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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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Hi my name's Michelle I'm sixteen ( I bearly turned sixteen in January) and six months pregnant with my first baby. I've known my boyfriend Ruben since seventh grade and trsuted him always. (He is currently sixteen in April 5th he'll be 17) But he would always leave me and come back. we weren't really stable until we were in ninth grade. We had unprotected sex everytime. we had unprotected sex for a year and i hadn't gotten pregnant. But in September you can guess what happened. i missed my period and was sleepy all the time.My older sister which is also my best friend took me to the doctor's and i was one month pregnant! I was really scared to tell my boyfriend because he said he didn't want any babies yet, but i loved my baby so i told him. His reaction really shocked me. He was really happy and told me he would stay with me and help me with our baby. The hard and SCARY part was telling my mom. She is a single mother and i was the youngest of three sisters so i was scared to tell her about this. She cried and was really disappointed. She thought i wasn't going to keep my good grades or keep going to schools because i was pregnant, but my baby is actually what motivates me to have good grades. Months had to pass for my mom to assimilate the fact of my baby on the way.My boyfriends mother didnt take the news as harshly as my mom did. She said as long as my boyfriend was still in football and track she had no problem. Months passed and i was really excited of how i really wanted to meet my baby. When i was four months they told me i was expecting a little boy. His dad was BEYOND excited always talking about how he wanted to play football with him and stuff like that. Now that everyone in school new what I was having they all said he was going to be like his dad the best football player in school. MY friends and sisters were beyond excited and shortly my mom was already loving little Michael. I wont say it's easy because it would be a lie but it isnt impossible ether. My baby and all those people who tell me i can't do this are what motivate me to want to be successful. My boyfriend is even more in love with me than he was before and now he is in love with our baby. We do fight as a normal couple but stay always together and strong for Michael. I love my two boys and can't wait to meet my little one in three months. I am scared of going into labor but i know as soon as i see MIchael's face i'll know that the pain was worth it. And as for his dad, i know he'll be there for me. I've loved him since seventh grade but now i love him more and i can truly say that he adores our baby and me. He's never left me alone and i'm thankful for that. He is always there when I'm angry sad etc and he has never left me alone even when i yell the most ugliest things to him. I get sad because i think i'm fat but he tells me that he's going to love me in any size and its true i feel like a whale but it gets me really happy how he calls me beautiful every morning and how every day Before i go to sleep and when i wake up he tells Michael and me "i Love You" "You're the best thing that has happened to me" I know this will be a long ride full of bad and great moments but im willing to take the ride and enjoy every last bit of it. It's not easy But i know ITS NOT IMPOSSIBLE :)


A single teen mom whos been hurt and loved at the

- Hey girls my names Alyssa iam 18 yrs old welll here's my story back in o9 is when i met my first love i need a vent he stold my heart with a kiss after school id reminice the way he'd hold me in his arms had me feeling above the stars i remember everything sometimes i see us in my dreams we found love that was that him and i i had his back shit was real and we got serious because i told em i missed my period time flew by and we got curious so i went to the clinic i took the test and when i finished it was a plus i was pregnant i told em he was happy i smiled at him he started laughing so i moved in shit was good in the beginning i understood he stuck around while i was pregnant put up with my shit and never put me 2nd i thank him for everthing he's done never left my side stayed with me since day one time flew by and i got big 4months pregnant my hormones hit .. we started arguing and it got ugly hands on each other we both was bloody i remember that night i won't forget it i wonder til this day if he regrets it time went by i had our daughter Alana faith she looks just like her father after we brought alana home fights got harder hits got stronger it was bad where we couldn't even be around each other so i got my shit and moved out i still loved him shit just wasn't working out we needed space so i moved to the valley 4hrs away we did our own thing we both had ours but just like me he had me on speed dial so some shit happens his mother calls crying saying he got locked up at that moment my heart dropped they caught him drinking and driving all i could think was oh my god when he gets out he gives me a call said he loved me and how he hasn't moved on so we make up and cake up the next day he comes get me alana and takes us back away it was amazing shit was back even tho i found out some lies it didn't take us so long to crack nobody knows what we been through only him and i and now y'all do ...


I'm in trouble

I'm currently 19 years old and 32 weeks pregnant. During my pregnancy, I was in denial about the whole thing. I don't talk to the baby daddy anymore so why should I come out of nowhere and message him? I finally accepted that I was pregnant and decided to get an abortion. Too late for that. I don't know what to do. My family is a very religious Christian family. I'm too scared to tell them and I'm stressing out. I wish I had the courage like you girls do.

