Single Moms

It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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Kenzies world

Hello my names Mykenzie im 14 goin on 15 here's my story - Well me and my bestfriend xandreah was in 8th grade when we met our boyfriends mines name was Oscar and hers was Nickolous it was april 2012. We would skip school but still do our work we would hang out with them all tha time one Saturday nite my bestfriend had a house party being that her family lived in a 3story house so we were all smoking and drinking liqour for tha party we ended up wasted and oscars a bad boy type so he invited me into one of her rooms to chill and hangout he said that it was too rowdy so me being drunk said sure we ended up kissing .touching. etc you get where this going the next morning we woke up the boys was still there cause her parents went outta town and left her with her older sister but she did her own thing outside of the house so xandreah was pretty much incharge so tha boys left to shower and said they'd see us later so me and her went to tha movies with some girlys a month AFTER when i throu up in the theater restroom so next me and my bestfriend bought me pregnancy test 8of em all positive i broke down crying but i knew in whatever i wanted to do everyone in my life would respect and accept my choice so right off tha back i knew i was keeping my kids . yea KID(S) when i went to tha doctor i was 5wks so i continued on with tha support of my mom . Dad . Bestfriend and my babys father well when i went for my 13 week ultrasound tha doctor told me " You have any names for your babies " i said babies she said yes ma'am twins my jawdroped out of shock im thinking im 14 and pregnant with twins no way well how true it was in december. 2k12 i went into labor at 8mnths when i delivered my precious baby girl babyA ; Suezanna Marie Castillo carrying MY lastname and suezanna's my mommys name a minute later BabyB my precious baby boy Isaiah Malik Castillo their my world wouldn't trade em for anything girls if your not a parent please wait its very hard but things happen and yall don't want that please wait girlys I'm out


Teen mom

I'm Da'mallerie Rain .. I'm 15 this how my storie goes I. Was 12 at the time my sister Da'Monica Rain was 14 she's 17 now me nd my only sister dated two brothers name Jacob(19) nd David(22) me nd monica looked older so we both lied nd said i was 16 nd she was19 so we dated the brother for 5mnths My sister fell pregnant 2mnths into her relationship with david turns around my bday3mnths into it I turned 13 on my bday I. Found out I. Was preggo oh lord so we got tested together with out our mom nd dad so we planned to tell the brotheers together so we did jacob wasn't happy told he wnted nun to do with me david stuck by my sister soon jacob stuckby me soon my sister gave birth to my neice Davienna a Month after I gave birth to my baby girl Rainyeah Jomallerie iam now a juniour in HS my sister graduated Nyeah Jojo is about to be3yrs old my neice Enna Is alread 3yrs old my sister has a fulltime job at 17 I have a partime jacob watches Nyeah Jojo while I wrk nd during school when my mom bring me home I take Nyeah Jojo nd jacob goes to work I watch my neice enna while my sis work my mom nd me both while Da'monicas gone somehow manage both kids our lifes aren't easy but we get thru davids is jail my neices dad jacob sees him with enna nd there family my sister doesn't write/see him she doesn't want to until he's out well that's my storie teen mommys you can do it teens that aren't a parent of preggo yet WAITTTT FOR SEX I'VE LEARNED MY LESSON THE HARD WAY YOU'LL LEARN YOURS TOO BYEE.

- Mallerie,Monica,Rainyeah Jojo,Davienna Raina,Jacob,David Our Moms nd Dads


Good mother of 4 at 17

Hi . I'm Da'Monica rain : I had my first daughter Racquel Davienna when I was just 14 yesss it was very hard nd no she wasn't planned she's now 3 yrs old . I had my 2nd daughter Davianni Rainlynne who's now 2 on my 15th Birthday it was really hard havin two kids at such young age I made it tho then when a month befor my 16th bday I found out I was preggo with twins -_- So a month after my 17th bday My son nd 3rd daughter was born David Edward nd Darrilynne Elyanna Their now 2months nd 1day My babys dad is in jail he's 22 it sooo hard for me but I have a lot of support from both familys ive already graduated i have an Fulltime job only benafits i get is foodstamps im currently lookin for a house to rent of my own i have a car just need my liscence my babys are my world nd everything ill do anything nd everything just for them my lite to my moon the shine to my son the wind in my air the happiness in my heart I live for them nd ill die for them my kids first .. befor me I'm very happy with my life my kids are going to live nd learn nd have a very good life idgaf what ppl think its me nd my family first !!!

