Pregnancy Loss

Dealing with a miscarriage can be devastating. While many may pass off a miscarriage as a pregnancy that "just wasn't meant to be", these words rarely help to relieve your grief. Although a miscarriage can be an isolating experience, it doesn't have to be. Women who are or who have previously dealt with a miscarriage are often a great resource to those currently suffering from a pregnancy loss. Share your words with us and share your support with other women.

It is best to avoid using stimulants during pregnancy. Amphetamines and dextroamphetamines are powerful drugs and when taken during pregnancy, they can cause miscarriage, early labor or birth defects. You may want to ask other women if they have had personal experience with this.

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My Only Girl

Hi, I was 23 when I lost my baby. I had a baby boy when I was 21 but I was scared and I didn't want children so I left him with his dad. Then, when I was 23 I was with a guy who was amazing, we were not really in a serious relationship but we were so happy and when I fell pregnant I was actualy exited, I was ready to be a mom. We bought a nice apartment together and got ready to become an actual family. We found out that our baby was a girl and we decided to name her Cara. Unfortunatley Cara's father was with the FBI and so was I. I wasn't working full time due to my pregnancy but he was and he was on a very dangerous case, I won't go into details but it resulted in one of the accused following me home from work and shoving me down a flight of stairs, we were later told it was a clear warning, trying to scare us off the case. Anyway, I fell hard and broke a lot of ribs, a wrist and my waters. My collegue found me within minutes and called 911. My BF arrived at the hospital at the same times as us. He was very upset and angry. I was shipped into a room. I was only 26 weeks pregnant and the doctors said that the baby did have a chance but my waters had 20 minutes ago and I was very prone to infection, I could try delivering the baby and the doctors would do what they could but she would be very sick. Our other choice was that I delivered her and we spent her time alive with her, and we were parents with her, only if she was alive for a few minutes. We chose the deliver and sit with her and let her have a natural life and death. Seeing as I was already having contractions it only took a few pushes to deliver her, she was so small. Like a tiny little doll. He was slightly blue and slightly see through. I miss her very much. I now have twin 5 month old boys and am expecting another baby in December 2011. I love my boys but I am always longing for a girl, when I found out i was pregnant with the twins i was terrified i would lose them like i did Cara, se lived for 8 minutes before falling asleep forever... RIP my baby Cara Macenzie Booth


miscarriage at 23 weeks

iam 29 years old and miscarried my baby girl Zama 2 weeks ago, (first pregnancy) the night before i lost her i felt sharp pains in my abdomen and decided to go straight to the hospital, ultrasound was done and my baby was still alive, dr told me i had early labour pains but not yet sure what might have started them, he gave me tocolaytics to try and stop the process, after few hours i started to have watery discharge and the contrations were closer and more painful, my baby was still kicking, my cervix was completely dilated and i gave birth natural but on delivery my baby was dead, i lost her forever, i feel so cold and empty inside, i cant cry or show any emotion, i just feel numb. pls help is normal, i need to grieve for my angel.....



I was five days from my due date when it all happend. I was walking merrily in to the doctors office for a check up thinking about how nice it will be to have my son out of my big belly. That was when I know some thing was wrong because I suddenly didn't feel any movement. Later the doctor said that the baby was dead. I begged them not to take the baby out. So now pregnant again. Will be born, 3/20/12


In My Heart, You Live On..

hi, my name Is Valerie.. Ive Posted A story on here before about my daughter.. but now im going to talk about my little angel.. im 17 years old and i was pregnant with my 2nd.. when i found out, i was too excited.. always happy.. my boyfriend was the happiest ive ever seen him he would talk to my belly and kiss it before we said goodbye every night.. when i turned 2 months i had a little cramps and i bled.. i cried my eyes out becouse i knew what was going on.. the bleding stoped.. after a week i started to bleed again.. the blood was darker and there was tissue.. it went on for 2 days.. i even went to the hospital.. but i ended up walking away.. whats the point? i knew all they were ganna do is tell me what i didint want to hear, so i left.. i kept bleeding for maybe 2 weeks, and finally.. my baby was born. so little. i held him/her in my hand.. i cried. i cried and cried.. my boyfriend was devastated.. i didint do anything wrong to deserve this? and i know this lady who smokes and she is still carrying her baby.. its not fair at all.. but someone above us had reason to delay it.. maybe we were too young? we will never truly know.. it has been 4 months and i still cry for my little angel till my eyes dry out.. this pain hurts so much.. i ended up with depression.. but i know i have to stay strong for my daughter..i miss you little angel.. but i know god is taking good care of you up there, and so is my mom.. i know i will see you again.. please know your not forgotten until then.. in my heart you live on, always there, never gone.. preciouse child you left too soon. though it maybe true that we are apart, you will live forever, in my heart..... </3


lost without my twins

Hi, my name is sarah. i am 15 years old and is trying to get over the lose of not just one baby but two. i was 6 weeks when i finily deside to test. it was very hard to see that my result was positive cuz i was pregnant already before and had a misscarage at 8 weeks. i went on with my life as if i wasnt pregnant and now that im not anymore i regret everything. not specking up and telling someone that i was pregnant so i could get help was the worst thing i could have ever done. i was 9 weeks and three days pregnant when i finily made the disition to tell the babies father. i didnt end up telling him till 10 weeks the day i had my misscarage. we found out i was having twins by an ultrasound well i was misscaring, they found two sacs. i was in denile for so long and still am. i look down at my stomach and imagin my twins still being inside of me. im hopless knowing that it was all my falt. maybe if i would have told someone it would have never have happend.

im writing this now to tell people that its better to tell someone even if it might be hard because if you dont the worst things could happen to you. for me losing my twins will forever be the worst thing that will ever happen to me.


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