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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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it can happen to you

i was the good little church girl who everybody thought would never do anything bad. that changed when i met justin. i had known him for years and we were just friends until one day we became more. On march 16, 2006 i found out i was a month pregnant. when November came around i was 9 months and was getting ready to pop. November 22, 2006 a beautiful healthy baby girl was born. i stilll was in high school i gradutaed in may of 2007. if i can do so can you don't sell yourself short and get an education. i am a nursing assistant.

Brynn Hinson

Most amazing thing

I'm Sera. I am 17 with a 4 month old baby, Jaidah. I have been with my boyfriend John, 18, since I was 14. I love them both so much and it now feels like my life is complete. We live together in our own 2 bedroom flat. Its not paradise, but its ours.

At first I was afraid telling my parents I was pregnant, I knew they wouldnt take it well. I hid my baby bump until I started showing. They were upset, but got over it when they seen how gorgeous Jaidah was.

It isnt easy, but luckily she's a good baby. John works 5 days a week in construction. And I stay home with the baby. Its so amazing, its a feeling I cant explain. Just holding her, and being with her. She is perfect in every way. She's our little angel.



hi. i would like to say that reading every story in here has given me alot of advice.

Im not a single mum but i have someone who was once a single mum be4 she met the man that helped her out in the end...and thats my mother.
She took care of my sister, brother & I be4 my step dad came in the scene. She worked hard and with the help of her parents put my sister & brother to school. i was still a little girl. anyway i was 4yrs old when Roy my step dad came in the scene and fell in love with my mum.

soon they got married and he took us (kids) as his own children. Ever since then things started getting better for my mum and to this day i would like to say that every single mother in the world is a hero for keeping their children with or without a man beside them.

I would like to say THANK U ALL 4 UR STORIES AND HOPE THAT WITH YOUR ADVICE I WILL THINK BE 4 I DO ANYTHING LATER IN LIFE. IM 16yrs old now and my sister and brother are finally working in life and my sister is married and has her own little family.

as 4 my mum i would like to say she's my mentor and I love her to bits for not giving us up 4 the time when she was a single mum of 3, without the help of any of our real father's or support from them be4 she met Roy the person send to her by God to help her out in the end..and I love my step dad as if he is my real father and I thank god for everything thats happened in life since then.

thanks all 4 reading if u read this story and take care ppl



little bundle of joy

During the summer when had just turned 16, i had something terrible happen to me by my x- boyfriend. i wanted to forget about wat had happened and i just put it out of my head. Then in jan. 2008 i went to the doctor with my mum because of stomach pain and found out i was 5 months pregnant.

Shocked as i was, i was angry and upset but my mum stayed there by my side. I later had to tell my dad and he was mad but then grew to love the baby too. I tried to go to the cops but they talked to the x-boyfriend and he said i was lying and they believed him and dropped the case.

I was furious that they thought i brought this upon myself but i didnt want anyhting to do with the guy and at least i knew the truth.

I am due to have a baby boy on may 10 and am naming him Christopher David (middle name after my dad) i know its going to be tough but i will make it through... scratch that me and my son will make it through.

i have already fallen in love with him and cant wait to see him. Im not going to let what happend to me get me down and not want to be with my baby.


Dumb Choices

I was your typical 13 year old girl, I was a cheerleader, an A student, and was popular. I had good friends and we never partied, drank, smoke, or did drugs. One day I met this new girl named Paige she was the opposite of me, she did drugs and smoked and drank. We became friends and hung out all the time. Soon I was like her drinking and partying. One night we went to this party. It was cool at first, there were a lot of people and everyone was drinking including me. Time past and I had way too much to drink when three really hot guys that I went to school with asked if I wanted to hang with them I did. Soon I had slept with all three guys. I didnít want to remember all of what happened. In school we all acted like nothing happened. All three of the guys had girlfriends and we didn't want them to know. About 2 months past and everything was half back to what it was; Paige and me didn't hang out as much but we talked all the time.

One day I went to the doctor with my mom to get a pregnancy test. I was so sick for 2 months, we had to know. Soon the doctor told me that I was going to be a mom. My mom was ok with it. She was upset but not mad, until she ask who the dad was. I couldnít tell her that I didnít know but I did and she was mad but soon got over it. When I started to show in school I was asked who the dad was but I wouldnít say. It hurt me to admit what I did. Finally I had to tell all three guys that they could be dads. First I told Blake. he told me it wasnít his and that he didnít need this now. Next was Trent. he said the same thing. Last was Brad and he didnít get as defensive, but it was almost the same thing. All the guys didnít want to have to tell their girlfriends they were going to have a kid.

I was about 8 ½ months along when I was rushed to the hospital on May 20. After about 15 hours of labor, on May 21, 2001, I gave birth to Elsa Ray Jackson. None of the guys came to see me. About 2 weeks after I gave birth I got to go home. I was happy that I had this beautiful girl who was mine and she was healthy. Nothing was wrong with her. One night when Elsa was 2 months I called all the guys and told them it was time to see who the dad was. They agreed to be tested. So the next day we all went to this really nice building to take the tests. When the doctor called us back to the room he looked at me like your 13 and you have a baby and you donít know who the dad is. About 2 hours later the doctor came in and had the results to the test. Blakeís test was a no, Trent was a no, and finally Brad was the father. I was so happy to know that it was him. After that Brad would come over and help me with her. Soon he told his girlfriend what had happened and they soon broke up. Brad and I started going out and when I was 16 we got married.

Soon after I had our first son Draik, we had changed Elsaís last name to her dad's. Our marriage lasted about a year and a half. He still helps with our two kids and I started dating this guy that i'm with now, We are dating and I just had our first daughter on December 25, 2007. We named her Yasmen Marie. I like my story because it gives me something to tell my kids when they are my age. Most teenís do what the others do like Simon says and follow the leader. I lost at that game in life but I love all my kids. They werenít mistakes and I would never let them think that I don't love them with all my heart. Iím happy with the help I got from everyone so to all the teens who try to do what everyone else does please donít. you never know what will happen to you no matter what you want to happen.


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