Pregnancy Complications

Those nine months of a pregnancy can be an exciting time but it can also be nerve-wracking for those dealing with a pregnancy complication. Women can be affected by a variety of pregnancy complications, including gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, bleeding during pregnancy, and premature labor. As scary as these issues can be, hearing how other women have contended with and overcome their complications can help ease a woman's fears. So write to us and tell us your encouraging story about your pregnancy complication.

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A sad love story

hey my name is anna i am 17 years old just recently found out that i am pregnant. i can definatly say i am not ready but have to be now. About 2 months ago i tried to move out with the love of my life and ended out getting arrested into the 2nd month of me leaving the house. The reason i got arrested at age 17 leaving the house was because i have been on probation since i was 12. I am not only on probation but i am also commited to the state,. Now that ive found out im pregnant i found out in RYDC which is children jail. they have said i can not have anything to do with my babys father. he has nothing to do with my problems but they say he does i now have 45 days to prove to the court that i can be a fit mother and so far so bad cause i feel as if the courts are trying to hurt me and my baby by keeping my new family me chris and our kid apart, Please pray for me

Anna Harris

Young and Pregnant

i am 15 and pregnant.... When you get pregnant at a young age the baby can have alot of problems and that what has happend to me.. I went to the doctors and they couldnt find a heart beat and it really scared me i thought my baby was gone but after half an hour of trying to find a heart beat they did. I was so excited that i didnt loose the baby and after they found the heart beat they tried to tell the sex of the baby and they told me it was a GIRL! i called my boyfriend and told him and he started to cry and i was thinking to my self when i got home because most guys would walk out on a girl when they found out there girlfriend was pregnant but now im 6 months pregnant and my boyfriend is so excited he cant wait for the baby to be born her name will be Angel Marie Rose. He has painted the babys room and the wall says daddys little girl and everything he could think of i cant wait intill my sweet princess is born though she will be born 1 month premature and for the next 2 months i will be spending it in the hospital waiting for the day when i have my c-section i just cant wait intill i get to hold my baby girl for the first time.. And to the first time parents when you find out you are pregnant for the first time it is going to be very scary because alot of things will run though your mind like will there be any problems with my baby or if the baby will make it but all you can do is pray that everything goes well and just eat healthy and try not to get sick alot durning the pregancy because that can hurt the baby. I hope and pray that everything goes well with all you soon to be new mommys and dont let anyone bring you down all you girls will be awesome moms (: and im still waiting for my little girl to be born


Second life

I feel so sad reading all the stories. I had been in the same experienced they had. I was so healthy on the 1st week to 25 weeks of my pregnancy but still my Doctor told me to be careful with the foods im taking. I am very much careful and very excited for my pregnancy but then suddenly when i was monitoring my Blood pressure, it became 190/120. So, i decided to visit my Doctor why my BP is so high. When i reached there in the hospital, she told me that my BP is 230/120, so i got scared. She told me to admit in the Hospital and monitored my situation. The baby is 26weeks that time. I spent how many weeks in the hospital coz my BP is not getting better, it became worst than ever. One day, i got stomachache and its very painful. I called the nurse and told her to give me medicine for pain because I cant take it anymore. When the Doctor came. She told me that we need to deliver the baby as soon as possible because the baby is also not in good condition inside my womb. That day, i delivered a pre term baby of 1.5lbs and in the afternoon on that day, when they transfered me to the private room. I suddenly feel that im losing my eyesight and hearing. I told my mom, I'm going to die because i vomited, i cannot breathe. So my mom shouted and called the doctor, 6 nurses came as i remembered they rushed me in the delivery room to save my life. When i was in the delivery room, they injected me so many medicines on my body, but still my eyesight is gone and so with my hearing. I feel i have no chance to live anymore. I was praying to GOD give me chance for my kids.

When i feel asleep. I had this dream that i went to one place with no other people around and it's like im in the desert and looking for someone to ask where I am and which way home and then when i woke up, i was on the bed lying and waiting for myself to get better. Since that day, i never slept for 2days. I am so scared that the next time i go to sleep, i might not wake up again. I just realized that i still cannot see and hear anything,i was so depressed. My doctor told me, it is just a temporary loss of hearing and eyesight and it will be soon become better. But i waited for so many days, my eyes got better but my hearing is not.

