Pregnancy Complications

Those nine months of a pregnancy can be an exciting time but it can also be nerve-wracking for those dealing with a pregnancy complication. Women can be affected by a variety of pregnancy complications, including gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, bleeding during pregnancy, and premature labor. As scary as these issues can be, hearing how other women have contended with and overcome their complications can help ease a woman's fears. So write to us and tell us your encouraging story about your pregnancy complication.

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Genetic Testing-whats good and whats not?

I gave birth to a baby boy in June, 2001, who has Down's Syndrome. I was 30 and had no amnio to screen for the Down's. I took an AFP blood test that came back normal. Do not bother with that test! They can be very inaccurate! And ultrasounds don't help unless the doctor is looking for something. I believe every mother should have the right to choose any type of prenatal testing whether they are high risk or not-not just those selected.
Now I am pregnant with my 3rd child (my 2nd also has a genetic condition) and my genetic counselor is offerring for me to do a gene chip thru Baylor University-to cost me about $3200. Any one have info on this test?

Rachel B.

my son blake

my son blake now 6 is my angal.he has downs i found out after he was born i was a mess but as time went on i relized god blessed me this baby is going to help me also.i was 20 when i had him hes so loveing sweet and a doll we were blessed thats how i see it god is with us.blake does every thing my other children do he is very active and he trys so hard to talk to me.but im his mom i know what he wants before he says it.he doesnt really look like alot of kids i have seen with downs.he has had no surgry thank god and i just want to say that kids with downs are the sweetest.i dont like it when doctors use the words retardedand things like taht because there not there justbrighter kids my blake is my world.and he knows that .im concered about later in school but i know i will be able to deal with it in time .thanks for reading my story

felisha hendon

Son born at 32 weeks

After having a perfect first pregnancy my second one was unfortunately not the same.

At my 28 weeks check I was told I had Diabitis and put straight onto insulin. Then at 30 weeks my waters broke and I went straight into hospital. There I stayed for the next two weeks, being given steriods for the baby's lungs and various other injections.

Unfortunately after being allowed home for two days I went into labour. Two hours after arriving back at the hospital my son was born weighing 5lb 15oz. Both my husband and I were quickly shown him and then watched as the staff whisked him away to the Neo Natal Unit.
That first visit to the unit was awful - seeing him wired up to various machines and a feeding tube. But, the staff were fantastic and explained everthing to us. After a four week stay he was finally allowed home (which was the best thing in the world)

That was two years ago now, and I watch him running about and jumping all over the place and can't believe what a tough start to life he had. He truely is my little angel.


Fibroids and C-Section

Hi Melissa... I too experienced a very similar situation about 5 years ago. Except, I'd never had any fibroids until I was pregnant, and during the course of the pregnancy I had 13 pop up. The largest fibroid was 10+ cm and it was blocking the exit. I was put on total bed rest around 30-32 weeks... but started going into labor at week 35. They had to do an emergency classic (vertical) c-section, and though my daughter was slow to respond initially... we both went home after 3 days. It is scary... but your doctor should be monitoring you pretty closely as your near term. Today I have a beautiful, intelligent, tall for her age (4' tall), four year old daughter. Because of the type of c-section and the myomectomy I had two years ago to remove the fibroids, should I decide to become pregnant again, I will need a c-section and odds are high that the fibroids will come back. But it was all worth it.


to LIZ Hoping-God's Prayer

I just wanted to say hello to you Liz and tell you that my auntie and I were reading the forum and came across your message. My auntie said "Ha!!, I wish I had that problem about 30 years ago!". OK, what she meant was that she had her tubes tied after having a few children, thought she was through with her child-bearing days. absolute surprise, she had two more girls, one right after the other. They were not expected, but loved and she was greatful. So, hold on there, it's not the end!!!


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