- Signed Da'Monicaa nd David , Racquel,Davianni,David,Darrilynne <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Online romance to pregnancy

I was 16 when I met the father of my daughter, he was 15. We were both gamers, and I met his mates through a school function. They introduced me to him over facebook, and we started chatting. Chatting eventually grew into something more. 5 months later we decided we had to meet each other, so I jumped on a bus and after 5 long and nerve wrecking hours, we met. The first night, we had sex. I don't regret it at all; it felt right because I was comfortable around him. I only stayed for 3 days, and had to travel back. From then on, our relationship was never the same. A few months passed and I felt my body starting to change. So I took the test. By this time, I and the baby's father were hardly talking; the reality of distance had finally caught up with us. I knew he wanted something more. So did I. After 2 more tests, I visited the doctor for final confirmation. Later that night, I told him the news. He got angry, and also very scared. We talked until 4am the next morning about how we were going to deal with it. He said I had to abort, but I wasn't so sure. He told me if I kept it, he can't be around for support. I could understand that, but it was not the answer I was hoping for. 5/05/12 I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, Kyla. She looks nothing of me, with big blue eyes and golden hair- all her father's doing. He and I don't talk anymore unless necessary. Every so often I take Kyla to visit her father and his family. They adore her so much. Thankfully my family was supportive, also. I left school so I could get a full time job to provide for my daughter. I've sacrificed a lot, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I have everything I need, and she's right here.



My name is Aasia. I am originally from India, but am now living in US. I am 60 years old. I have a lot of age, and a lot of experience. When I was 15, I was told that I was having an arranged marriage to a man called Rizwan. I was not happy, as I wanted to continue my schooling, but at that time, girls of my stature had not choice. My family was poor and we were "lucky" to find a man who would lessen the financial load on my family. He was willing to pay the mahr, a gift of money to me, but also a bride price to my family. They were eager to see me married to him. We married when I was sixteen and he was 30, and I quickly found that marriage was not what I was told it would be. Rizwan refused to allow me to spend the mahr, or even to see it. He also stopped me from seeing my family. I was still a young girl, and I was not ready to become a mother, but he insisted upon having a son. He had another wife before me, but she was unable to give him children. 10 months after my marriage, I had my first daughter, named Saira. I was very happy with her, as she was a lovely baby, but Rizwan was not happy. He insisted upon a son. When Saira was only 4 months old, I found myself with child again. I gave birth to another girl, Jannat. I now had two young children, and Rizwan and his family began to get angry with me. They demanded a son. I had another child when Jannat was a year and half old. This time a boy, Yusuf. I was very happy and relieved to have a son to please Rizwan. He decided that one son was only not enough. 2 sons was necessary. When I was 21 I had my 4th child, a girl name Shehnaz. Rizwan grew very angry with me, giving me only one chance more to have a son. At 22, another girl, was born. Her name was Nasreen. Rizwan was furious and he threw me from the house. I was forced to return to my parents and live in shame.

It was very hard with my children. My family was still poor and it was very hard on them to feed 6 more mouths. I working as a seamstress, but did not make good money. My children barely had clothing for their schooling. When Nasreen reached five, Rizwan returned. He wanted another son. He had married a new woman, but they had not worked. I was still married to him, and there was not much I could do to deny him. I had my sixth and seventh children, twins named Mawaan and Farah. Rizwan was happy for another son, but he was upset with the daughter. Things did not work with us, and Rizwan again asked me to leave home, this time with seven children. I was 28 and prospect for remarriage seemed dim. No man would take a woman with 7 child. I moved back into my parent home, and things were harder. my sisters had married since, but there was still not enough food. At many points, Rizwan returned wanting my sons. He wanted them but not my daughters. I wouldn't allow him, and he had drinking problems soon after I left, that would not let him see the children. He soon began to ignore them, and did not see most of their life. I was both Ammi and Abbu (mother and dad) for my children. Mawaan and Farah do not much remember him, but I am not sad. They are not sad neither. Although times were badly, I work for my children's success and today they have brought me to US. I encouraged my children to learn. Saira, Yusuf became doctors. Jannat, Nasreen and Shehnaz are teachers. Mawaan is in school now and Farah is working as a psychiatrist. I am very proud of my children.


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