Pregnancy Complications

Those nine months of a pregnancy can be an exciting time but it can also be nerve-wracking for those dealing with a pregnancy complication. Women can be affected by a variety of pregnancy complications, including gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, bleeding during pregnancy, and premature labor. As scary as these issues can be, hearing how other women have contended with and overcome their complications can help ease a woman's fears. So write to us and tell us your encouraging story about your pregnancy complication.

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This is my 3rd pregnancy im between 8-12 weeks and i started spotting at first it was like really dark old blood and now its dark but newer looking blood...I never had this problem with my other 2 kids so im scared is this normal?


Strong Baby Girl

I got pregnant at 20 with my boyfriend of 3 years it was such a good surprise. None of us knew what a long emotional journey we were about to go through. My pregnancy was normal up to about my 29th week, I was working one night and I noticed my legs were hurting me so I lifted up my pant leg and noticed my ankles were completely swollen. The next morning I woke up to again my feet being swollen and my hands, so I called my doctor and was told to come in. They noticed my blood pressure was 150/90 and I was spilling protein in my urine. That week I was in and out of the hospital I knew something was wrong I just didn't feel right. My doctor ordered me to have steroid shots to help mature my baby girls lungs incase she needed to be delivered early. The night after I received the last shot I started to get short of breath and I had the most excruciating pain which I now know was my liver, under my right breast. My mom rushed me to the hospital where my doctor took blood tests and said it was fine and my symptoms had nothing to do with my pregnancy so I was sent to the E.R. There I was given morphine to control the pain I was having and a muscle relaxer. I was admitted to the hospital and spent the night. I started to become very thirsty and was drinking lots of water and didn't urinate for over 12 hours. This is when my mother being a nurse requested the baby be monitored, once they did that they discovered the baby was not moving or had no peaks of acceleration they called them. My mother ordered my doctor to transfer me to a higher level hospital which they did. I arrived by ambulance to Doctors Medical Center of Modesto, California at 3:00 P.M. They did some blood tests right when I got there, and did an ultrasound to see how big my baby was. They told me she was about 2 pounds 11 ounces. The doctor rushed back into the room and told me that I would need to have an emergency c-section because my blood results were very poor. He then told me the pain I was feeling was my liver failing, he informed me I had HELLP syndrome, H (hemolysis which is the breaking down of red blood cells, EL (elevated liver enzymes), & LP (low platelet count). My kidneys had also started failing and the only cure was to deliver my baby at 30 weeks. I had to receive 2 bags of platelets so I wouldn't bleed out during surgery, and I also had to be put under general anesthesia because the risk for bleeding with a spinal was high. Before I knew it I was back in my hospital room, I don't really remember a lot but I remember not feeling good. I was on magnesium drip to prevent seizers from my high blood pressure, by then it was averaging 160/105. I had Lexi Renee Thursday, January 31st, 2008. She was 2 pounds 8 ounces and 14 inches long. Her dad was able to see and touch her a couple hours after she was born. I was shown pictures, and was brought her tiny diaper, I was finally able to get out of bed that Saturday. I saw her when she was 3 days old and I just remember being in shock about how tiny my baby girl was it is indescribable; I had never seen anything like that before. She spent a long 7 weeks in the hospital, my health slowly got back to normal but now matter how bad I felt I would drive the 30 minutes it took to go and see her everyday. For the first 2 or 3 weeks I would cry every time I would see her, I felt so guilty for putting her in that situation but I know now I couldn't have prevented what had happened. It was amazing watching her grow, giving her her first bottle, and holding her skin to skin. She was able to go home 3 weeks before her due date, she was 4 pounds 13 ounces when we took her home. It was the most exciting day FINALLY my baby was home and I could hold her whenever I wanted I really felt like a mother then. Little did I know the journey towards getting her healthy wasn't over. About 2 weeks after she was home she had a high fever, I immediately took her to the hospital where they placed an I.V in her and told me she would have to be transferred to the nearest children's hospital which was 45 minutes away. By the time the ambulance got there she was on oxygen and we followed the ambulance to Children's Hospital of Oakland. They drew her blood, took urine samples, and lastly they did a spinal tap to test her cerebral spinal fluid. She was so weak we all knew she was sick, I was told early the next morning my baby Lexi had bacterial meningitis. That was the most devastating news because I knew how serious this infection was. To make a long story short we had to stay in the hospital for 3 weeks but she ended up making a full recovery. She is so strong and we are truly blessed. She is now 12 pounds and very healthy I thank god everyday.


my dream of being a mother

Hi ive been undergoing with assisted fertility treatment.Ive been on meopur injections and then hcg injections.After my treatment i was told after 2 weeks i would have to return for a blood test.The night befor i was due to go back i did 3 home tests which all come back positive i did them at home as my partner couldnt make it to the hospital with me.I went to the hospital on 30/5 and they verified my pregnancy i just couldnt believe it my dream had come true.They told me i would return in 3 weeks for my scan which would make me than 7 weeks.The night befor my scan i started to spot a brownish discharge,i went for my scan and all it showed was a small sac nothing else i had another blood test which showed mt hcg levels still high i was told to return 3 days later for another scan which then showed nothing had changed it showed a sac of only 4 weeks.They said what i already really knew that they embroy had died at 4 weeks.That was they end of my dream just taking away from me ive never felt so low and alone even tho i have my partner to support me, i have to return in another week to see if the sac has gone.


I am nevous

At my 20 week ultrasound appointment i was so excited to discover that i was about to have a little baby boy, which i really really want. At my following doctors appointment my Doctor had the ultrasound results and told me " everything looks great except for the baby has a little fluid in his kidney". everyone told me don't worry he'll be fine but when you hear something like that you can't help but to worry. the doctor told me to go in for another ultrasound at 28 weeks to see if the fluid is draining. i stopped worring until i read fluid in the kidneys is a softmarker for down syndrome. so i just can't wait for my next ultrasound to find out what's going on with my son.


Empty Sac

I just went to my first doctors appointment last my LMP I am 10 weeks but wen they did the vaginal u/s the did not see a baby they also said they saw some blood in the sac and the I was measuring only 6 weeks....I went back today for some blood test to see how my hcg level is and then he will do another u/s and depending on that I might have to have a D&C...this is so strange to me this is my 4th pregnancy and I have never heard of something like this....I am very confused I don't even know what to think at this point... ?


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