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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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mystery men

Hey. my name is megan. i have just recently turned 16. Since i was 14 i have had a different sexual partner every 2-3 months. It was quite a normal thing, cause i mean, all my friends said that sex was fun. one time, me and my best friend, jasmine, went to a house party and slept with 4 other guys. Last November though was dreadful. My brother threw his 18th birthday up in hythe hall. so me and a couple of my mates tagged along. My boyfriend didn't come though because him and my brother don't get along. But i made a horrible mistake, and shagged two other guys. my boyfriend hasn't found out yet. and i hope he doesn't because we had sex the next day. it was amazing. except from the bit where he cummed in my eye. But two weeks later, i was late for my period so i took the test and it came up positive. i told my boyfriend straight away. he didn't know what to say, but is pretty happy if i want to keep it. But i obviously told him that it was his. but, you see, im not sure if it is his. what happens if i pop out a black kid, because the night of the party, i had sex with a coloured boy. and i dont want to ruin my longest relationship now, even though i dont even like him in that way anymore...
any suggestions what to do?
thanks for reading this.


mommy of 2

I am a proud SINGLE mommy of 2 beautiful babies...My princess...who is my oldest...Nevaeh going on 4...and my son...Aidyn going on 7 months...I'm a single mom...and personally wouldn't change a thing about it...Don't get me wrong...its not always sunshine and rainbows...I have my days...But just knowin that i have 2 lil ones that llok up to me...i Try my best...I have great family support from my mom and brothers...My kids go without nothing...I'm only 22 years kids have 2 diffrent fathers...or should i say sperm donors...Both have moved on and married other girl...and both have more children...They don't scknowledge my kids...which is fine with me...I am both mommy and daddy...I just want you young girls oou there to know that...If he doesn't wanna be with CAN do it without him...A baby is the greatest thing ever...I thought both times of abortion...i just thought i couldn't be a mommy....But in the end it was all worth it...I had the worst pregnancy with my daughter...Her SD didn't even bother with me...i was only 18...just outta high school...i thought my life was over....but i kept her and she came into this world 3 weeks early weighing a lil over 5 pounds....So when i became pregnant with my son...i figured that my lil one needed i didn't get depressed when it didn't work out...I grew up instead...I still live wtih my mom...and she helps out a lot...I work for a school district...I have paid off my own car...and support my kids....sometimes being a SINGLE mom is better for...


Becoming a mom at 15 years old

I'm 15 years old and seven months pregnant. I truly came as a surprise! I am pregnant by a boy who i have been dating since my seventh grade year! I really as a good girl until i met him! After being with him for a whole year we finally had sex! We both knew we wanted a baby! But not expecting it so soon! I always told him i wanted to have his baby while we had sex! After him sneaking in my house when my mom wasnt home and coming over late at night i got pregnant! I thought i was pregnant a couple of times before i really got pregnant because my period was coming on late! He knew i was pregnant but that couldnt be true! After being sick for two days straight my mom went and got me a pregnancy test! The first test didnt work right! So mom went to the store for another one! After i took that one it said i was pregnant! I was so scared! Then we went to the health department and they told me i was two months! I really thought i would get in big trouble! My mom was angry for a while! After we made it home, my mom called my boyfriend and told him! He really wasnt surprised! Many months has passed and we are still together both in high school and very excited to see our little angel! She is expected to be in this world March 19, 2009! So dont think of your pregnancy as a mistake! Think of it as a lesson! I never regret that I got pregnant and never will!


Just living on a pray..=)

well i am 15 years old a freshmen in highschool. me and my ex boyfriend didnt go out for that long . about 2 months and a few weeks. he broke up with me..last time we had sex i remeber i didnt really want to but i didnt want him to be mad soo i did it for him. 2 days later her dumped me again ! omg i didnt know what i was going to do i was soo hurt and then later find out he cheated on me. even though i did the same not saying i was right in any matter but he did it on my birthday like the thought of me kissing him one day now knowing he kissed a girl a few hours before me digust me. anywho i thought i was pregnant after like 2 weeks because. this happen last year and i had all the symptoms i did before i knew it was kind of early but i knew for a fact. i took test after test and they werent anygood some where positive and then some where negative. so friday i took another on it said i was pregnant. saterday moring took another said i was pregnant .went to the clinic took 2 more test just to make sure. all positive and to be EXTRA sure i got a blood test. now im pregnant. and happy .i know your porbly like happy? your 15 and pregnant what is so happy about that. but ive been through hell and back during my life name anything ive been through it. i can promise you that. and finially im happy . happy that in 9 months im going to have a bundle of joy that will love me regardless of what i do. something i can call mine. last time i regreted getting rid of my baby but i was 13 and couldnt deal with that at that point in my life.the baby's daddy wants me to get an abortion so it wont "mess up MINE and his life" obviously he doesnt want a child .i wouldnt blame him he has a new girlfriend that hes soo in love with hes a senoir about to graduate in a few months and after that off to college. but he doesnt have to be there and thats what he has to understand. its my decision and my decision is im keeping my baby. i want to tell him that im pregnant forsure but hes not going to understand. i told my mom and she told my father. shes kicking me out in 1 month or 2 im moving to maryland with my grandma . but right now im just excited and living on today not tomorow you never know what will happen. and also i dont regret anything going out with my ex having sex to early if that didnt happen i wouldnt have the human being that im bringing into the world in a few months. i know its going to be hard but reading all these stories. really has helped me. just like to thank everyone that has took the time and typed up there stories. because your really helping another person. <33 SHOUT OUT TO ALL MY BABY MAMAS :D

Leah Riche

Mommy at 15

I was 15 and a sophmore in high school.Me and my boyfriend had been together for a year and had sex a few other times protected before that so we thought nothing would go wrong.We were totally WRONGG.This time was alot different because it broke unexpectedly.I was late for my period so I started to worry about if i was pregnant.A few weeks later I started gaining some weight so I knew I needed to test soon to find out.I tested postive.I was soo scared and in shock that I was only 15 and pregnant and didn't know what to do.I knew I had to somehow tell my family and boyfriend but didnt know how.I called and told him we need to talk so you should come over.So we sat down and I came out and told him "im pregnant".He looked at me and didn't say anything.He pushed me away from him and left.I was crushed and didn't know what to do without him. I knew I had to tell my parents also so I eventually sat them down when I thought I was ready to tell them and told them "Im pregnant.Im sorry if I dissapoint yall and I hope yall forgive me and still love me no matter what".They were angry for a while but eventually they calmed down and we talked about what we gonna do with the baby after it was born.I knew in my heart I couldn't get an abortion.So we decided we would keep the baby.Its hard being a mom and going to school and having time for friends etc.The father of my baby does not talk to me anymore and wants nothing to do with his child. Maddison Taylor and I are both doing really good.She is now a year old and i'm 16 and a junior in high school .It's hard having to balance school work,a child, and a job but I want the best there is out there for Maddison and i'm gonna work hard to give her everything I have to her and be the best mommy possible.I love you Maddison.Life would't be the same without you here on earth.God was calling me to do something for someone else and that special someone was to give you life to be here today.I was blessed with an angel/miracle and love you with all my heart.This can happen to any girl out there.But we can all help each other through careful out there and god bless everyone..


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