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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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i got pregnant at 17, i am now almost 20 and happi

i am not a single mom well sorta, see i got pregnant at 17 years old my babies father is a UNITED STATES SOLDIER, we are married and have been for almost two years now, i am 19 now, my hubby is in Iraq and i am here with my 18 month old baby boy by my self, don't get me wrong i am not complaining i couldn't be happier to have a beauiful healthy child, and i hero for a husband, but it gets hard, and I grin my teeth and take it cuz see thats what real military wifes do. i am proud of my soldier i always have been, see it all started when i was 16 years old I met my now hubby in United History class, he sat behind me, see he was a senior and me i was a sophmore, i was dating one of his very good friends, but he really liked me. It took me a while to like him, but i started to and then i fell hard! see i was hurt really bad before i met him and i went through some really hard times in my life, i didn't ever want to love another soul, it was too hard and all i ever got was screwed over in the end, but i fell in love with him with every thing about him, we started dating feb 20th of 2005, and then started getting hot and heavy, i wasn't scared because i wasn't knew at this don't get me wrong i wasn't a slut but i had been with two other guys before my husband and my hubby was a virgin, so i taught him the techniques, anways we got pregnant a year after we started having sex, i was scared I thought for sure he was gonna pack up and start runnin, cuz see when I was 15 years old i got pregnant by my first and he packed up and ran fast and far, i got an aboration with that one, but this one was different he was meant to be mine and no matter what he was gonna be i decided that right away. we got a pregnancy test on ST. Patty's day of that year, i took it in my parents bathroom, while my hubby sat outside waiting for the answer i knew something was wrong when i has missed my period for three days i have never been late cept for the other time i was pregnant. well i took the test looked away looked back and two little blue lines told me i was having a baby, i ran out of the bathroom too my hubby i looked at him he looked at me i said are u ready to be daddy he looked at me with tears running down my face, and said WE will get through this, i collapsed on the ground not because i didn't want my son but because i was gonna have to tell my father and that would not be good, my hubby was 19 and i was17 that meant i couldn't consent legally to sex in WI, and if anyone would press the charges it would be my father, well my hubby and I went to the beach and talked we both held on too my belly and couldn't believe we had a living breathing person that we made in there together, see we were already engaged for about 9 months before we got pregnant cuz we knew we were meant to be forever and so it was ok we would be ok. well two months into my pregnancy my hubby decided he needed to take care of his family one was or another and he decided military would be the only answer and plus army was his dream forever he wanted to protect this great country and now he would be able too , left for basic when i was three months along and we were apart then until i was six months along i then saw him for two days after he graduated basic, after i told my parents about our lil baby they took a while but they came along nicely, my dad was mad but he got over it. the next time i saw my hubby was the day after i delivered our beautiful 10 lbs 3 oz baby boy drug free! i am very proud of that! anyways i left WI and dropped out my SENIOR year to be with my hubby before he was sent off, we lived with him and when he got sent off we moved back with my parents for me to graduate highschool i do it in eight days now and i also got my CNA a nursing degree without the support of my family and my friends this wouldn't be possible but i did it and so can u my son and I are best friends he means the world to me i would die for him, u will be able to do this it will work out i promise


Update of Nowhere near ready.

So, as you might have read in my story 'Nowhere Near Ready', my due date was coming up fast. I'd like to share with you that shortly after I wrote that story, I was laying in bed watching TV and contractions started. I called my sister and told her to come home to take me to the hospital. My sister had a 20 minute drive from her job to our house, then another 45 minutes from our house to the hospital. She got home and got me to her car, and we were about five minutes into the drive to the hospital when I started to feel the baby moving down really fast. By the time we were half way to the hospital, the baby was basically ready to come, and there was no way we would make it in time. My sister has a really small car. It's a 2 door and the front seats are really cramped. Note, I was 38 weeks pregnant and HUGE, so that made it worse. I had no room to move, and the baby's head was crowning, so I knew I had to do something, but I didnt know what. I tried to stick it out, but after about five minutes of thinking, the baby's head started coming out. We were still about 20 minutes from the hospital, so I knew for sure I was about to have my baby in my sister's car. I told her to keep driving so we could get to the hospital even after I had the baby. We were about 15 minutes away from the hospital and the baby's head was completely out. I knew I had to push because a baby can only stay in that condition so long before bad things happen. We were five minutes away from the hospital on Wednesday, May 21, 2008 when Braxton Jude was born at 2:05 AM. It was tough, and the most pain Ive ever been in, but it was worth it. Every time I look at my little girl, I forget the pain I went through, because it was worth it. =]


Loss and Life

My name is Kayla. Iím 16 years young. I will be 17 in October. My whole life changed when I moved to Idaho. My parents had just divorced when I was almost 11 years old. Depression set in, and I began to lose sight of who I was and who I wanted to be. I had one rocky relationship before I met a guy named Chris.

I fell for him so hard. I lost my innocence to him, I was only 13 and he was 14. I gave him all I could. About a year and half of unprotected sex and using the pull out method and the added effect of me being on my birth control pills, we never thought I could get pregnant.

