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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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Afraid to find the truth

My name is Samantha I'm 15 and turning 16 next month iv been with my boyfriend for 11 months i started on the depo shot in march and got off in November my boyfriend and i have had unprotected sex numerous times and i think I'm pregnant .....ii haven't started a period and its now January i was supposed to start it back in November my chest itches and have gotten bigger i used to never eat very much now i can't stop eating i afraid to go get a test cause I'm afraid of the truth not that i don't want a baby it's I'm afraid to face my family and friends especially my boyfriend but .....whoever has answer please e-mail me.



My Motherly Life (good-And the bad)

well i was 16 when i got pregnant the father told me not to keep it cuz he thought it wasnt his he kept callin me a pregnant whore and said it wasnt his then we got back together couple days later haha...we stayed together on and off thru my pregnancy than we went to canada when i was 8months to have my baby everything was going good then one morning i woke up with back pains they would come and go for a while than my mother said i was probly in labor so we went to tha hospital and i found out i was i went into labor at 10 in the morning and didnt have him til 11 in the morning the next day my contractions were 4 to 2 minutes apart thru tha whole 25hours and gave birth to my 8pound son on august 20th 2008 he gave us a scared at first cuz his heart rate was low the doctors had to do lots of tests before we went home 2days later we went home it was hard but i went thru it 2months later we moved back to Minnesota with our baby boy we kept fighting after that cuz he would not help me when i would need a break i would give him to his dad and he would have him for couple minutes and give him to his grandma or antie and it would just get me so mad than it had us fighting every little while he was very abuseive physically and virbally and now my son is 4 and a half months and only seen his dad once since we been broken up for almost 2 months now....right now hes fucking his own cousin and im at home being a single mother and dont want my son to be anything like him but im actually kinda seeing this guy that i really like and thats where i am in my life right now..

Victoria Brun

Much respect to all you single teen moms!!!

Hi there,
Im 20 years old and High School graduate, and this is my story .

when i was 19 Years old sep 08. I was lucky to meet a very amazing man (23). we started dating shortly after that. Around early of Nov. 08 i knew i was pregnant, So i told andy about it and we both agreed best thing to do would be to take a pregnancy test.

I ended up getting a few test from a local pharmacy. I did two and they both came back negative. At that point i didn't know exactly what to think. A few weeks later i still felt like i was pregnant. By that time its was already mid Nov.08 and i noticed that my period was late. I waited a few days and went and got another two tests. Later on that night it came back two plus signs i was PREGNANT.

Extremly scared but over whelmed and excited. As i was always told i wouldn't get be able to get pregnant due to health problems that i have. Andy was there with me so he found out a few minutes later. He was very shocked. I made and appointment for my family doctor's and it was confirmed that i was pregnant.

An ultrasound was set up and we found out i was almost 7 weeks. My due date is for "July 29, 2009 "
Andy came to the appointment with me, we both cryed when we saw the baby.

Im not 11 weeks and it has been a crazy roller coaster. I still have not told my father but soon to come. Andy is extremly supportive always taking care of me when im not feeling well. And by myside no matter what. We are keeping are fingers crossed as we have over come a few problems ( signs of miscarrige )in the last 5 weeks.

I had my second doctors appointment yesturday and we got to hear the baby's heart beat such an amazing sound to listen to, and so many more emotions. Were both looking forward to are 2nd ultrasound next week which should be more exciting.

** On another note, To all you teen/ single mothers out there. Just know that i have much respect for you all and i hope all works out well with you. Wish you and your children all the best in the future. I know and undestand where your coming from as i have many single/ teen moms as friends. ** Im extremley LUCKY to have a someone as special as Andy in my life as there are not many strong men out there.


I 'll write more as all goes well and it gets later towards my due date.

Liz + Peanut <3

Victoria Brun


My story is pretty simple to follow i was just 14 when I had sex i loved it so I couldent stop I did it again until I started feeling different The doctor said he had no idea what was wrong but five months later my stomach got bigger and I knew what was wrong. I only had sex with one person. So I told him he was so happy but wanted to be sure we were really having a baby my parents and his parents had us do a home pregnancy test they wanted him to stay out of the bathroom while i was using the home pregnancy test but he insisted he come in I was right we were having a baby. my baby is 6 months old now and me and my boyfriend plan to get married when we are legal

Victoria Brun

bringing a little LIFE in this WORLD.

My name is Mary. I am 16 years old. I am in Grade 11.
My boyfriends name is Kenny.

It was when me and my mom went to the Doctor to get a pregnancy test done. On October 27th, 08., I found out that I was 16 wks & 5 days pregnant. My mom asked me what I wanted to do. At first I wanted to get an abortion, then I changed my mind because I was not going to kill my own baby and let the Doctor rip my baby into pieces. Omg! I would always think about that in my mind. Like what they would do to my baby. I only had a day to think about what I wanted to do. I decided to keep my baby. Even though I was scared shitless and that I was going to be a mom at a very young age. I kept thinking about what I was going to do, and started to think about what people will say about me, but right now I really dont give a flying fuck what people say, because it is my life and I'll do whatever I want.

Right now I am 25 wks & 1 day. I am not with my babys father because he is not man enough for me and he was verbally and physically abusive towards me when I was with him. I am so happy that I'm not with him and I never want to go back with him ever AGAIN. NOT EVER. Because there are a lot of reasons why. He is a big ass JERK!

Since the day I changed my mind. I always think about the challenges that I have to face once I bring my baby into this world, but I think I will do fine because I have a boyfriend (not my babys father) that is really supportive and my mom is the best there is. She is always there for me. I really appreciate having a mother like her. I would be nothing without her in my life.

I am going to be a mom and I have to grow up and start acting like an adult, because theres going to be another me. I am super excited that im going to bring a little LIFE into this BIG WORLD. I will have a little person of my own and there is nothing else that I will love more than my baby.

thats all I want to say.

thank you !


MaRii <3.

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