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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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I've read alot of stories on here some sad . Happy . Good . Bad etc
Well i would like to put up mines iam 16 my names Camilla Marie Sosa im from Bandera TX. It all started when i was Fourteen in my freshman yr of highschool when i met my first love who i thought was everything to me Jordan he was one of our school best football players he was 17 in his junior yr of highschool i never thought id be tha one he wanted to hangout with . Soon we started dating we didn't have sex untill 1 month of us dating i knew it was bad i lost my vriginity to him he didn't use protection said he'll " pullout " and so he did and we thought everything was fine a month after he broke up with me i was so heartbroken honestly . So i didn't speak to him after that day , 5 months later i was in tha shower when i reached for tha soap and felt a kick i instanly got scared but i didn't want mother to think nothing so i acted like nothing ever happend 3 days later i started to notice a small bump coming out my mind was freaking out i couldn't let tha thought of being pregnant sit in tha back of my mind . I told my bestfriend who who said i wasn't being myself lately so i told her she bought me a pregnancy test right away 3 in tha box took em all . All POSITIVE my heart sank with tears coming from my eyes i was only 14 my childs father was 17 im thinking ive made tha worst mistake but id never abort my baby or give him/her up to strangers . So i decided to keep my baby and not to tell Jordan well 1 day i. Stayed after school for a football game of course Jordan was playing when everyone was walking to home 2hrs later after their game when me and my best friend was getting our stuff by tha benches he went to his friend bench by ours he didn't say one word to me i reached for my book witch had fallen my jacket came open and he saw my bump i instanly turned to see if he saw he was looking dead at me . I told my friend come on i ran to tha side of tha school building went home later that night i gotta call from an unknown number it was Jordan said he saw me today that i looked pregnant i hungup in his face tha next morning was my appointment where i found out the sex and my first ultrasound because i didn't tell anyone noone knew so i had no doctor ar first so that day was exciting for me aswell . I found out i was having twins 2 girls i was already 5months along i was Sad and Happy at tha same time i didn't want no kids but i. Got used to one now i had to get use to 2!!! TWO BABYS TWO BABYS ???? Finally did and this time i called Jordan telling him that i was having his kids he said " KIDS " i said yeah my ultrasound said two babys he told me that he couldn't even deny them because he knew before i slept with him that i was a virgin my bestfriend told him also that i was a virgin before him he knew i told her everything . I told they were girls and if he wanted to come over and help pick out names for his daughters he said of course they were having his last name for sure i said thats fine I told him Camilleigh'Lynn for one He said Jordalynn'Leigh for tha other one he was happy one was named after him one was named after me . 