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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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15 and pregnant

So I became pregnant at 15. It was my first time and he didnít have any condoms but he didnít tell that cause it didnít cross our minds.

Well his name is Hunter. We have been going out since the 6th grade I'm in the 12th grade now. I was pregnant in 10th. Well, I found out after our first time I was 2 months and when I told Hunter he nearly fainted

He said he didnít care about anything but me now and that he would be there for me. We now have a beautiful 2 year old girl named Samantha Faith Carroll. Oh yeah Hunter and I are getting married at the end of High School.


Baby at 17-18

I was 17 years old working, part-time at Wendyís and a sophomore at school. One night a guy walked into Wendyís I had never met or seen before but I just thought he was so cute. Turns out one guy I was working with that night knew him and asked him for his number for me. Turns out he had a girlfriend and I had no earthly idea it was a girl who rode my bus and that guy was my best friendís boyfriends brother (small world huh?).

Well anyways, one night I ran away from home with my friend and went to that guys house (he no longer had a girlfriend) and he had no idea I was even coming over so he comes home from work walks in his house and sees me there. Well, I ended up staying at his house 3 nights until I finally went home. My parents were worried and had no idea were I had been and had a missing person report out on me.

Well, me and that guy (Chris) continued to talk through the Internet and phone but were not allowed to see each other. My mom wouldnít allow it because he was 20 years old. Well finally on June 6, 5 months after we had been talking my mom agreed to meet him. He came over for dinner one night and my mom allowed me to go over his house the next night to hang out.

Sometime in August I went to a place that offers free confidential pregnancy tests, and me and him found out I was about 2 months pregnant and we had only been dating for 3 months. Well I told my mom and dad and my mom took it OK, but cried; most likely from disappointment. Well the guy (Chris) moved in with me and my family.

We decided to keep the baby and to get engaged. We set the wedding date for Feb.17th, 17 days after my 18th b-day and his 21st b-day (we have the same b-day). We are now married only about 2 months and have been together a year and expecting a baby girl any day. I know I messed up by getting pregnant so young but I am fixing that. I have a great husband who loves me very much and would do anything for me and is very excited about this baby.

I just wanted to share my story for other teens out there just because your pregnant doesnít mean your life is over. I am very happy about this baby and canít wait to have her in my arms and spend the rest of my life with Chris because I really think we are meant to be. Itís just funny how things turn out.


Graduate this month and yet I'm pregnant

Well I'm 5 months pregnant, and I'm 23. I'll be graduating this coming Saturday for college taking up architecture and I'm happy. Though my story would seem different because in my age right now having a baby was not really the major thing I would do.

All the people around me wouldnít believe I was pregnant. My parents were shocked because I never told them anything about my relationship with Ryan (recent boyfriend), which they were thinking was my ex-boyfriend.

Having an abortion was the first thing that came into my mind because Jr. (5months bf) was giving me ideas that he canít support and doesnít want to get married yet. I left from town. After having a vacation, Ryan contacted me after 5months w/o communicating and since weíre good friends I agreed to meet him again-because I want to make sure if I still have feelings for him and I did.

A week after I hooked up with both of them. I forgot to take my pills and thatís when I knew after 2months I was pregnant. For me, Jr was the father but my doctor could tell that Ryan could be too. I asked help to my friends because they donít want me to get an abortion. Jr. doesnít want to keep the baby but Ryan does, so I let Ryan take the responsibility since he could be the father, I guess.

He would take me to the doctor and give me money for my medicine and milk. Weíre not officially the boyfriend and girlfriend thing; but he lets me feel that I am. Heís been working while studying his own business just to provide us money for the baby and me.

I told Jr. everything and he wants me back though I never told him that he might be the father. I just want him out of my life for the things he said to me before that he wants it aborted...I'm happy now but sometimes Iím scared knowing that Jr. could be the father.

My friends said I had made the right decision and how lucky I am that Ryan is beside me-helping and supporting me. I just hope he is the real father.


Baby at 17

I was 16, Dan was 20. I had been with him for 2 years. Then I found out I was pregnant; my Mum was so excited. All my boyfriend did was cry. He was very young for his age. His Mum rang me the next day saying that he was too young to be a father, even though he was 4 years older than me, and that I needed to get an abortion, which is something Iím dead against Ė well for me anyway.

Two days later I had a miscarriage. All Dan could say was thank god. I was devastated! Two months later after cheating on me on and off for the past 2 years I decided to end it and I started dating another guy Rick, who was 24. Three weeks later I found out I was pregnant. Rick was stoked but became very possessive to the extent I couldn't have any contact with my family; that made me angry.

He came home one night from the pub when I was about 11 weeks and got abusive towards me, threw me on the bed because there was no milk. That really scared me. The next day I rang my Mum who bought me a plane ticket to come home. A few days later Rick was at work. I caught the bus into town and got the hell out of there. When he rang my Mumís I answered. He started going on that heís going for full custody when the babyís born and stuff to scare me, which it did.

When I went for my 18 week scan they told me I was actually 23-24 weeks pregnant. I thought back and knew it wasnít Ricks. That was the best feeling; that he had no rights to even go for visitation. He had controlled me because I was pregnant with his child. I told him and he didnít believe me, but he never tried to ring after that. The rest of my pregnancy went smooth and I delivered a 2 weeks overdue baby boy 9lb Raven Alexander Williams. It was the best day of my life.

He is now 3 and Iím now living with my fiancť nearly of 3 years. Iíve known him since I was 5; heís a family friend We are expecting a baby this year. We are so excited and my son keeps bragging to his friends that heís going to be a big brother and help his mummy.

I wouldn't change anything for the world.


Mommy's Baby Daddy's Maybe is What he Said!

Well I started off by telling him that I was pregnant because I hadn't had my period. Well we had broken up, thatís when it all started: RUMORS!! Well, "it wasn't his", "it was black"(not that there was anything wrong with that) also because we are both white. Then it was it is "this and that guys", and then it was "I'm not pregnant".

Then in about my 8th-month the father and me got back together and he was there when she was born and she looked just like him and his mom!

But his dad told me that I needed to get a DNA test because I didn't know if it was his sons! Yeah thatís my "family". Great huh?!


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