I am so happy that my baby boy whose 1.5lbs is so healthy, he has only one tube on his month for the milk but when he was at 2months. we've learned that he has Retinopathy of prematurity stage 3. So, once that not lasered, he might be blind for life. We decided to take him to the Hospital to arrange the laser for his eyes. Well, thanks God it was successful. But i didnt know that his left ear is also not working. SO many problems came to our lives. Me and my son lost our hearing. Mine is no chance at least my baby have a chance.

Until now im working in a call centre. My company accepted me despite of my hearing loss. What can i do??? I still feel desperate because i am not comfortable with my ear whose not working anymore. Im only using one ear now. Thank you.


Scary Delivery

When I was pregnant with my first baby, the doctor told me that I had severe pre-eclampsia. I had major swelling and very high blood pressure. The doctor I had admitted me to the hospital but was going on vacation so didn't induce me even when he said he should. The next day I went and seen a new doctor and she wanted to induce me immediately. I got settled into labor and delivery and got induced. Two hours after the inducing started my blood pressure went very high and I went into seizures. Doctors and nurses gave me dose after dose of medicine to help stop them but they couldn't do it. They finally took me to the OR for a c-section. They got my baby out but she wasnt breathing. After 30 minutes of CPR they got her breathing on her own. While one doctor was working my beautiful baby girl, the other was trying to revive me. They stress and high blood pressure caused me to red line. Luckily I had a great team of doctors and nurses that took great care of myself and my baby. I learned most of this story from family after waking up from surgery. I have no memory of what happened. I am not expecting my second child and have a 50/50 chance of this happening again. But I keep my mind clear and think positive..


I am pregnant! Again!

I have not had one pregnancy where I have not miscarried. This is my 6th pregnancy, I am in week 16 and it is going as good as it could be. I do have some complications but my baby girl is alive and she seems to be doing fine. I know some people chose not to find out if they are expecting a boy or a girl. We found out what sex our babies have because I come to learn that it makes the grieving process easier if we lose the baby. I wish that I would have known the sex of all the babies I have lost so I could name them and say farewell. I know I will see them in heaven one day, but every day until then they will be missed. It is hard not to worry about this pregnancy since I know too well that babies can die. Most days I keep myself busy so I donít have to think so much, but some days I just canít stop to think about the babies I have lost and everything that happened when I was pregnant with my son and after. I have lost 6 babies. Even when I was pregnant with my son I lost his twin. I was given progesterone when I was pregnant with him and during this pregnancy to not to go in to premature labor. I am also taking baby aspirin to thin out my blood since Iíve gotten blood clots in my uterus before. I have a problem with my immune system that causes miscarriages therefore I have to be on medication so my baby will survive.

Every miscarriage has been very heartbreaking. I felt very lonely and tried to get as much support from family and friends as I could. Most of them could not understand and said comments like ďSomething was wrong with the babyĒ, ďIt was for the bestĒ, ďYou can make another oneĒ. Nothing was wrong with my babies, something was wrong with me. It was not for the best and I cannot do anything to give life back to the babies I have lost. Losing a baby seems to be very hard to understand for someone who has not lost a baby and sometimes comments make the process of dealing with a miscarriage even harder. Worst of all was when we had a female visit after my son was born. She knew my history of miscarriages and one night we were talking about how heartbroken I felt about them. I told her that my doctor said that I got blood clots in my uterus every time I became pregnant and that I have to be on progesterone to not go into premature labor. The day after our visitor wanted to discuss abortion. Both me and my husband are very prolife which our visitor knew very well. She still wanted to discuss abortion which she is all for and would do if she got pregnant. She told me that doing an abortion is the same thing as having a miscarriage. According to her, the body is going to the same process. This is not true. When doing an abortion you are purposely killing your own baby, you take medication to dilate cervix so you will go into labor and either give birth to a dead baby or a baby who dies soon after being born. You can also have a D&C. When a woman is miscarrying she is not murdering her baby. Her body is not recognizing the baby as being a part of the body and the immune system goes to attack, this is not a choice a woman can make. Sometimes something is not right with the baby and he or she canít continue to develop. Having to hear such an awful thing from our visitor even though she knew how much every miscarriage has hurt me and that I am prolife upset me very much, but it was not the only mean thing she said or did when she was here.

