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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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my mad life

I started going with Hayden when I was 14, he was my first real boyfriend. We took things slow at the beginning, but then lots of my girlfriends told me that they were having sex, and said that I'd lose Hayden if I didn't sleep with him. He told me he really loved me and I believed him, I wanted it to all be like something out of a romantic film.

The month after I turned 15 I lost my virginity to Hayden, we used condoms at first but stopped as I really didn't think I was old enough to get pregnant. Besides, lots of my friends said they didn't use condoms and none of them wound up pregnant.

Six months later I skipped a period....yes I was pregnant! I was in shock for days and just couldn't believe it - aged fifteen years and seven months I was having a baby.

At first Hayden was totally cool about it, he said everything would be fine and he wanted me to keep the baby - of course we were really young but he really made me feel like it would all work out.

My parents gave me hell when they found out, in the end my sister told them when I was four months pregnant as I didn't have the guts to do it. My mom cried for days which made me feel real bad, and my dad just went on and on about how hard my life was going to be now. In the end they realised they couldn't change what had happened though and said they'd support me, despite thinking I was a silly little girl.

I gradually realised Hayden was drifting away from me, he just didn't seem to want to spend time with me any more although when I asked what was wrong he said everything was fine. I got scared and asked him straight when I was seven months pregnant with his child if he wanted to break up - he said yes. Hayden said he wanted to see his kid and be in its life but he didn't want to be with me and make a proper family. I think his mom pressured him to break up with me but I couldn't change his mind - basically he still wanted to be a kid not a grown up.

Luckily my parents and close friends gave me a lot of support but I was still scared about how I'd cope. They all said that it was better that Hayden and I broke up then and not two years down the line, but I was still devastated.

Four months after I turned sixteen, on 13th April 2000, I gave birth to Amelia. Hayden waited outside while I gave birth but held his daughter straight after she was born, he cried and said that we both had to do our best to be good parents to her. I hoped that meant he wanted to get back with me, but Hayden started seeing someone else a few weeks later. I was too wrapped up in caring for Amelia to cry too much but it still hurt - he was the father of my baby and my first love.

Life was tough as I had to give up so much, my parents helped me but my life completely changed. I loved my daughter so much though and she got me through the hard times, my little angel.

Amelia will turn 8 next month and she's wonderful, such an amazing, loving girl. She has taught me so much and I don't regret for one second being her mom.
Hayden has always seen Amelia regularly, but he still does what he wants. He was a fairly normal teenage boy while I made the sacrifices and had people look down on me for being young and single. Hayden is a good father to Amelia though and I'm just glad he's there for her, despite his faults.

Hayden got married when he was 21 and Amelia was a bridesmaid, she looked beautiful. The next year his wife Michelle gave birth to a boy, Hayden always wanted a son so he was so happy. They now have another boy so Amelia has two half brothers, she thinks the world of them and loves playing with them when she visits her dad.

I didn't date anyone for ages but eventually I met Scott when Amelia was five. I've never felt this way about anyone, he truly is a fantastic man who adores me, he treats me like a princess. Scott is amazing with Amelia, he doesn't try to be her dad but she adores him. After all these years I think things are going to work out for me, Scott talks about us getting married and maybe having more babies - he makes me so happy and I love him with all my heart.

Amelia and Scott, you are my world xxxx

To all the other single moms out there - no matter how hard life is, it can and will get better. Hang on in there.....


Single and Pregnant

My Name is Kelly, I'm 18 and I'm a senior in high school. I had been going out with my boyfriend for only a month and a half when I found out i was pregnant.

He didn't have a phone at the time so I had to e-mail him. He only e-mailed me once and said he would be there for me and the baby, but then a week went by with out anymore responses from him, then 2 weeks went past and still nothing. So I just assumed he didnt want to be with me, so I accpted it and moved on.

My first doc. appointment is in a week, I'm not really scared, I'm more excited. I will be working full time in the summer and in the fall of 09 I will be going to a tech school like I'd planned.

I hope the babys dad comes around at some point, but for now I'm just going at it alone. Sometimes its better that way, but I still wish I had someone other than my family, but i guess that more important.


Kelsey and Cj's story

My name is kelsey, and i got pregnant when i was 15. I fell in love with my long time friend Cj, and we lived a normal life. Now, i never Really thought sex before marriage was necessary, but i couldn't se me waiting till i was 25...and i loved this Guy SO much, i did it. I thought i was being safe, we protected ourselves.

i didn't think i was pregnant till i was lying in bed and found that i had a bump. i bought a pregnancy test...and took it. i didn't really believe my first positive pregnancy was true, so i took 3 more. All were positve.

So, i returned to my All girls school and told my best friends. I told Cj of course first though. His eyes had Grew big, and he didn't respond. He just hugged me and kissed me on the head. He told me everything was going to be fine. I told my parents, they were shocked and disappointed and they had supported me. They were great though, and i love them very much.

Cj's parent's weren't so happy, but they were very supportive too. Everything was okay, untill i had gone to school at 18 weeks. People that walked by called me a slut and a whore. i cried, but i told myself this was God's gift, and i should apprieciate it, and no matter what, i would be strong. i continued school untill i was 8 months pregnant. Cj and my parents didn't want to put any strain on me.

i gave birth in a birthing center, with Cj, his mom and my mom by my side. Then Zoey Tritans was born. It hurt a lot cause i didn't want an epidural because i didn't want my baby to be hurt. And i wanted to see how strong i was.

Cj and me continue school, and we are both 17. I love him, and he loves me We are a family, and no matter what happens, we will always be okay. i sit with zoey on the couch while we watch dora the explorer and think how thankful we are. i'm not a whore or a slutt, i am just like every other teen mom out there.

Zoey is beautiful, Cj is beautiful...and We are so lucky. And more news. I'm soon to become Mrs tristans!

Thank you for letting me share with you!


15 & having a baby

Well im 15 and 4 and a half months pregnant, in a way im scared to death but in another way im sooo happy

it is a real big life changing thing so i advice all you young people out there who want a baby at an early age to wait till ur mature enough.

The father of my baby doesnt want to know.. he said i either get rid of the baby or its over so i guess it was over..

i wouldnt change getting pregnant 4 te world but if i could have done it wen i was older i would have..

to the girls out there in the same situation just hang in there n stay strong 4 you and the baby ...

Jodie x x


my babies

well i was 13 when i found out i was pregnant. in a way i was scared, but in a way i was happy. my mom was sick and about to lose her leg. and everyone was cought up in taking care of her. my boyfriends mom was telling me and my parents that the baby wasnt his that he had a future and needed to go to school. so me and my family did it with out him.

i was picked on in school and people called my mother a bad parent. we even had child protected services called on us. on march 8th 2004 i had a baby boy. i named him nathanl ray. i didnt put his dad on the birth certificate cause i didnt want his help.

when i was 17 i met a guy named skylar. at first i didnt like him in the way he wanted me to, i only wanted to be friends. well we had sex sorta like friends with beneits. and i got pregnant again.

when i told him he hugged me and said we would get through this. he wanted me to have an abortion, but he already knew how i felt about that kinda thing. i felt if your going to mess up you need to deal with it and grow up.

but when i was about 4 1/2 montths he changed his mind and decided to be a father. he took me to the doctor and bought me things i craved. he did everything for me. when our daughter was born he stayed there the whole 3 days i was in the hospital.

im now 18 with a 3 yr old and a 2 month old. i live with skylar and we love each other so much. he even exceps nathanl as his own chlid.


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