Second Trimester

The second trimester is often one of the most blissful times in pregnancy. Not only is your pregnant belly growing, but so is your excitement about your new baby! So share that excitement about your second trimester experiences with us. Tell us about your baby's fetal development, recent ultrasounds, and other aspects of his prenatal care. And don't forget to share your experiences with continuing pregnancy symptoms, like swelling, morning sickness, and all around aches and pains! We want to hear from you!

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21 weeks third baby new experiences

Im 23 years old and having my third baby. i'm 21 weeks now. i had my first baby when i was 17 and another when i was 20 both to my previous partner who was not a nice person. i now have the most wonderful boyfriend and couldnt ask for more. i have two girls and am now expecting a boy. i cant believe how different this pregnancy is right from 5 weeks i felt so pregnant i had terrible morning sickness and headachs but that has calmed down now. its very different to be pregnant and in a loving relationship, i have been stressed about how it will be to have three children but i'm so looking forward to meeting my little man. i feel him kick all the time and even felt the first ones at 12 weeks, much earlier than with my girls. had an ultrasoung at 20 weeks and we found out we are having a boy, it was very exciting! we were both hoping for a boy. i've been finding it very hard to sleep well and get comfortable i have put on alot of weight also so that dosen't help i plan to get back in shape as soon as possible after the birth something i never bothered with after the girls


2nd baby

i got married when i was 17 years old, we found out i was pregnant with my daughter the day after we got our marriage license. on halloween of this year we found out we were pregnant again, this pregnancy seems so much worse than the first!! ive already gained 2 lbs and i wake up with headaches almost everyday, and my morning sickness still hasnt gone away. im so excited


27years pregnant

Well I'm 27years old and 22weeks. I'm havin a girl . I been real stress and me and my man been good but sometimes bad,but anyway I can't wait till my lil Holliwood gets here that's what I call my baby cause I can tell he's a star already. Feelin my baby move around in side me makes me happy when I'm sad that's why I can wait to b a mom!


my battle with preeclampsia

i am the mother of three,i had a miscarriage last year and this year i'm expecting my fourth child.I have a history of preeclampsia and IUGR.My third child was premature and i"m scared for this one.I pray alot that I have the strenght to deliver my baby safe and that I comeout of this safe.I'm 27 weeks and I'm hoping that everthing workout.I'm worried about the prenatal care as the care in Trinidad is not of the best.


Life Still Goes On...

Hi, Im 18 and 17 weeks pregnant!
I found out when i was 1 and a half weeks pregnant.
It was mum who insisted on taking me to the doctors, I didnt even think it could be possible because i has taken the morning after pill well within the 12 hours, and was told by the nurse it was 98% effective! a week ago i deciced to look into it future, and found a leaflet which came with the tablet explaing it was only 85%, then my mum found on the interet (the Bubhub) that if you conceive mid cycle (which i did on the 14th day) it can be as little as 70% effective - a 30% risk of pregnancy!
Mum and my sisters have been so supportive.
I am carrying on my education (my teachers have been really helpfull in arranging what exams i can do around the birth of the baby.) Once the baby is born and my exams are finished a 2/3 months later i am hoping to get my sporting career and hobbies back on track to success . Why should having a baby stop me? Olympic athletes manage it.
I've had two ultrasound scans, and for the first time in my life been speechless! at what a perfectly formed little person i saw. Over the past 17 weeks i feel i have an amazing bond with my baby, and cant wait to see her/him face to face! He/She constantly reminds me that it's there, kicking hard! even just a little nudge to let me know im not alone when i am down cheers me up so much!
I dont want to find out the sex of the baby, Im looking forward to the suprise!


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