all our tuition and bought us a van and Jey a car. All we have to do is pay for what we use in the house. Anyways, Jeys dad died via heart attack and left us a fair amount of money so I don't have to work. I got pregnant again when I was 20 and I had a beautiful baby boy, to Jeys delight, and we named him
Quintin Umed Aurelius Dario Ever.
Quintin is Jeys first name, Jey is his middle and I was going to name our baby boy Quade but Jey didn't like it. Check out those initials though! When we got home I was busy. Taking care of an almost 3 year old and a newborn all day is tiring, trust me. Emmer and Squid as we called our little boy, got along really well though and when Squid was only 2 I was pregnant again. I had another little girl and we really didn't know what to name her. We had a boys name all thrown together but girls names were thrown out obsessivly so we just gave up and figured if we got another girl we would just know. Well we got another girl and we didn't just know. After 4 days in the hospital we were leaving when I found her a name.
Ophelia Diane Elizabeth Tessa Truly Ever
Her initials are Odette. the name tat I wanted to give her, but Jey didn't like it as much as Ophelia. When Odia was 13 month old I delivered a beautiful baby boy, our last child. His name is
Linnaeus Edward Oliver Nicholas Ever
Initals are Leone, my favorite boys name. We have 4 children, alot of names, and we are going to be married in a few weeks! I couldn't imagine not having each and every one of my children, I'm proud to say that I was a teen mom!


Dash and Lana

My name is Carina and my husbands name is Corrigon, we waited 5 years after we got married to start a family. We were in a place where the house was paid off, we had 2 cars paid off, and I could quit working the moment I got pregnant, or the moment we decided to try for a baby. We started not preventing a pregnancy when I was 27 and 6 months later, 3 months after I quit my job, we got a positive test. My husband and I couldn't decide whether we wanted a girl or a boy but we really wanted to know so we caved when I was 33 weeks and asked the doctor to tell us. But our little sweetie was crossing it's legs! I am not close to my family at all, I mailed a letter to tell them I was pregnant, I don't even have their number, my husbands family however, needs to know everything. We sortof treated them like papperazzi when I was pregnant, we didn't announce until I was 6 months and we simply gave the first due date we were given as a due date. It was changed to earlier and we were happy not to tell Corri's family, that way they wouldn't fester over me before I gave birth. His mother was going to be in the delivery room because I wanted her there, this was her firstborn grandchild, but my husbands grandmother, aunt, and a few great aunts felt like they should be there too. I put my foot down. The other issue was the name. Every firstborn child in their family has been named Patrick for the last 6 generations. Or Patricia for a girl. Now, if the baby was due and delivered on March 17th I might consider it. But I don't like the name Patricia. There is no way on earth any child of mine will have Pat- anything in their names. My husband agreed with me fully. We told his family from the beginning the name was not going to be Patrick. They were unhappy but they started discussing names with us again right before I hit 9 months. They thought I was hitting 7. But by the time they came around Corrie and I already had the middle names chosen and 2 first names to choose from. We were going to choose when the baby came. I went into labor 2 weeks overdue naturally, and after 11 hours we had a little boy, Dashiell Nevin Lennox Brown. Brown is his last name, Lennox is my maiden name, and it is Dash's second middle name. We aren't crazy for the hyphens. Anyways, Dash was such a good baby that when he was 7 months old we were 4 months pregnant again! This time I could just tell it was going to be a girl. Instinct. Anyways, when I was 9 days overdue after only 8 hours of labor I finally gave birth to a (surprise!) baby girl! Delana Bryony Astria Brown. I turned 30 and Carri turned 35, and we thought okay, we have two wonderful children, one of each, and we have college money and everything saved and set for them. We are done. But when Lana was 7 months old there I was, 4 months pregnant. Again. We had another little girl, Cielo Carina Corrigon Brown. Cici is 9 months old now, Lana is 2 1 1/2 and Dash is 4 already. We are definetly done!

Carina Brown

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