Religious girl


Hi, I'm Sanna. I am a few weeks short of birth and even at the tender age of 17, I know already that this will be the hardest thing I will endure so long as I live. I was 17 when I had sex for the first time with a boy who I thought I was in love with, and was convinced he felt the same. Turns out he only stayed for the goods, and ditched me after he got what he wanted. On top of being an emotional wreck, I don't have any actual friends so I had no one to turn to when the tests came out positive. My parents didn't find out until my mother forced me to the doctors for the horrid and relentless vomitting. I refused to go and instead just decided to tell them. Lets just say, they didn't take it all that well. After about 7 straight hours of screaming rants, and my father telling me how much of a disappointment (only child, see) and embarrassment (first pregnant teen for generations) I am, they ordered for an abortion. I told them this was my responsibility and I have to deal with it. My mother understood but my father was furious. He shipped me off the Victoria to live with my grandma, which was yet another huge blow to reality. Grandma is an invalid with Alzheimer's who belongs in a home, but instead I have to cater to her every need with minimal financial support. My dad told me "that's what you get", constantly taunting me, telling me I had my chance to do the right thing. For this I hate my parents and will never forgive them for practically abandoning me. I had to leave school and get a job, and I still don't have any friends. I cried every single night throughout my entire second trimester, driven into complete depression, constantly contemplating about how drastically my life had changed in the space of a couple of months. I kept thinking maybe I should have got the abortion, things wouldn't be so hard, but then I remember what my "family" did to me, the heartless bastards. I haven't said a word to them in 5 months, nor to the baby's father. I doubt I'll ever see his face gain, nor do I think he even knows about the pregnancy. I couldn't care less about him now anyway. The only little real happiness I've felt was when I went for my 2nd ultrasound a couple of weeks ago, and I found out I was expecting a boy. I almost cried. However a few days after that grandma suffered a seizure and was admitted into a hospital. Unfortunately it means my parents are flying down to visit. Why they both beats me, but anyway. The doctors are giving grandma another couple of weeks or so, which is around my due date. They're telling me I should start making arrangements. So now I have to prepare for a possible death and a definite birth, an awkward reunion and an 18th which I don't think I'll be celebrating. I just want my boy to hurry already so I can finally hold him in my arms, I know seeing him for the first time will help me feel better again.


My Teenage Pregnancy: First Trimester

Im only 11 weeks along and teenage pregnancy is already the hardest thing Ive ever had to go through in my life. 17 years old, not yet graduated, parents hate the boyfriend, usual traits of a girl my age, but throw a baby into the mix, and all hell breaks loose. My parents didn't approve of my pregnancy whatsoever when they found out and demanded me to have an abortion. Im in love with my boyfriend, we plan on being together for a long time, I didn't want to our baby. So I kept it, and oh boy, were my parents PISSED. There were screaming matches for hours before my grandma came to pick me up. I lived with my grandma for two weeks. I thought I would be better off in any place besides my parent's house, but I figured out how false that was pretty quickly. My grandma and I stayed up until 3 in the morning that night talking about my future, my boyfriend, what I was going to do. I was obviously undecided about everything at this point, and every time my grandma would bring up sensitive topics, I'd immediately go into defense mode. I couldn't tell if my short temper was from the pregnancy hormones or if I was just sick of everyone thinking I had to be perfect and adjust to the way they wanted me to be. All I did for those two weeks was school work and a lot of moping around. After all, I felt extremely lonely being cut off from my friends and boyfriend, and I resented my family for it. Eventually, my mom let me know that she was going to deal with whatever decision I made about keeping the baby or not, and that I could come back home. I felt like things were starting to look up. I went to my doctor's appointments, my baby was healthy, I was allowed to take my car to see my boyfriend and friends on occasion, and I felt I had the freedom I had lost by being trapped in by my grandma. Little did I know my parents were going to tighten the leash on me, I got home thirty minutes later than I was supposed to one night and my car keys were gone for another good week and half. Let you know that I live in the middle of nowhere. No friends, no stores, no nada. No car keys equals no social life. The loneliness was kicking in real quick. The pregnancy hormones were taking a toll on me, and I worried every day and night. I couldn't sleep. I would ask myself, Is having this baby worth it? Will I be a good mother? Will I be able to afford this baby? Will my friends stray away?Will my boyfriend become uninterested in me?Am I ruining my life?These questions consumed me. I knew the answer to none and I worried about them all. I came to the conclusion that I'm going to end up alone, nobody wants me, my life is over. Gotta love those pregnancy hormones huh? Luckily, the humorous side of me gives me slight hope for the future.


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