As wonderful as being a parent is, the postpartum period can be full of ups and downs for new moms as well as seasoned pros. From sleepless nights to a house full of guests; from postpartum depression to those precious quiet moments with your baby, tell us what those first weeks after giving birth were like for you.

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hola, buen día!!!! realmente no se ni como empezar ya que estoy desbastada , triste, desgarrada. Estaba en la semana 37 ahora hace unos días mas precisamente el 14/05/2015 a poquitos días de nacer mi bebita que fue buscada, deseada y amada desde el primer momento, hasta ahora no hay respuesta alguna me dicen simplemente que fue muerte súbita. Estoy desbastada pero desde el primer momento q me dijeron q estaba muerta y mas cuando me sacaron y mostraron q era preciosa decidí con mi pareja no bajar los brazos jamas, q es lo q mas o menos me ayuda a seguir, porque sino creo q me moriría de la angustia, ya empece con estudios y a contactarme con especialistas de alto riesgo de posadas para empezar a asesorarme hacerme estudios y una ves q pase un tiempo prudencial volver a intentarlo, toda mi vida quise y soñé ser madre y ahora me viene a pasar esto es muy devastador demasiado, mas q en mi caso iba desde el principio todo mas q perfecto jamas hubo algo raro, todos los exámenes, análisis, estudios y ècografias todo daba perfecto, por eso tantos porque tengo en mi cabeza, porque todo lo hice bien en tiempo y forma.
es el dolor mas grande que como mujer se puede atravesar pero debo dejarla partir y en paz por mas que me duela el alma ya que no se que hacer ni para donde ir. A nada le encuentro sentido, pero también se que Dios me va dar otra oportunidad y por eso voy a luchar. FUERZAS A TODAS LAS QUE PASAMOS Y PASARON POR ESTO PORQUE CREO QUE COMPARTIENDO NUESTRAS HISTORIAS LAS QUE QUIEREN OBVIAMENTE MAS UNA BUENA AYUDA PSICOLÓGICA NOS VAMOS AYUDAR AUNQUE SEA HACER EL DOLOR ALGO MAS LLEVADERO Y ALGO AUNQUE SEA MAS SUAVE Y LIVIANO PERO QUE CREO ES IMPOSIBLE YA QUE LA PERDIDA DE UN HIJO NO TIENE NOMBRE... FUERZAS!!!


Younq happy mother..Markiitos

Well im 17 years.old nd I have a 9 month babyboy my pride nd.joyy I started datinq my bf at 14 nd then after about a year I moved in with him I was 15 we are a happy couple I love my man to death well anyways I qot preqnant at 15 nd had my bby at 16 he was born December 06 2011 nd I love him to death my life wouldent be complete without him I just want to say to all the qurls.struqqlibq yu can come to me to talk nd keep your heads up there is no shame in beiinq a younq mom instead of feelin ashamed yu all should feel proud because in the end your kids will thank yu nd appreciate yu for stayinq stronq not only for them but for yourself

#Marco Antonio

Liz barraza

still alive

hello everybody i have read these stories for a long time and i finally had the strength to write this so here i go.
well im 17 and my name is Selena i have a 6 month old daughter her name is Bliss she was born March 5, 2012 and i had a home birth and it was an amazing day for me and i was all lone in the sense of no family there to be by m side i was at an RTC and the staff there delieverd my BUTTERFLY me and her father met in 2010 and i was always runnin away i thought he loved me and iloved him but we were in love with one another could give eachother but we had unprotected sex all the time i was on the shot but i stoped it because of my runaway status we did alot of things i regret but he did abuse me most of our realstionship i neva left him because i was so "in love "with him well his name is Emilio. when i found out i was pregnant he was happy a lil bit but that didnt stop the abuse long story short i got caught up we both went to a detention centa he left and forgot about me i cried over him and i was so wraped in him i got my baby taken away but now im doing awesome i talk to my BUTTERFLY everyday and im getting her back me and emilio are no longer togetha and neva getting back togther again.
im just letting all the mamas yo man is never worth losing your baby I LOVE MY BUTTERFLY and i thank god everyday because with out my daughter i would have ended up like my mom if i would have stayed with emilio . i do have a new boyfriend Dazson and he knows my priorities are and he loves Bliss as if she was his.
have faith in the lord because thats the only man that will take care of you and your baby turnin 18 in 3months .
if any of you want to talkto me or nedd help i got yo email me at [email protected] or facebook Shaii Lynn (lizzie) thank =s bye

shaii lynn

i didn't know it is drepression

when i had my first child back in 2002, after the first month with my baby i went to city to work. it was when the depression start, i did not even know it is called depression, i just felt very sad and helpless because i was not able to see my baby boy. i can not start work. i cried most of the time and i just feel sad all the time. often cried myself to exhaustion. then it lasted about three weeks i told i must stop this and go back to work or i have no money to live on. thinking of that, i managed to clear my emotion and go back to work. my husband that time was a lazy man who dont want to work even when he worked and had money he would spent on himself only. so now i think back, i know it was the helpless feeling that made me felt so bad that tormenting emotion is called depression.


Back to pre pregnancy weight in no time

Hi. I just had my 3rd kid thru C section. During my pregnancy, I put on 11 kg of extra weight. Right after my delivery, I was told by the doctor that I will not be able to take any food if I did not pass wind. Strangely, I did not manage to pass wind for the next 4 days, it was not normal according to my doctor and it was causing alot of pain in my stomach. I lived on hot chocolate and some biscuits while breast feeding. By the time I passed wind and was able to discharge on the 5th day, I lost so much weight that nobody could tell that I just delivered a baby! The only tell tale sign was the little bump on my tummy, which took another month to flatten. My doctor said that most patients will take up to 4 months to get their shape back but amazingly I took only 1 week!


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