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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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Stand Strong

After reading a few stories i would like to share mine with you.

Im 21 and im 7 1/2 months pregnant with my little boy. I have just go out of a 4 year relationship which was a very voilent relationship.

I first got together with my then boyfriend when i was nearly 18 and he was 18 at the time and for the first year everything was great and he treated me like a princess. Until i fell pregnant at 18, he was over the moon, but he had no job no-where to live.
As soon as i told my mum she wanted me to get rid of it, as she hated my boyfriend because he was in and out of prison all the time and was also selling drugs. I was young at the time and i did what my mum told me too, and when i went to tell my boyfriend what i was going to do (hoping he would try and change my mind and say he would support me) he turned up drunk and when i went to walk off he pinned me up against a wall and threathened me. I walked away, had an abortion.

After a month i started speaking to him again and we got back together after he promised not to do it again, things changed very quickly and the abuse got worse and worse from pushing me around, and even raping me. I went to the police when he raped me but i dropped the case because he had threathened me saying if he went down, we would never be save as his famil would come and get us and all his friends.He had complete control over me, he wouldnt let me go and see my friends and tried to turn me against my family.
I never left him because everytime i said i was leaving he would threaten to kill my family and turn up at my house and smash my car up and my mum and brothers cars.

In 3 years i got pregnant another 3 times one of which i had an abortion as i couldnt see myself bringing a baby up with a partner like him, and i also had two miscarriages.

I am now pregnant again and have finally found the strength to leave him, i went to the police about a month ago as we were in my car and he tried to crash the car and kill us, he was arrested and was not allowed in the county where i live but he jumped bail and in now back and i keep getting threats and my car has yet again been smashed in. but i am staying strong for my baby.

I just want everyone to know that no matter how tough it can be you will get through it, i still have a long way to go but i know it will turn out alright and i cant wait to meet my little boy and when he is born he will have nothing to do with his father.

Good luck eeryone.

I have a boy at 3 months!1

ryt here it goes my name is ashline, im 17 years old and i have a beautiful baby boy hu is 3 months pregnant and i love him so much but the problem is i always fight with the baies father and i dnt want my baby to grow up afraid of me..all i want to do is to tell the babys father that i dnt want to be with him anymore buh i am afraid of what way that he will react when i tell him i was really close to telling him tht i didnt wnt to be with him nomore buh i love him too much and i want him to be there for me and my baby and if we break up i will just b a single mom with no moni for food or no job or education mom never sees him she comes dwn at least twice a wk and its onli me and my boyfriend and my baby that live in my house as my mum just stays in her boyfriends house with the rest of my family except for three of my sisters hu live wih my daddy and gran..please tell me what to do with myself should i leave my boyfriend as he always says rude things about me saying that im fat and a usless bitch which really hurts me .. or should i just leave him and find someone else hu will except the way i luk and will also be a better father to my baby i know that noone else can replace my bbies father...buh i want him to grow up livin a normal life and not be involved in nay violence...
let me know

thank you

Ashline Carlin

Im 15 and 21 Weeks Pregnant

Hiya Everyone..well here is my story my name is christine and i am 21 wks pregnants and i havent told the babys father or my parents yet the onli person i hav told is my closest friends luarena and maria..

i dont know what to do .. i am afraid as i have gcse's to sit and the education ahead of me could do good for my future..ryt well anyways the babies father who i am currently seein has three jobs and i barely ever see him .. he works at a shop hes a brick layer and he is also a farmer....i duno har i am goin to tell him what is going on....and im not a heavy person so i wont show until i am at least 5 months pregnant...i am afraid of luarena and maria saying something that will go straight to my parents..
my daddy is really strict so i am sure that he will hit me..

is there any advice that i can follow.....
just reply n let me know..
thanx for your cooperation....

Christine xx

Christine Reilly

15 and a single mom Pregnant nd im 15 im going to have a boy nd a gurl..i got pregnant at 14 but now im not with my babydaddy he is in jail.. wen i told him that i was pregnant he told to find the babydaddy he would fight with me alot so that why he is in due in june 1st.... my family going to help me with my so happy that im going to have them....i dont care what people say bout me having my babies because it not what you think... im going to be a good mother to my a big thing in my life... so to all my single mom just keep up the good work cause you can do with the babysdaddy or without them...that what i say
love always


15 and pregnant!!!

Hello...well heres my story i am fifteen and ready to have my baby in 3 weeks so therefore i am 37 weeks pregnant...buh the onli thing rong is that i am not with the babys father anymore and since i found out that i was pregnant i have been with at least another 3 people and they had accepted that i was pregnant. But i just can't find the right person who wants to be there for my baby and me because i truly believe that my babys biological father wants nothing to do with him. Yes, i am having a boy and i can't wait even thought i am only 15 doesn't make me a bad person or them kinda people that you would call a slut because everyone is going to have sex one time in their life. Yeah maybe i was underage but don;t think that i was angry about it because i was. i have a whole life and education ahead of me but i don't really care because once my son is born m going to do my best and be the good mother that he deserves to have. All my family are there for me and i don't care what everybody else thinks because i am who i am and i done what i done and i cant change that now. So for all those teenagers that are pregnant out there don't let anybody put you down because it is your decision nobody elses they don't own you do they.

Never abort a child it wil leave you scarred for life..
Thats why i made the decision to have my bady..
N i don't regret it one bit


Amanda O Prey

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