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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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I am 14 years old. I thought I loved this guy but he didn't love me so I wanted to prove myself to him, by giving him everything.. When he stopped talking to me afterwards it hurt real bad.
I had a little crush on his friend, he came over and one thing led to another, I ended up having sex with someone i barely knew. When i recieved the news i was pregnant the good girl, one who never got in trouble. Nobody thought this would happen to me. I didnt think this could happen.
So i told my babys father, he took it quite well, said he would be there for me through it all. I respected him so much for that. Then came the time to tell my parents. I sat them down and i immediatly started to cry, they were like, "Whats wrong hunny?" I came out and told them, "Im pregnant."
They just looked at me. They were like are you joking. This cant be. They yelled at me, but they eventually came around.
My babys father came by everyday to make sure i was ok, he went to every doctors appointment. I was starting to fall in love with him.
The on October 13 we were sitting on my couch when my water broke so me and him were the only ones home, he rushed me to the hospital, and called my parents.. 7 hours later I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. I was so happy, when i held baby Allia in my arms I knew it was real....
Months went by and my babys father was coming by everyday, but as time went by he just came by every once in a while. I spent alot of time with Allia. I didnt know I could love someone as much as i love her.

Its been 2 years, she has crown so fast, shes walking, and talking. She spends every other weekend with her father, the rest of the time she is usaully with me, unless he decides that day he would like to see her. I relise i may have ruined his life, he was 16 when he got that call.
But I am 16 now, living a not so normal life with my Allia. She is so much fun.. I cant wait until i find somebody who will love me and her.. Thats who I want to spend the rest of my life with.. I work part time, and my mother picks Allia up from daycare, when I get home at 5 o`clock shes always sitting by the door and the second i walk in she grabs my leg and says, "I love you mommy."
I love those 4 little words, mean so much.. Shes my little princess, my little angel. Ans she is still daddys little girl.. He loves her to death, but i dont think he is much of the father types.. But I love him just because he gave me my beautiful baby..
Allia loves me and her daddys soo much.. She tells me that everyday. Everytime her dad shows up just to see her out of nowere, her face lights up like she hasnt seen him in years.. I know he loves her, he tells me that everytime we talk.
Thats why he wants to finish school, so he can give me and her a better life.. Months went by and he started coming around more. I was kind of shocked.. He told me he loved me.. He was babys father, i loved him to. We tried to make a relationship work. What do you know? It did, we are happy as can be we have an apartment. Hes working full time so i can go to school, and then im woking part time.. I am happy with my family of 3..
Now its been 4 years since Allia was born, and we are still going strong. I am out of school, Allia is talking alot more. She loves to play outside. I look back and I just cant believe my little girl is 4 now.. Me and her father are still together we are so happy, someone i didnt even know became my best friend and the second most important thing in my life... My baby girl and her father mean everything. They are my world.. I am 18 now with a 4 year old daughter, and a 20 year old boyfriend.

I am happy as can be. My little girl is never a mistake nor a regret. Shes my eveything I would die for her.
But i delt with the looks, talking behinde my back, but it was all worth it in the end because i got the love of my life.


