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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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My name is Arrie

Hi my names Arrie iam 16 ill be 17 in Augest here's how my storie goes when i was 12 I had this biggo crush on a boy who was 18 but we was friends ... blaaah *skip* he gets locked up when he gets out we were still friends but it was weird we were at his house with my bestie witch is his sister so here iam 16 drunk but knew what i was doing so we had sex 1time in October2012 well ah month pass im cramping had my period well found out iam pregnant when i went to da hospital so ive told his sis shed give him hints cause noone told him so we were txting one day and he straight up asked if i was prego so i told em he said he'd be there I believed him cause i know he's gonna love our baby and be there for us both well on new yrs eve my baby daddy got locked up again its been hard stressful for me but i got this iam 22weeks preggo im just waiting for his court date and for our baby girl to be here on July.19.13 I've been home schooled for about 2yrs but iam going back to school to get my GED after i have my princess and then ill be getting a job i have great familly support from his side my family doesn't know but my big brother and my grandmother who takes me to my appointments i put money on his books sometimes when i can i love her daddy and i know he loves us too but his sister witch is supposed to be my bestie doesn't always tell me the truth about him but his mom does owell i feel that his sisters and i. Friendship is fading i can't be friends with somebody who doesn't even tell me the truth about the father of my child freak it im good either way ...



Our Baby

My Name is Haley i am 16 and pregnant with my first baby. I am 14 weeks 15 weeks on tuesday i still have until April to find out the gender. My boyfriend wants a boy and i want a girl but i know no mattter what we will both love it. Me & my boyfriend fight all the time and im not to sure about if were gonna lst or not but no matter what happens to us i know he will be there 100 % every step of the way and love his baby very much! Im thinking if its a boy Im going with Bentley Michael and if it is a girl Kaydence Lynn im not sure though yet. Im so exited to see my lil baby and hold the baby in my arms my baby is already my life and i love this baby more then anything in the world. I have ultra sound pictures already and its so funny that you can already tell the baby has a pointy chin just like jarrod (daddy). I know its gonna be hard but we will make it through both of our parents are very supportive disappointed but supportive i cant wait for September 9th to see my baby. Mommy and daddy loves you and cant wait to see you !! (:
- Haley & Jarrod (:


The Changes of my life

So my story starts in November of 2011 with my boyfriend at the time and now husband. He is 4 years older than me, he is 23 now and I will be 19 in April. His name is John and my name is Amanda, I met him in 2009 the summer after my freshmen year in high school. He was one of my sisters friends and I saw him one day after school at the park because my sister was taking me home. Soon after that we started to talk but he had a girlfriend at the time and a month or so later he asked me out but I said no because I wanted to be sure. I knew he was trouble but I didn't really care, I guess. Six months later we got together and started having sex, he was my first, I lost my virginity to him but I do not regret that, he is my soul-mate and I truly love him.

I found out I was pregnant pretty early (late November early December) but I was in so much shock and denial that I completely blocked it out until January. To this day I am not sure how I managed that but I did and so when I finally admitted it to myself I was so scared and didn't know what to do. There are many things I would do differently thinking about it now. I was 17 when I got pregnant, I waited until my 18th birthday before I told my parents. We all went to my grandmas for my birthday it happened to be on Easter that year. I came home early, a few days before my parents and John had convinced me to move in with him, my dad got home early to and noticed I wasn't there much and then my mom came home a few days later. That weekend they found out, my mom was more upset that I had moved out , that's something I would have done differently.

I came back to try to talk to her and not surprised, she didn't want much to do with me, it hurt but I kept trying because I knew I needed too. She tried to lock me out but finally let me in and we had a wonderful talk we even ended up going to the mall and she bought me some maternity clothes which were so much more comfortable. She asked for us to come and talk with her and my dad so we did, it was awkward and I was afraid but it went a lot better than I thought. I would have told my parents a lot sooner if I could go back, thinking about it now. So as time went on things got harder, I had horrible morning sickness throughout the whole pregnancy and unfortunately it wasn't just in the morning. It made school more difficult but I knew I had to finish and I did, I graduated June 2, 2012. I am so lucky I really did have true friends they stuck by my side and help me through it. Although I did have a hard time telling them as well, but I did tell one friend earlier than the rest and she helped me a lot.

Well I thought school and what not was hard but its nothing compared to what happened about two weeks after graduation. Things were going pretty good, my mom was planning a baby shower for me with my friends and I was really excited and couldn't wait, it was planned for June 16. I was not prepared for my life to change so much in such a short period of time. On June 15 I came home because an old neighbor that was staying with us was worried about my mom. I got there and she wasn't very responsive, she had been through a lot of medical issues previously and were on some medications that made her sleep heavily so it wasn't really out of the norm for her. There was something that just made it seem different though, my dad was on his way home from work and he got there as soon as he could. She seemed alright and then suddenly things took a turn for the worst she started to not breath much and then not at all, we had called 911 but I just knew it was to late. They took her to the hospital and pretty much said the only thing keeping her alive was all the drugs they were pumping into her and gave us the choice of when to stop. She passed that day and it was the worst day of my life, I was really close with my mom we were like best friends. And the timing made it even worse, it was the day of my parents anniversary, the day before my baby shower that we were both so excited for, two days before fathers day and only a few short months before I was due to have my baby. I was due in August to have my beautiful baby girl, it has been so hard without my mom and I miss her everyday so much.