My son was born just when I had entered week 35. We knew from the beginning that if our baby would survive the first trimester he or she would be born early, we just didnít know how early. This was a very stressful time for both me and my husband. We tried to prepare for a premature baby as well as we could. Since full term babies are sensitive to infections, a premature baby is even more sensitive to infections. In fact, many premature babies die from preventive diseases as common colds during their first months of life. Parents to premature babies are told to keep their babies quarantined for the first 6 months. This is heartbreaking to a couple who become parents for the first time and for grandparents who canít wait to meet their new grandchild. When finally having a baby, after having so many miscarriages, I wanted to do nothing else but to show off my baby. Unfortunately, that could have my baby end up in a hospital or something even worse could happen to him. Since I knew about the importance of having premature babies quarantined for the first months we told our families about this early since they live far away. Unfortunately, we did not get the support we thought we would get. Our families could not understand why we would be so protective even though we did our best to explain. We had to listen to a lot of complaints and we even got laughed at. I have talked to other parents who also had to quarantine their premature babies and most of them had families who did not or did not want to understand. Everyone of these parents also suffered more stress during their pregnancies and after their babies were born because they did not feel like they got the support they wished for from their families. I was even told once that a baby born at 35 weeks gestation is not a premature baby. Every baby born before 37 weeks is premature. Our son had some typical preemie symptoms. I had to have a c-section because our baby was in a breech position. After he was born he was rushed away so I didnít get a chance to see him until later. He had to be monitored with and ECG during his stay at the hospital and was in need of oxygen for awhile. Our son also had jaundice. He was treated with a light and when he came home we treated him with sunlight. He also had difficulties eating. I was trying to breastfeed him but he was not strong enough to suck. I was pumping so he still could be given breast milk. Before my milk production started my baby had to be on formula which I am very much against, but since the hospital didnít have any breast milk donors there was no other choice than to give him formula. The hospital gave breast pumps to mothers of premature babies, we also were given a special bottle for preemies. After I had nursed our baby my husband would feed him breast milk from the bottle. I think this was a very sweet bonding process. Since I had some complications after the c-section it gave me some extra time to rest and it looked so cute to see my husband feeding our precious baby boy. Our son did not make any noises during the first months. He never cried not even when he was hungry so we fed him every three hours at first and he was hungry every time. The nurses at the hospital said that premature babies sometimes have a hard time to let us know when something is wrong or when they are hungry so we have to keep a closer look at them. Our son also had needed help to stay warm, he was only skin and bones when he was born and got cold very easy. Most full term babies have a startle reflex. Premature babies have a heightened startle reflex, this was the case for our baby. Even months after he was born his startle reflex was strong. It is not easy to be a first time parent and to take care of a premature baby. I think it is always difficult to take care of a premature baby. We got information from the hospital and I also have a BSN in nursing and have been working in the medical area for 9 years so I felt like I knew as much as I could.

This baby that I am carrying now was not planned. I figured out that I was pregnant when my baby refused to nurse. At first I thought that my milk production was going down so I tried to give my son pumped breast milk but he still refused to drink. I had some frozen breast milk that I thawed and gave him. Normally he doesnít like frozen milk, but this time he drank all of it. The next day I got a pregnancy test and it was positive. My son was the first one to notice that I was pregnant. I had a feeling from the start that we were expecting a girl and last week when I had an ultrasound we knew for sure. Since this is a high risk pregnancy the doctors like to see me more often and I get to do more ultrasounds. I found out that I might give birth to my daughter even more early than I did to my son. I also have a high risk of rupturing at the end on this pregnancy. Since I didnít feel comfortable with my OB or having to give birth at the hospital where my son was born I chose to change doctor and hospital. I did a lot of research of the doctors my insurance company let me chose from and I found one who seems to be perfect. He is specialized in high risk pregnancies and I will give birth in a hospital with a high level NICU. If my baby is premature, but is born after week 28 we will still be able to be at the same hospital and I we will be able to see her every day. Since my doctor absolutely does not want me to go into labor because the high risk of rupturing I will be scheduled for a c-section at 37 weeks gestation. My baby is due March 11, but she will be born sometime in the middle of February. Since the baby canít chose to come out when she is ready she might have problem with her breathing after being born. This risk is nothing compared to everything that could happen to her if I go into labor and rupture. I understand that she might have to stay a couple of extra days in the hospital, but hopefully we will be able to go home together since I am going to be there for at least 4-5 days. Since I do have a history of miscarriages and a premature baby I most likely will go into labor before 37 weeks. My doctor told me that if I feel contractions or pain I have to go to the ER asap. He is worried that I will rupture. It takes us about 30 minutes to drive to the hospital but if I am in labor or in a lot of pain I was told to call 911 because they can start treatment in the ambulance and make sure an operation room is ready for me when I arrive at the hospital. I am so happy that I am a registered nurse and that I have been working as a nurse for so many years otherwise all this would scare me so much more than it already does.


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