Pregnancy Complications

Those nine months of a pregnancy can be an exciting time but it can also be nerve-wracking for those dealing with a pregnancy complication. Women can be affected by a variety of pregnancy complications, including gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, bleeding during pregnancy, and premature labor. As scary as these issues can be, hearing how other women have contended with and overcome their complications can help ease a woman's fears. So write to us and tell us your encouraging story about your pregnancy complication.

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uterus broken when I was in labor

l was 37 weeks pregnancy and was in labor, everything was ok,but l my uterus has broken and l has to have a emergency cesarean, my baby don't cry, l can't see her and she don't cry after a few hours doctors told us that her brain was swollen, we wait 12 days it was horrible we had hope but she die. l have two kids but l felt a big hole in my soul and my body. the doctor told me that it happened because my last cesarean, but it happened 5 years ago, l've checking and just the 1% less it can happen.

esther salomon

My miracle

My story began when I was 19. I am 24 now. I was sitting all alone in a room and told I was pregnant. I was shocked, scared and I didn't know if I was ready. Then suddenly I remembered that two weeks before this day that I am being told I'm pregnant my fiancé that I had been with for almost 2 years had told me that I would regret starting my life with him. Then again I was shocked! At that moment I was sitting there in that room realizing I was gonna be alone on this one. Inside me my baby was growing and getting stronger, so I had to do the same. He became important and the only thing that mattered and I was going to fight for him. I stayed with his dad for some stupid reason. It took me till he was 2 to leave him I don't know why because I literally was alone. Alone to ultrasounds, finding out the sex, the kicking and then worse of all... The moment I was told at 6 months that my baby boy was in danger and so was I! I was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia. As time went on we got worse. I was fighting for him even more and he was fighting for me. He was my reason for living breathing and made my world go round even before seeing his precious face. I was in and out of the hospital and getting ultrasounds daily and constantly hooked up to a stress machine and needles in my arms and hands. There where doctors and specialists that was holding me and my baby's life in there hands. I called his dad every night to just only say I love u and no answer. But that wa ok because it was me and Shaun my baby. I called my mom every night as well to say I love u. I had to because I didn't know if I would wake up. The doctors and nurses padded the bed down invade I went into convulsions. I wa always ready for emergency c section. Finally, 2 specialists and my doctor walked in and said "no more! U can't go any more!!!" so I had to turn to god. I prayed and I asked him to protect my angel inside me and keep him safe because he was my life. I asked him to take me and to save my baby. The doctors didn't know if I he or we would make it. They where worried. The next day it was time. It was time to face the possibility of death, not getting to watch my baby grow, hear him breath, listen to his heart and to touch him. I was not gonna give up!!! I will fight to the end for my baby!!! They prepped me, poked me some more and started to cut. They stopped several times because it got scary with my blood pressure but they kept going... I closed my eyes with one last prayer to god. Please please please lord please!!!.... Finally!!!!! I heard my baby's whimper!!! He was alive! He was breathing! My baby was ok! The nurse got on top of me and pushed him out and the doctor raised him up for me to see him... As my tears of joy rolled down my face all I saw was my miracle! My Shaun, my sweet sweet boy! He was 3 weeks early, 9lbs 1oz 22 1/2 inches long and was born on Wednesday at 10:41 am on May 31st 2006. He had 2 inch black hair all over his head and was dark completed and really chunky! Lol but my miracle! Tests had to be done and hours passed then I finally got him! The nurse handed him to me even tho I was in soo much pain, somehow I blocked it and I had tunnel vision. Everything and everyone stopped moving and it was just me and him. He was soft, I could hear his little heart beating and his breathing taking myn away. He looked into my eyes and I was suddenly singing him a song I didn't know I could sing. We finally made it through this whole thong alive! We where both safe. He saved my life and I saved his! We held onto each other. Still to this day at his age of 4 he holds onto me and I have become protective of him. My miracle baby he will always be. I will always fight for him and he will always fight for me! Preeclampsia is no joke and can be extremely scary an risky! Stay away from stress as much as possible and be strong for you and your baby. U need each other! Trust me! I treasure every moment I have with my Shaun and I will always treasure him!


Is This Really Happening?

i am 17 and 4 months and 1 week and 1 day pregnant . my babys father is in and out of my lif ll the time . at the beginning everything was so perfect but as i got farther he changed . its like he lost interest in me after i got pregnant . it hurt me because i trusted him and just thought he'd be by me 100% . i go to every appointmen alone . ive been depressed alot over it but i try not to think about it . he calls off work and hangs with friends but not once has he supported me at an appointment . i get really lonely , dont feel attractive anymore , and underestimate myself alot . i just wanthim to care but its like itsaking for too much . i love him soo much . maybe hes just not ready . nut how i feel is why did he get me pregnant if he was gonna react like this ? maybe hes nervous because its his first child . i give em the benefit of the doubt alot . maybe im too hard at times but its not fair i sit home depressed while he runs the streets and talk to whoever . i didnt get myself pregnant . i just expect for us to be in this together . and i just sometimes have thoughts to not even be in my babyslife when it coe c if hes not here now then i dont know how everything is gonna happen when our baby is here . i wake up asking myself everyday is this really happening?



down syndrome

I am 26 years old and expecting my first child. I had the first blood test done to see if my child might have down sydrome not thinkin that it would come back abnormal since i was only 26. The next time I went back to my doctor she told me that my blood work was a little higher then it should be for somebody my age and that my child might have down syndrome. I was shocked and couldn't stop crying. Then when it finally came the appointment for them to tell me what i was having all i could think about is if my baby was healthy or not. Since i was doing all kinds of research online i went in asking all kinds of questions as my doctor was trying to figure out if it was a boy or girl hanging out in my stomach. As i laid there looking at the screen my heart sunk when she said it was a boy. I was so happy and so worried at the same time. All i could say was thanks and is he healthy.
As i went back into the room my doctor told me that the ultrasound tech couldn't see the nasal bone. Now i am scared to death that my baby boy has down syndrome. I am waiting for specialist appointment for them to tell me more. But i am going crazy waiting on that.



I became pregnant at 17 years old of my junior year in high school. i went to clinic to get birth control they told me to take a pregancy test before recieveing the test. so i did and of corse it came back postivie. I cried at the news and left to tell my boyfriend of the news. he meet up with me and i told him with tears in my eyes and he hold me in his arms and told me "everything would be okay babe".he told my mom and his mom yes he had courage. My whole pregancy was hard me and boyfriend had a lot of problems but he never left my side just loved me more. My baby was born premature due to some water loss durning pregnancy. My boyfriend held my hand durning the whole labor and help bring her into this world. My baby is now 4 months old and im 18 and my boyfriend is 17. i can honeslty say im am lucky to have such a great guy by my side. im inlove with him and he loves me. im currently in my senior year of high school and planing to enter college in the fall of 2011 as well as my partner. We are planning to get married when the time is right as well as move in together. having a baby is not the end of the world you just have to know who the partner. And he really loves you he will be there for you. im happy with my child and i love my little family i also have a great mom who was upset at first but has been holding my hand since the beginning. I love alexis and her daddyyy!


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