Being Around My Boyfriend

Hey im from Charlotte and by me being in middle school being around cute boys and having more friends then anything and many crushes i choose this one particular boy he was so cute to me but him being cute wasnt wat excited me it was his personality and how he made me feel he was always giving me advice about things i was ready to fuck up for others or sumtimes me... he always made me laugh which i liked i met him in 7th grade he was kinda soft and i didnt like that so all of sudden in 8th grade i start being ruff with him to see if he notice what i was doing.. i guess he noticed n he was trying his best but it still wasnt workin when we got in highschool older dudes start trying him n i was the only one to protect him so i was fightin for him so i finally messed around with him and ended up pregnant in december so we start falling out suddenly arguing over nuthing thats when he wanted to start acting hard n try me in lunch in front of my freinds ignoring me so i start talkin to this boy name keyon who welling to actually help me and was like tryna keep me from him... when my ec seen that i was really tryna make a change wit keyon he try to bring gurls in my face it wasnt working until he start dating this one gurl she was always tryna show off shit he bought ha i never was tryna depend on no man but i guess she was so me n ha start arguing every day to the point we start fightin one day n i was busted ha mouth and we went to jail wen i got home my stomach start hurtin worst then overy n my water broke i was crying n screaming i was home by myself me and my lil sista she was 16 and i was now 17 she didnt kno what to do so we drove to the hospital they had told me i was having a boy i was planing on nameing it Zamir i was in labor for 24 hrs of pain crying so when i pushed they annouced it was a girl i was so surprised i didnt know what to name her at first so i thought threw night for 2 nights str8 till i thought of Janasia and so i named her that im so happy wit my family now its just me and my baby and my new boo... keyon had to move back to newyork and my so call baby father trying to be here but not really he got his head thinkin he so hard which his not,.... i kno every one like whats my point but its that mistakes happen for a reason becuz im very happy wit the one i made and its a lesson learn stop think every close boyfren u got is so special and perfect and that they gone last for no matter what


oh snap

I was sixteen and was dating a guy for about two moths. we decided to have have sex for the first time. well the condom broke.. when we realized what had happened it was to late and we both started freaking out.. the father wanted me to get an abortion. i was dead set on it but after awhile and telling my mom i couldnt do it. while i was pregnant the father was not really there for me at all, his son was four days old and he had a new girl friend could go to movies with her but couldnt help buy formula or diapers. after three months he realized what he was missing out on.. we are now currently trying to work on a friendship and maybe more. we rushed things before and dont want to make that mistake again. i love my son just wish i would have waited so i would be able to give him more.


A Father but not his Biological

I Been dating my Boyfriend edwin for about 1 year and a couple months. We were having problems so i decided to break up with him. In the process i met this good looking guy name Xaviar (which was not his real name) and we eventually had sex. The first time we had sex the condom broke and I was determine to get the morning after pill but ended up not getting it... I promised myself long ago No abortions for me. We were still seeing each other then one day out the blue he just disappears without saying anything to me. I had his number but he never answered the phone. During that month I got back with my boyfriend my period was a week late so i went to the doctors and found out i was pregnant and i told my boyfriend the situation. He knows he is not the father but he is willing to step up and be there for the baby no matter what. I told the baby's biological father that i was pregnant and he hung up the phone on me. Even though i tried to get in contact with him i found out he changed his number and that Xavier wasnt his real name and i didnt know his last name. So I havent seen him since. I Dont know what i was thinking then but im happy with the decision i made and i am extremely happy i still have my loving boyfriend and that he hasnt left me. thank god for the good people of this world.. we are going to start a family no matter what.


two mummys.

Hey. my name is cheyenne. i am 16 to this current day. 7 months ago, back when i was 15, i'd been with my boyfriend for about 2 weeks. And then he took my viginity. after that we had sex everyday after school, because his mum didn't mind us doing it, as long as we used protection. But after a month of just hardcore sex, me and my best friend, serahr, have got a lot closer. My boyfriend didn't really like that because he was quite i suggested a break. 2 days later i found out i was pregnant. i didn't know how to go about this. but i did know i want to keep the baby. also my feelings for the father had just gone. well, infact, my feelings for all men had just gone. I told serahr what happened and how i felt and she said she'd be there for me. Me and serahr spent more time together and she was helping me cope with the stress. She told me that she loved me and wanted to be with me. I was really happy that she asked me. So in two month, my baby is due and me and my amazing girlfriend will have a baby boy. the father said that ' i dont want anything to do with you lesbians, i wouldn't want my children to be brought up by lesbians, because you'll make the boy gay/ girl a lesbian'. so now, when i see him around town, i just ignore him.
Many thanks


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