After nine long months of pregnancy, youíre finally looking at the precious face of your newborn. Now, itís time to get to know your baby: what makes her laugh and smile; what foods she turns her nose up at and what she canít get enough of, plus all the other joys of new parenthood. Share your love for you newborn with the world by telling us your story. Don't forget to consider your baby's future by purchasing term life insurance.

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Dozen in 7 months

My name is Roselynn. When I got pregnant I was a wreck. I wanted babies, at least 6, but I wanted to adopt, I was the everyday Angelina. So pregnancy wasn't really welcome, I wanted to either be a mother or get on with my life. I am normally very very active so my first pregnancy was horrible both physically and emotionally. I spent 8 weeks puking my guts out. I am normally a healthy 110 pounds, after the first trimester I was just under 90. My doctor put me in the hospital and after 4 weeks I was released at 98 pounds. I was still on bedrest when I went home and I spent the next for weeks craving tacos and watching jackie chan movies. I got off bedrest at 18 weeks but at 20 weeks the baby started kicking and since I had a very active kid inside me who was obviously training for the soccer olympics I kept getting sick when the kicking started. I was at 105 by then but by 24 weeks I was down to 95. At 6 months I started to bump a tiny bit but I was still a 0 because of the weight I lost. I was admitted at 26 weeks at 90 pounds and put on complete bedrest. I didn't have to eat, they iv-ed me, and slowly I turned normal. I left the hospital at 32 weeks weighing 110 pounds, my normal prepreggo weight. I got home with a tiny bump and ballooned into a huge mass of belly. I had only 2 months to get everything ready, I was so sick in the hospital that I hadn't even thought about names or nurserys. We got the nursery painted and set up and it only took 4 weeks. Then we started looking for a name. At 36 weeks I was weighing 130 and finally feeling okay. The baby was healthy, thank heaven, and finally, so was I. Anthony, my husband, was very impatient for our babys arrival. But I still spent the last 4 weeks of pregnancy in bed. Finally I started contractions and after only 2 hours of labor our little baby, the child who caused my body to go wild, was out. In our eyes she was a miracle. A female one we chose to name Joanna Roselynn. I wanted my name in there after All I had been through getting her here. Despite my weight which peaked at 133 she weighted a huge 10 pounds 7 oz. And was 22 inches long. The doctors thought she would be about 7 pounds so they weren't very happy to be surprised with a ten pound baby, neither was I when she came out. Through my lady parts, not my stomach. Anyways, I was set on adopting any future children that we might have, and more children were becoming increasingly unlikely. When Jo was 1 and had been sleeping through the night for awhile we were chosen for a private adoption. A 16 year old girl was pregnant with a little girl, who was healthy and due in 3 weeks. We quickly got the bassinet out and the newborn gear dusted off and then we flew out (with a 1 year old) to Ireland, where the girl was. She delivered early, the day we got there, and we got to see our second daughter be born. We named her Maeve Aisling, both traditional irish names. We took her home and continue to send weekly news to her mother. We took in a foster child for 10 weeks, Hannah, who was 12. 