2 months later at 7months and 2weeks went in to be induced i was in labor for 6hrs and 17minutes i had my babygirls via C-section worst pain of my life i promised to never have anymore kid that Milli and Ally was my last well when they were 1 i got pregnant again and wanted an abortion sooo bad but i knew i couldn't do i couldn't kill my baby so i started looking into adoption but my boyfriend and my family didn't approve it specially since i had twins already but i was 15 and didn't want anymore babies this soon after my daughters well when they said i was expecting a boy there was no way Jordan was giving up his son for nothing my whole family pressured me into keeping him and after a while i was loving my son and seeing Milli and Ally play and rub my bellie was priceless from there we started picking out names we came up with Jaydan Cade and on jan 20th 2012 at 4:58 am i gave birth to my first baby boy weight 8lbs 6oz looked just like his father and Camilleigh cause Jordalynn is MY twin lol he had his fathers green eyes too. Milli and Ally has Hazel eyes mine are brown Jordans green are kiddos have a lil bit of both well by now me and Jordan are doing so good Camilleigh'Lynn is a wild beautiful brown haired energetic lil beauty whos almost 3yrs old and lil Jordalynn'Leigh is a beautiful dark brown haired laid back lil beauty but when she sees her sissy go for something believe me Jordalynn is on it with her lol and my fatboy Jaydan is a mommys boy hes jst turned 1yrs old on jan 20th my lil man with his mommy black hair and daddys green eyes i love my babys to death god put them here with me for a reason and ive been the best mother to my kids no one can tell different !! Yes i had them young but its not their faults so shit its MINE AND JORDAN RESPONSIBILTY FOR MILLI AND ALLY AND JJ don't get me wrong its very very hard with 3 kids at da tender age of 16 but with Jordan and my mother and myself has been taking care of my kids since birth i just quit my job last month to be a stay at home mom and focus on schooling online since my sister couldn't babysit nomore cause she has a new job my mother works so she couldn't babysit anymore besides it was great anyways i already have moneysaved up for tha kids from my job plus Jordans works .. Jordan works out of town he come in on a Thursday leaves on a Monday early morning he also has money saved up for them .. we moved into our own place jst before christmas in 2012 thing have been great im going for my ged test online within 5 more weeks I have my own car and a permit Jordan has a truck and a licence i plan on getting mine soon . My family is great and iam engaged to Jordan were getting married on my 18th birthday . I'm sooo happy where my life is now i know if i hadn't had the girls and Jaydan id be still be drinking partying getting high etc . Well clearly my lifes changed dramaticly but in a good way looking back I don't regret a thing but i surely would have waited to have sex but my babies were no mistake planned or not . Their going to have a awsome life and honestly I love my fiance to death but he ever decided to leave. Me I'll be able to handle it all on my own it will jst be emotionally lol but that just shows how much ivedone grew up a lot a lot a lot i feel that iam 31 traped in a teenage body haha but i just trully want you girls to know that EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU CAN DO IT LOOK AT ALL I DID I GREW ABORTION JUST A EASY WAY OUT ADOPTION NO BETTER THAN THAT ME PERSONALLY BELIEVE EVERY CHILD GOD PUTS IN EVRYONE OF US TEENS,YOUNG LADYS , WOMEN ETC. IS A BLESSING GOD WOULDN'T GIVE ANYONE ANYTHING HE KNOW THEY COULDN'T HANDLE GIRLS IT IS A BIG BIG BIG LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE. BUT IT CAN ALWAYS ALWAYS GET BETTER YOUR LIFE AIN'T OVER YOUR JUST LIVING FOR YOU BABYES NOW IT AIN'T ABOUT US MOTHERS AND FATHERS ITS ABOUT OUR CHILDREN BUT IF YOU'RE NOT READY FOR SEX PLEASE PLEASE DON'T DO IT THEIR ARE PLENTY OF CONSEQUENCES THAT COME ALONG IAM GLAD I GOT A BABY INSTEAD OF A STD OR SOMETHING ... GOOD LUCK WITH ALL OF YOU GIRLS AND YOUR BABIES TEEN MOTHERS OR MOTHERS TO BE WELCOME TO MOTHERHOOD

