Pregnancy Loss

Dealing with a miscarriage can be devastating. While many may pass off a miscarriage as a pregnancy that "just wasn't meant to be", these words rarely help to relieve your grief. Although a miscarriage can be an isolating experience, it doesn't have to be. Women who are or who have previously dealt with a miscarriage are often a great resource to those currently suffering from a pregnancy loss. Share your words with us and share your support with other women.

It is best to avoid using stimulants during pregnancy. Amphetamines and dextroamphetamines are powerful drugs and when taken during pregnancy, they can cause miscarriage, early labor or birth defects. You may want to ask other women if they have had personal experience with this.

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my miscarriage

im 19 and never intended on getting pregnant. i fell for a guy i knew i shouldnt of and when things escalated and turned physical, i became pregnant. i knew from the minute we had sex that i was. i just had this weird feeling in my stomach that something wasnt right. i waited for my period which was supposed to come 4 weeks after, and when it didnt come, i knew i was. i started craving chocolate shakes all the time. at least having to have 2 a day. the minute i missed my period the next day i took a test and within seconds it came back positive. the father knew i missed my period and when i told him i was pregnant we both cried. from that moment on, we fought none stop. he kept telling me i couldnt have the baby and that it wasnt the right time. but i am against abortion and i blamed myself for getting pregnant because i wasnt being careful. within 2 days of us arguing and screaming at eachother i started to notice a brownish discharge and experienced severe cramps . i contacted my doctor and made and appintment for a blood test. the next morning i woke up and had severe severe pressure in my abdoman and started bleeding heavily. i was admitted to the hospital where i was then notified that i did in fact miscarry at 5 weeks. the father was not there at the hospital with me but was calling and texting me the whole time to make sure i was okay. after the miscarriage, our relationship started to distance where he barely talked to me, and we would end up arguing. it has been 6 months since i lost the baby and i do nothing but blame myself everyday. i always think back and wonder why i told him. if i had not told him and didnt put my body under that much stress i believe i would still be pregnant. The doctor told me that the amount of stress i was under could have caused the miscarriage but due to being early they do not have a definite answer. i blame myself everyday for losing the baby. wishing there was a way to go back in time and change everything. i have no hard feelings towards the father, i just wish that he was alittle more supportive and accepting to the fact that i was pregnant with his child and that this is effecting me. with not talking to him it is making it alittle easier because hearing his voice would make me cry and seeing pictures of him or seeing him would hurt even more. i was afraid to engage in sexual intercourse for a long time and always ended up breaking down and getting emotional and having to stop immediately. i guess what i wanted to get out of this was share my story and be able to relate to other woman who went through the same thing i did. thank you.


The baby I always wanted

Hello, my name is Sophie.
I was 15 years old and I had the love of my life, well I thought he was and I still believe he is.
I had always wanted a baby at the age of 16, but my boyfriend wanted a career first and all that. But I didn't, my dream that I had wanted for years was to be a Mum at 16, before I got a job, before anything, I knew I would find a way to support the baby and I. I knew I could, and my Mum believed it too.
I warned my Mum through out the whole relationship with my boyfriend that I wanted a baby, so she wasn't to shocked when I became pregnant.
My boyfriend and I had been having sex for months without protection because the first time we did, he didn't use anything and I didn't get pregnant so we thought something was wrong with the one of us, so we kept going at it.
It took five months for it to finally happen and in that five months I would keep track of my period and just hope I would get pregnant, but it just wasn't happening, so I gave up on keeping track of it and it came to the time of the month where I was due for my period. I hadn't got it yet and started to get a little excited, so after School I went to the shops with a few friends and brought a pregnancy test, it was positive, I was so happy, but scared, and I couldn't believe it actually happened, I brought another two to make sure, but yet again they were positive :D
I got home later on and told my Mum I had not had my period and thought I was pregnant so she would buy me a pregnancy test, which she did. It was positive and she was a bit shocked, but didn't question it. She booked a Doctors appointment for later on that week.
That night I called my boyfriend and told him, he said "Oh no, what have I done. Your joking, right!?"
I said no, and he couldn't believe it happened. He knew he would get into SO much trouble by his whole family. He ended up telling them that night, they didn't believe him, they told him I was faking it, I was lying, I just wanted to use that as an excuse to keep him. It hurt me so much to have them saying that about me, I was stressing so much. They didn't allow us to see each other anymore, not once. I only saw him twice during my pregnancy but both those times I kept forgetting to take the pregnancy tests to prove to him I wasn't lying.
It was the first day of holidays. I was at home, sick, I ate something and it gave me the most worst stomach ache and I couldn't leave the house. I was home alone and I was talking to one of my friends who has had a baby and she was saying how she ate anything and drank anything and she said I had nothing to worry about, I wouldn't have a miscarraige. I told her I needed to go to the toilet and when I did, I found blood, only a little, but enough that made me worry and start crying. I called my Mum up and lucky we could get to the hospital fast because she works there as a Nurse.
I had a lot of blood tests, needles, and 5 Ultraounds in one day, but they found nothing. I called my boyfriend up telling him they think it is a miscarraige, he didn't seem to upset, and not that shocked, but I was trying my best to hold my tears back.
I was at the hospital for three days and they finally gave me an answer, it was a miscarriage, I bursted out in tears infront of everyone, that baby meant EVERYTHING to me, no one understood how much I wanted it, and till this day I still cry and it's been almost five months. We had names for the baby, we were so prepared, my Mum and Sister were so excited, but it was I who was the happiest, I was the most happiest girl on earth, but then I lost the baby. It was the hardest most sadest day of my life.