It's a struggle and it's painful to not have her around for all the moments to come that I know she would have loved and couldn't wait for. Me and my husband had already agreed on a first name for our little girl but I still hadn't decided on a middle name. I'm generally not one for super long names but both my mother and grandmother are very important to me and I decided to give our daughter parts of there names in memory of them. Her name is Ellie Marie Laverne House, Marie is my mothers name and Laverne is my grandmothers middle name. I thought it couldn't get worse but it certainly did during/after my delivery, it hurt so much and after my little girl finally came out she wasn't doing well. It turned out she didn't have enough sugar and she had sepsis (an infection in the blood) she was in the Nursery Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for a few weeks and I was so worried I was going to loose her to. Once I got discharged from the hospital I came to see her everyday, a little later she got jaundis (was yellowish and needed more sun). Thankfully she started to get better and I finally got to bring her home.

The sleeping patterns are so hard to deal with and each stage of her life has different challenges to deal with but now she is a happy healthy 7 month old almost 8 months baby girl. She was born on August 3rd, 2012 and she is growing so fast, she has been crawling for a while now, can sit up on her own and for about a month now she stands on her own, she tries to walk but she doesn't quite have it yet. She is very active and is certainly a handful but she is absolutely adorable and I love her. It has been really hard on all of us and I know it could be worse, I am thankful and appreciative for everything that I have and what everyone has done for me but it is truly painful and difficult for me everyday.

I take things day by day and hope for the best, I advise other girls to do the same. Do not let people convince you of something especially if you are uncertain even if you love them, go with what you feel is truly right in your heart. I know it is really scary and hard to tell people especially your parents but sometimes telling them sooner rather than later is better. Keep your options open do what you feel is right whether its keeping the baby, abortion, or adoption do not let anyone choose for you, you will regret it and you can not go back. Truly think about everything long and hard, it will be difficult no matter what you choose but you can do it. I am fortunate that I married my love and he has stayed with me, he was there for me throughout everything and I am truly thankful for that but even now things are hard we can't really support our daughter and we are lucky to have his parents who help us out financially so much but I take care of our little girl most of the time and it is so hard, absolutely nothing prepares you for parenthood.

Just keep strong girls no matter what and don't give up, it may be hard but it is not impossible. Well this is my story and advice, sorry it is so long but thank you for reading. Me and my little family wish luck to all of you out there.

Amanda, Ellie, & John <3


my baby boy Jayden :)

Hi, my name is Raven.... In Dec 2011 I met a boy named Kyle he was 16 and I was 14 , I knew instantly he was the one for me, we are currently still dating.... I ended up getting pregant 5 months into our relationship, I found out forsure I was when I was 18 weeks, I wanted an abortion because I was so scared to tell my dad... At that moment I was to far along.. So I had no choice but to continue being pregnant.... I finally told my dad at 25 weeks, I was already in my second trimester.... It was so heart breaking to tell him.... He told me he was more disappointed that I didn't tell him sooner and her was mad that I was pregnant.... But he finally started accepting it when I was 29 weeks... He went to my ultrasound once... The babys father only went to acouple of doctors appointments but I didn't mind. Finally I had my son on DEC 30 2012 on my birthday, yes we share a birthday ! ... We named him Jayden Dean Arthur Birston Friesen, he was 7lbs 1oz... He was so perfect an precious... I still can't believe I wanted an abortion, I don't even think I would get one if I knew how precious he is... He is currently 2 months and a week and me and Kyle are more closer then ever, we both care and ove our son Jayden, they are the best thing that has ever entered my life, and I thank god every day....


Single Mom..

My name is Breanna Garcia, im 16, and im pregnant... I first ended getting raped my my uncle and he got me pregnant at age 14 and he forced me to keep the baby...he went to jail and i had a beautiful baby girl named Deangelina Garcia(: she is my world! I love being her mom! She is now one and is up and walking! A year later after she was born I ended getting pregnant with a guy named Zach Charles at age 15.. I am completely in love with him but all he wants me for is the sex! I am not going out with him or anything we never were..which sucks.. he took my virginity... He told everybody!! So there were all kinds of people saying stuff which didnt make my life so easy but it didnt hurt me to bad but it upset me that he told almost everyone and i told one person! about a month later I was vomiting non stop all night from about 11 pm to about 11 am the following day! My mom took me to the doctor and thats when i found out i was 8 weeks pregnant! I was soooo scared to tell Zach.. Eventually i did and he was soo excited he was there through everything! We both ended up getting a part time job and both of our grades are awesome! He is now a junior in HS and im a Sophomore in HS I am now 6 months pregnant and im having a little boy! We are naming him Davin Nathaniel Charles. My parents kicked me out and told me i want nothing to do with me! I now live with Zach and his family.. I cant wait to hold Davin in my hands for the very first time(:

Breanna garcia

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