Camilla Sosa - Aguilar


My vision for a perfect family

Well I meet this guy who I talked to for months. We started dating in Septemebr of 2011. We had sex alot and I ended up getting pregnant within a couple of months. So, we tried to hide my pregnancy even tried to abort my baby but we couldn't. My mom found out when I was like 4 months. She was mad but got over it. My boyfriend at the time was there for us all the way up to when he was a couple of months old. He promised me and my son the world, but it didn't happen. He got locked up twice while I was pregnant and couldn't support us. So I told him I couldn't take only getting 30 to 40 dollars every two weeks to stretch for me and his child. I did what was best for me and my son. I got a job, stayed in high school, and I'm struggling on my own. The best thing I could tell you is to try and rap it up ladies. Cause getting pregnant is not fun nor cute, it comes with a responsiblity. There will be hard times but you have to think about your little one. Now, my son is all I think about and is the cutest baby ever. Please if you decide to have sex, wrap it up or don't do it all.

Nellie and JR.


The life of Marie Sha'Mecia Golden

Hello my names Marie but i. Go by my middle name Sha'Mecia " Meci ' for short im 17 with 3 beautiful babies 2 girls and 1 boy and I wanna put up my story .. Check it when i was 14 I had a boyfriend named Xavier he was a summer time boyfriend thang to me at first well that turned to sooo much more and within 5 months of dating we were inlove ! I ended up preggo i didn't even know at first til i was 17 weeks along i went for my first ultrasound at 20 weeks and it wasn't what id hope to find ... Instead of one i was having 2!!! So by 25 weeks i was told i was having a boy and a girl the father didn't know at all so when i found out the genders i called em up right away and told em he was happy i smiled at him he started laughing things were great for tha rest of my pregnancy at 37 weeks i had my prince and princess who we named
Xai'lah Izabella Cortez ( 2lbs )
Xander Zavier Cortez ( 2lbs )
4 days later i was discharged my babies had to stay 2 weeks in tha hospital i was upset crying but went to visit them everyday till they were home when they came home Xai'lah was (5lbs) already and Xander was (6lbs) i was so happy my babies were here with me for good so i texted Xavier tha day they came home he came over right away tha minute he say Xai'lah and Xander he started crying lol i thought it was so cute and when they turned 1 Xavier turned 18 got a job than 5 months later he got us an apartment though i was almost 16 my mom let me move in everything was great well when i finally did turn 16 we was still doing good untill we started fighting alll tha time i mean it never would fail everynight he always had something to get mad at me about for no reason he just seem like he like to argue me down all tha time about 3 times he actully hit me like when tha kids were with my mother he doesn't fight me infront of them but he will pick a arguement anyday infront of anyone to make me look bad i just hated what how he became as if he didn't care anymore so i packed my shit I remember my exact words just like it was yesterday and screamed to him with tears in my eyes i said " If you want my kids and I to stay you need to stop being like that you fight with me for nothing all i ever did was love you . You act like I'm nothing anymore I wash Our dishes do Our laundrey and cook Our dinner i do everything for our kids and for you im leaving and taking our babies they don't need you " when i said they don't need him he got so angrey started swearing at me said that i wasn't going to take his son and daughter away from him tha kids was still gone i tried to talk back befor i could say a word he kissed me packed me to our bed and had sex with me but i was very angrey at him and when we were done he told me now you can leave take a pregnancy test in 5 weeks i started crying and started hitting him told him he got me pregnant again on purpose . He flat out said to me " yea i sure did you can't leave me now your pregnant with my 3rd child i know for a fact . You won't abort it or give our baby away to some strangers now deal with it " I left anyways i was so mad ill never forget it i can't and never will forgive him for that . Though i still love him of course he's that father of my kids so 9months later i had another girl who I named Xai'lynne Izabelle Cortez ( 7lbs )
I was alone through my whole pregnancy when she was here i got back with Xavier now things are better than ever Xai'lah and Xander are 3yrs old and Xai'lynne is 1 i graduate in 6 months i have a job at subway still living with Xavier he don't regret what he did he says he loves me that he never wanna lose me or his kids that's why he did what he did i finally forgave him when Xai'lynne was 5 months old now were a happy family again <3 Girls please wait til your ready for sex and the lessons that come with it if your already a mommy or mom to be good luck hope all turns out for the best

- Sha'Mecia , Xavier and our little ones


Gotta Stick Together.

Hellooo. My name is Caroline. I'm 17 years old and I got pregnant when I was 16. My boyfriend was 15 at the time. We'd met in the High School Marching Band when I was going into my Sophomore year and he was going into his Freshman year. When we met, we became such good friends and we'd talk all day everyday. Well one day he found out his family was getting transfered to Michigan. We'd been dating for a good 6 months when he found this out. So like most couples, before he left we had a special night together. It was romantic and everything I could've imagined, or so I thought. A month passes and there's about 2 weeks before he moves. I'd been feeling sick and I knew we didn't use protection so I took a test. It came out positive. Holy crap. I was terrified. I called him up and told him. He started crying because he knew he couldn't be there for us. We told our families and boy were they mad. My brother and sister-in-law are my legal guardians and they threw a fit. His family threw one too. We'd gone to the doctor right before he left and confirmed I was 9 weeks along, with twins. I told my best friend, Cory and he's like wow. The day he left, our families made an agreement. He would come back and spend the last 8 weeks of my pregnancy with me so he wouldn't miss the birth of his children. He promised we would be together forever. I should've known he'd break it. He cheated on me and we broke up but still had our agreement. He came and I ended up going into labor a month early. We went to the hospital. Him, me, my brother and sister-in-law, and Cory came too. I was in labor for 5 hours. When it came time to push, he was right there by my side. About 10 minutes later, we had a son and a daughter.