In March of 2007, I looked down on that little white stick that told me I was pregnant. I was stunned, I was only 15. My life was going to go so differently after that. I planed to see my doctor as soon as I could, or at least, when I was around four or five weeks. But, I was having fun with a friend of mine and spent an hour in my hot tub.

The next day I woke up to a fever of 103, a migraine so bad that if I moved my head I would vomit. The day after that, I started bleeding very heavily. March 18, 2007 my first angel grew wings and left before I could even really meet them. I cried for almost three months. The shock of losing the baby completely stopped my whole world and kept me hoping my life wouldnít continue.

About a few months after the miscarriage Chris and I broke up. It felt like for good. We continued a sexual relationship whenever both of us were single. But, after the miscarriage I refused to take my birth control. I never really thought about it, because if you are meant to get pregnant, you will no matter what you do to try and stop it.

March of 2008 caught up to me quickly. I mourned the lost of my child once again, but I didnít get very long to stay sad. March 24th, I missed my period, I looked down once again at that little white stick. My face went white when I saw the little negative sign in the screen.

On the 26th I still hadnít gotten my period. I took another test and nearly screamed in excitement and fear when I saw the pink little plus. On the 27th, I took another test to make sure the other test wasnít lying and again the pink little plus winked up at me. Taking a deep breath I called up a clinic near me and got an appointment.

April 10th I went in and their tests also came back positive. They gave me great information, and at no charge to me. I was so great full. I knew from the moment I lost my first angel, I was ready to give birth to my own child and take care of him or her and give them a life that I never had. Something inside me just told me that I would be a mother soon, and not to fear it.

May 7th I went back to the clinic and saw my baby for the first time. I nearly cried. I fell so in love with that little one that was moving around on the screen. I just knew this was it. I was going to carry this child, give birth and love them till the day I pass away.

Now, the father just found out a few weeks ago. Iím 12 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Iím not sure if the father is going to help me, or if he is going to act as if though Iím lying and pretend Iím not there. It is really his choice, but I will have no choice but to bring him to court for child support if he isnít willing to pay it, the courts will make him.

My mother kicked me out, and with only my dad and me to provide for the baby, we will live only paycheck to paycheck. If Chris helps out, we would make it just fine and thing would be a lot easier on my father. He is 48 almost 49 and I know he doesnít want to deal with a newborn, but my mother left us no choice.

My father was mad, but he respects my decision to carry the pregnancy and to raise the child afterwards. We might struggle for a while, but I know we will make it. And Iím completely happy. I will be the mother I always dreamed of being in about six months. Life will change again and be different, but we are ready and willing to fight for the life inside me!

For all mothers out there, no matter what age, you are a mother from the second pregnancy accrues in the body. You all have the opportunity to make the right choices and give your child the best life it can have! Be happy and know that there is a miracle on the way! Have faith and everything will go the way you want!


Nowhere near ready.

My name is Sarah. Im 14 years old, in the eighth grade, and Im 38 weeks pregnant with my first child, a girl I plan to name Braxton Jude. I got pregnant 5 months before my 14th birthday at a party I went to with my brother and his friends. I wanted to be part of the group, so I went to the party. All I did was smoke some cigarettes, so I didnt feel accepted, so when a guy I thought was hot asked me to go to a bedroom with him, I gladly accepted the offer. All I expected was that we would make out and then I could go, but we had sex. I left the room and went to find my brother, but when I couldnt find him, I started dancing with two guys who gave me beer and took me to a back bedroom and Im assuming we had sex because when I woke up I was naked and they were getting dressed. My baby's father could be one of three guys, and it's not something Im proud of. I didnt find out I was pregnant until I was four months into the pregnancy and I was starting to show *it was normal for me to skip periods every now and then, so that didnt really give it away*. I bought a home test and all three tests came out positive. I lost all my friends at school and my parents kicked me out, so Ive been living with my sister. Im not sure what Im gonna do when my baby is born, but my due date is only 5 days away, so I need to think of something fast. I guess I'll update after the baby is born, but until then, Im nowhere near ready for this.


i can go thrue it because i have hope

hi my name is areli i am 15 years old. well im here to tell you about my story. my story is that when i went to planned parenthood with a few of my friends and my sister and her boyfriend i found out i was pregnant. My boyfriend was in jail at the time because he has a few parloe violations and he really want to be there but he can't and it was already harder for me to tell my parents that i am pregnant without hurting anyone's feelings. But they excepted it and i really love them for that and for excepting him for the way he is. he is a bit older then me but he loves me and were getting married once he gets his life together. I know i'm here going through my pregnancy with my family without the baby's father. well im not gonna have the baby's father maybe for a year because they are sending him to prison and im here to tell the other teen moms that your not alone. you have the dad's parents and you have your own siblings even though the baby's father wants to be there he still loves the baby no matter what but you have to have hope and you have to believe in yourself and in the baby that your gonna make it without anybody putting you down. so stay strong an please have hope


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