1 year later Hannah phoned me to tell me she was pregnant. She was 6 months along. With twin boys. And she wanted us to adopt them. We discussed it for a few days, the possibility of having 2 year old Joanna, and 1 year old Maeve, plus twin boys. I was all for it, Anthony wanted a son and with me as a stay at home mom I knew he could talk me into having another baby myself. I wasn't ready for that so We ended up saying yes, definetly, to adopting the twins. Hannah stayed in our guest bedroom and watched us assemble matching twin cribs and baby things for the boys to be. When Hannah was 7 months pregnant with the boys I got a shock, I was pregnant too. I was different this time though, happy and without morning sickness and the sore boobs. I only noticed because I was getting a little belly. When I went to see the doctor I got the shock of my life, we were expecting twins. And I was 5 months along. They were boy girl twins. I was in shock as we set up the nursery for 4 instead of 2, picked out 4 names. I had an easy pregnancy this time, I was full of energy. Hannah went over her due date. By 4 weeks. The boys weren't too squished to come out though and the doctors didn't want to do a c section on a 13 year old. I got bigger and bigger and eventually even I thought I was going to pop. I was due any day when Hannah had the boys, 7 pounds each and healthy to boot. She was amazing in labor and throughout breastfeeding. She was going to live with us until the babies were 1 and be homeschooled via internet until the next schoolyear, 6 months away. Hannah, Anthony and I named the twins Liam Zachary and Alistair James. I had my twins 3 days later at 4 am naturally. They came 2 weeks early but both were 7 pounds and healthy. We named them Nadine Hannah and Royce Tony. We ended up adopting Hannah and she started fresh as a 9th grader in high school where everybody coos over the babies. Nobody knows they are hers. She loves being near them and It worked out great that she at least gets to be their sister. Joanna is a beautiful 3 year old who loves her big sister Hannah. Joanna loves to sing and act and dance, she a regular broadway baby. Maeve is 2 now and fluctuates between being an angel who takes everything great, or being a grumpy little snot who won't pee in the potty and lives up to the name "the terrible two's". Liam is quiet, he likes classical music and he functions better if things are constant. Alistair James, AJ, is a sport. He's active 24/7 and he's also a tank, he's the one who we need to childproof the house for. Nadine is a sweetheart, she likes to copy Hannah or Jo and she runs to give everybody a hug and kiss thew moment she gets up in the morning. Lastly is Royce. He's the youngest but he's been the first to do everything. Smile, roll, crawl, walk, talk, run, and now he's teaching himself how to throw mashed peas at mummy and climb out of his crib. Thank god nobody copies Royce. He's also very charismatic, which is usefull when he get's in trouble at grandmas house. The quads are 16 months and all have a mind of their own. They also have a baby brother, Issac, who turns 5 months on July 4th. He evened out the field, we now have 4 adopted, Hannah, Liam, Alistair, and Maeve, and 4 biological, Joanna, Nadine, Royce, and Issac. 8 kids. But we also adopted a baby boy, Bradford (brady), who is 2 months old, and we are expecting our last baby, a surprise we are going to name Quinn Isabelle. We also foster 2 kids, Selah and Zane, who are brother and sister, 15 and 16. In less than 7 months we will have a dozen kids to love, wish us luck, also, things do get pretty crazy around here sometimes but we love it and Selah and Zane and Hannah help out a lot.