Mason Hunter Bennett. 6 lbs. 4 oz.
Natalee Ryann Bennett. 6 lbs. 0. oz.

We were in love. He was worried about not seeing them everyday but I told him not to worry, Cory would help me out. Now, our twins are almost 4 months old and he comes down from Michigan once or twice a month to see them. I never pictured this. But that's the beauty in it. He skypes me almost every night to see his babies, but holding them is better for him. No matter the situation, we all have to stick together.


Storie of my spermdoner ..

First and formost my names Angelica'Mae Taylor Cunningham iam white and Hispanic im 17yrs of age in my 11th yr high school i did smoke and drink ima party girl but who would know ima A's and B's maker in school yep i was 14 lil ol party girl with an 21 yr old boyfriend who's actully the bad type of player guy who gets everygirl intown HA! Well shoot in my mind and head he wanted ME well for the good i suppose anywho we'd chill alll the time at his house his own apartment we'd have sex alll the time i'd sneak out of home for him and everything when i turned 15 it was only 3months after our relationship meaning after we started dating well i actully concieved on my birthday but truth is i didn't know until i was already 7months when i first threw up first had signs or anything yes i remember cravings but not really i took a piss test from cvs yes a negative im thinking im the luckyest girl ever til my vomiting stayed to the hospital i go doctors said i was 7months and 2weeks preggo wth ??? I'm saying to myself how ? They put me bedrest well when i was 8months i went into labor worst pain of my life everyone thought i was a goner the doctors kept pushing me buckets and my blood was filling em up at least 3buckets and my baby still wasn't there i couldn't get meds cause i was already 7centermeters dialated i was in labor for 6hrs pushing for about 30 mins because i refused getting a c-section well in that 30 lil minutes my beautiful daughters were born all along i was carrying twins but they were sooo small My first daughter ( Aa'nylaa Marie Taylor Mireles ) was only 2lbs and my second daughter ( A'niyaa Mae Taylor Mireles ) was bigger than her sissy she was 3lbs they both stayed in NICU tho for 4weeks than my baby girls were in my hands healthy as ever their dad was in their life for a good 8months than we split never here from him or nothing and NOOO he don't pay childsupport for his daughters they don't need him their way better with out him in their life anyway they only need me my babies are 2 and half energetic hair full of hair nice teeth clothes on they backs food on their tables toys movies etc I don't got a baby daddy he's a SPERMDONER everything they NEED AND WANT I did it alll with the help of my family YEP I FEEL LIKE SUPER MOM MY MOMMY LOVES HER GRANDCHILDREN AND MY LIL BROTHERS LOVE BEING UNCLES TO MY PRINCESSES I HAVE A GREAT JOB JUST FINISHING SCHOOL NOT EARLY SINCE ITS LIKE THE ONLY ME TIME I GET BEISDES WHEN THE GIRLS ARE ASLEEP MY LIFES GREAT AND TO BE HONEST IF IT WASN'T FOR MY DAUGHTERS ILL PROBABLY BE THE SAME OL PARTY GIRL SIKEEE MY LIFES CHANGE FOR THE BETTER AND MY DAUGHTERS GONNA HAVE BRIGHT FUTURES THEIR LIFES GONNA BE GREAT AS WELL ... ALL TEEN PREGNANCIES DON'T TURN OUT FOR THE WORSE JUST HAVE FAITH PRAYERS TO ALL GOD BLESS EVERYONE OF Y'ALL TO COME ON THIS SITE AND WHO'S BEEN ON ALREADY IAM OUTTY

- Angelica , Aa'nylaa n A'niyaa


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