Three months after the miscarriage, my boyfriend and I were still not allowed to see each other, his parents still did not allow it, and having that miscarriage made them believe I had faked it even more, they ended up putting that in my boyfriends head too, so he even thought his own child did not ever excist.
He ended up breaking up with me almost two months ago for a girl who moved to his School. We were together for 1 year and 1/2 months, we had been through so much and he did not care one bit how much pain he had put me through and is still putting me through. I asked him the other night if he really thought I faked the pregnancy, he said yes, and that broke my heart, I couldn't believe he said it. But I was alright, I knew the truth, I knew I had been pregnant.

Oh and I forgot, since I kept track of my period and when I had sex with my boyfriend, I figured out I was 6-7 weeks pregnant.
I just don't understand why it happened to me, I wanted the baby so much, I don't drink, smoke or do drugs, it isn't fair. I have watched a few other girls through out their pregnancy and they do smoke, drink and take drugs and they still do have their baby, it isn't fair.
I am still hoping to get pregnant this year, I want to be a Mum so badly and I know it will be hard, I understand that. But it is my dream and I shoulnd't have to stop it from happening.


Empty after a miscarriage at 9 weeks

I find out I was pregnant when I was four weeks along after three long months of trying with my husband. I know three months is not a long time, but it felt like it.
At five weeks, I had my blood work done and waited for a call with the results. I never got the results and had to call the doctor. It turns out my hgc was 979 but my progesterone was only 11. I was put on Prometrium. Two days later, I had the worst cramps ever. But according to the doctors office everything should be okay and I need to stop worrying. It wasn't....
At 9 weeks, I started bleeding. When I went to the doctor, I learned that the baby died three weeks ago when I had the cramps. Nobody prepares anybody for a miscarriage. It was the worst pain in my life. I started having labor like cramping and it continued until I basically gave birth to the sack with the baby 13 hours later.
Now I have to move on and try again but I am scarred. It was the worst experience of my life and I can not bare to go through this pain again.

Shannon Chavez

new hope

its just one or two weeks then my little boy will say hello to the world, i was so excited to feel him but one morning i received a strong kick from him, my husband kiss my tummy and said hey baby please dont hurt your mommy okey! i just ignored that incident then day past by i notice the silent of his kicks then three days after we visit my doctor and found out that he dont have heart beat.....a loud cry of my husband keeps my tears from dropping until i cant hold it anymore. But my tears stopped when i found out that i have my new hope again after 1 1/2 years and im now very careful and worry about my new unborn baby i
wanted to buy a fetal doppler to monitor the heart beat of the baby but i'll just hope and pray for the health of my new baby and i now this time
will be a bouncing baby and no more tears of sadness just tears of happiness i sacrifice my career for success of my precious child and i know its worth it and priceless.


Reality Set In

I'm 15 and I just lost my baby girl. My boyfriend Dylan and I were dating for 2 years before we decided to have sex. We had talked about it and decided it was time. We went on a picnic and afterwards we went back to his car and you know... did it. Sometime had gone by with many sexual encounters. We were celebrating our anniversary, first kiss, when I started feeling sick. He was getting ready to take me home when I
threw up in the restaurant. We got to his car and he said we should stop by Wal-Greens and get a pregnancy test. We did and 15 minutes
later I found out I was indeed pregnant. He stood by me. Throughout
telling my parents who totally freaked but accepted the fact, and all the
mood swings. It was August 1st when I started feeling weird. Me and
Dylan were sitting on the couch when I felt a large pain in my stomach.
We immediately rushed to the hospital cause we thought it was time.
We were in the delivery room. Just me and Dylan, not our families I felt
weird having people staring at my vagina. But the doctor said there
were some complications and I had to have a c session. After about 10
minutes the doctors let Dylan and I see our still born daughter. She
weighed 4lbs and 10oz. We named her Johanna-Rose Brylan DyAnna
Simmons. I want to tell all the teenagers out there that life is short and
you should wait before bringing a child into this world.

Amy Carmichelle

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