Age is no0thing i love my babies

My name is tasia and I have a 3 week old son Sumardre. I am 17 years old and my babies father is 27 i have been with him since I was 14 i love him to death. When i told him I was pregnant he was a lil shakey because he had just got released from prison but told me no matter what we where keeping it. My family loves my boyfriend just not his age. I am a black female from a good neighborhood and I am a aries for my family. My family thought he was just after my money because of how much I will recieve on my 18th birthday.We love eachother and my framily is now comming around about his age I had my son in a birthing center so that my boyfriend could be there in the hospital they would have called the police for Rape. Me and my boyfriend are in love and will be getting married next year on my sons birthday to celebrate the best day that has happened to us.Hopefully he will give me my lil girl then and I am 2 weeks away from getting my lpn so my son can have a lovely life and not depend on his inharrence money...

ALWAY tasia

Ladies keep your head up I did and mnow im getting married at 18!!


Japanese babies

Hi, my name is Aimi Harmony and my husbands name is Kazuo Genkei. We got married after university and we immediatly started trying to have a baby. When 12 months passed and nothing happened our families started to worry, Kazuo is the oldest of 5 children and therefore after we married it was expected that I give the family a son. We tried for 2 years before we decided to try IVF. We knew we could get multiples and we decided after many restless nights that we would do it. There was no need. I was already 8 weeks pregnant. I had a really good first trimester with every family member wishing me a son. My husbands grandmother basically forced us to find out the sex of the baby and she was very pleased with me particularly when it turned out to be a boy. I grew very big and had a fun time but by the 40th week I was ready to hold my baby! I finally delivered my little boy at 41 weeks when he was 8 pounds and 20 inches. We picked japanese names and we decided to go with Denji Taro Akihiko Sato because even though it is a long name it flows nicely and Denji isn't hard to pronounce or screaming japanese yet it is. We decided to try for another as soon as possible and we got pregnant fast this time, when Denji was only 11 months old we had a second son, Daijiro Kazuo Sato. This time we weren't expected to have another baby so quickly and my family frowned upon it at first during my pregnancy but when they found out it was a second boy they were happier and they received him happily. I got pregnant fast the third time and we had a little girl when our oldest was 2 and our second son was 11 months. I named her Kaede Maeko Sato and she is 5 and the sweetest thing. She is very delicate, she likes dresses and if it's not a dress it has to have pink on it otherwise it isn't "little girl enough mama". It is excellent that we had sons first as they play together nicely now. Our little Kaede has a baby sister who was quite unexpected and is definetly the last child. Aiko Aimi Asa Emiko Sato came along after a very short and easy labor, 2 hours! Some of my family got mad because her name is very long, others got mad because we picked a long name and we didn't use any relatives except me in it. Either way she is named and that is that, we like it and it isn't going to be changed. I have four children, a lot, and will probably never move back to Japan with four, but maybe when Aiko and Kaede are teenagers and the boys are out of the house we will move there. For now I am enjoying them as babies, and Aiko is starting to wake up so I am going to go fetch my baby! Thank You!

Aimi Harmony Sato

My babies!

When I was 25 years old I had a great boyfriend, Roy. I always wanted kids so when I found out I was pregnant I was happy. Roy wasn't and the moment he mentioned abortion I broke up with him and kicked him out. Devorah Aysel Jones finally decided she wanted out of my belly on August 24th 2005 at 9 pounds and 22 inches! She is now almost 3 years old! I got engaged to a guy named Greg and he is the only dad Devy knows about. As far as we are concerned he is her father. We had a planned pregnancy and we got boy/girl twins named them Ciel Ruchira and Brynner Quincy. They are now 23 months old and they have a baby sister, Allegra Darice, and a baby brother, Avish Donahue. Allegra is 1 and Avish is 6 weeks. We are done having kids, Greg did the brave thing and got snipped. But we preserved some of his little guys in case we decide down the road to have more. I was scared of the future when I had Devorah but I am loving it.

Gretchen Jones

Phalen, Kaemon, Amena, and Zaide.

My name is Clara, I am 26, and I am a mom of four. I started dating Calvin when I was 14. We were serious and by the time I was 16 we were talking about a future together. I found out I was pregnant on halloween. 5 months. I knew I was keeping her. I told Calvin and he stood beside me while I told my parents. They were decent considering the enormity of the news. 4 months later I was engaged and giving birth. It took us forever to come up with a name, I couldn't decide. Eventually we settled on Phalen. We left Phalen with my mother while we went to school and then I would take over while Calvin went to work. I graduated from high school and Calvin completed his 2nd year at university. When I started university Calvin and I broke up. He wanted me to move in with him and stay home to take care of Phalen while he went to work. I didn't want to. The thing was, I was 4 months pregnant and we already had a baby together. Calvin kept coming over to see Phalen and eventually I told him about the pregnancy. At first I told him I didn't want his help or his involvement in the babys life. I tried to be a single mom but I couldn't be away from Phalen all day. I moved in with Calvin and decided on night classes. At 8 months pregnant everything was ready. Our second baby came 2 weeks early and was 2 pounds bigger than Phalen was, and Phalen was 2 weeks overdue! Kaemon was the name we picked for him. I stayed at home with Phalen and Kaemon and then when Kaemon was 1 we put Phalen in kindergarten. When Kaemon turned 2 we had another baby, Amena. She is by far the most gorgeous thing ever. She has huge blue eyes that are almost purple and curly brown hair that grew into ringlets. She laughed and giggled and squealed so often that if she was sleeping it seemed like something was wrong. When Amena was 3 we had our last baby, a boy named Zaide. He is 6 months old now and he's a dream. Phalen is 9, hes in grade 4, and he loves sports. Kaemon is 5 and he has been taught to love sports by Phalen but his real love is music. Amena loves dolls right now but tomorrow it might be makeup. I have 4 children and that is alot for only 26 but they're spaced out in age so they help rather then hinder!


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