Pregnancy Loss

Dealing with a miscarriage can be devastating. While many may pass off a miscarriage as a pregnancy that "just wasn't meant to be", these words rarely help to relieve your grief. Although a miscarriage can be an isolating experience, it doesn't have to be. Women who are or who have previously dealt with a miscarriage are often a great resource to those currently suffering from a pregnancy loss. Share your words with us and share your support with other women.

It is best to avoid using stimulants during pregnancy. Amphetamines and dextroamphetamines are powerful drugs and when taken during pregnancy, they can cause miscarriage, early labor or birth defects. You may want to ask other women if they have had personal experience with this.

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The hospital didnt help save my baby

Hi my name is Becky and i am 17
I am a mummy to an angel Joshua James Porter born 8/1/11 weighing 8lb 14oz
I found i was pregnant in march last year i was so excited and couldnt wait i went for my first scan everythin was fine my second scan they said my baby was a little small. They sent me back at 22weeks for another scan i found out then i was having a little boy they said he was perfect now so i went back after for my next scan it ws fine i had my last scan i was so excited i couldnt wait then i got to 38weeks i started to feel less movement they said he was fine i went back again they said he was fine again then i was over due by a week i went back i found out he had died i wanted to really hurt the doctor that didnt do anythin i felt alone i didnt know what to do how could my perfect little boy just be gone why couldnt i have saved him i went over every little detail from why to what did i do i had people saying it wasnt your falt and people saying be strong i just wanted to scream and tell them all to go away my partner went to self destruct he was so angry he took it out on everyone i new i had to stay strong for him every night i cry and talk to a picture every other day i go to the graveyrd and have a chat tell my problems and tell him how much i love him i still feel alone and i still feel empty but day by day i realise how much i am not alone my little boy will always be with me and he will aways be watching down on me and now its been nearly 4months me and my partner are planning to try again and we are trying to do everythin in our power to raise awerness to stillbirth.
If anybody has any ideas please feel free to email me
Thankyou for reading my story..


My first Miscarriage

Hello this is my first time ever writing but i am feeling alot of pain i just had my first miscarriage 04/29/11 i was 6weeks this was my 3rd pregnancy
i was looking forward to having a new baby but i had a lot of bad cramping,lower back pain,and then i started bleeding it started out light then it got really heavy then i seen little tissue come out as i wipe and i finally went to the hospital and got my hcg levels again it was 92 at the ob/gyn then 59 at the hospital so i knew that i lost the baby so whoever is going through the samething just let out your emotions you will feel better but i am still crying every minute but i will be ok just just stay strong everybody


Baby Jaxen Kemp

My baby Jaxen was lost 4 weeks ago today at 33 weeks. I had a normal pregnancy and no complications. On Monday 3/28 I wasnt feeling well and I noticed that his movements had slowed down a little, but he was still moving and I had a fetal monitor at home and could hear his heartbeat. On Wednesday 3/30 I was laying in bed and I could not find his heartbeat that night. I started to freak out, but I decided to wait until the morning. On 3/31 I still could not find it, and I went to the dr. They couldnt find his heartbeat and the ultrasound confirmed that he was no longer alive. The days since that day are all a blur for me now. I sit here and cry and want my baby back. I should be almost 38 weeks. not visiting my baby at a gravesite. This is unfair and I am hurt, I cry, scream, sit in silence, feel numb... I want my baby back.


i miss you

when i was 16 i found out i was 6 weeks pregnant, my boyfriend broke up with me 2 days before i found out, i never told him it was his, but he already knew, It was just me and my mum living at home i decided to keep my baby and she was supporting me. we were so happy to find out i was having a girl. we both decided to name her Chloe Jade (we called her CJ for short) i had 5 weeks left and we were all prepared. and one night i started having contractions i was freaking out my mum took me into hospital and 2 hours later i gave birth to a stilborn baby. the grief was unbearable, i didnt go to school for 9 months due to my depression i slept in my mums bed for a year and i felt numb all the time. it has now been 2 years i have graduated high school i have a wonderful boyfriend who i went to primary school with, i miss her everyday and my lifes not the same but i pushing through the pain


my baby percy

i felt great and was so excited i was having a boy , have 2 girls already aged 4 and 7 who i adore. and then came the blow they noticed on my scan i had cysts on the cord , straight away i thought o myself that cant be a good thing im only 20wks. I was then referred to a specialist hospital to have a more in depth scan just to really have what they said confirmed.The consultant said it was very rare and he explained how if the cysts grew then my babys blood flow would be stopped , i felt sick. The plan was to get me to 26 wks and then scan me and deliver if the cysts were affecting the flow as on this scan flow was still ok. Just over a week later on a thurs i noticed i had not felt baby move much, so first thing fri morning took myself upto hospital . I sat and waited just knowing my little boy had gone and had it confirmed after a scan. Its been just over a week since i gave birth to my boy who i named percy and its the worst thing ever ive had to go through. Never knew i could hurt this much.


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