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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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Hi my names Bella and I'm 16. I had my baby girl Aubrey at
15. She is really hard work and her father left me because we fought to much. Luckily he comes to see her as much as he can and pays child support he also helped support me when my parents kicked me out and now I have my own apparatment. I work part time at Ralph Lauren and managed to finish school. Being a teen mom is hard work and even though I managed to do it and complete my goals it is not for everyone I think it may been better if I was older so I could be a better mum I recommend preventing as much as possible have your future child in mind.


When I was 14 I got pregnant from my boyfriend who was 15 at the time, we were having sex without protection and it didnt take long for me to get pregnant. I realised i was pregnant and when i took a pregnancy test it was positive. I told my bf that i would just get an abortion as soon as i had a chance to, it seemed like the easiest solution. But we hid the pregnancy for the longest time. When I finally told my mom she took me straight away to the doctor and he told me i was already 22 weeks pregnant which meant i wasnt allowed to abort. I said i would give it up for adoption but in the end i kept my baby. Nicole Jae was born a couple weeks short of my 15th birthday. Afterward my bf no longer was around.

When i was 15 and Nicole was about 4 months old I met Will who I immediately fell for, but he was 19 and my mom didnt approve of me dating anybody. So we started dating behind her back, and we started having sex with condoms but a condom must have broke because I found out i was pregnant again. I asked Will if he was going to be there for me, because if not i would have an abortion because i wouldn't be a single mom of two kids. He said he'd help as much as possible, when my mom found out she was furious because Nicole was only 7 months old at that point. After i started to see a doctor he informed me that i would be having twins, and it felt like the worst news i could hear. when i told Will he broke up with me and said he had changed his mind. My two boys were born in august and they are healthy and beautiful. Nicole is almost 18 months and her father is still out of the picture. Will has only come to see his kids a total of nine times. Being a mom is hard and i honestly regret having kids so young.



As usual i am a teen (16) and i go to Cameron ( My ex-boyfriend) house while his parents aren't home and we have sex. for two months i missed my period. So me and my sister go and buy some pregnancy test and it was negative. The next few months i was hungry, had mood swings and i was puking, so i go to the doctor and i took another pregnancy test and it was positive. The doctor asked me if i wanted a ultrasound, and i said yes and there was baby. She asked me if i wanted to know the gender and i said yes and she said i had a little boy inside of me. and i said that i will give him up for adoption. When i gave birth to him i couldn't and now i am raising Matthew John Savere. Also i don't regret having Matthew


My hard times.

Ever since November 2011.... the condom broke... so after that me an my boyfriend never used condoms because i didnt end up pregnant until now... Yeah we been through alot of break ups but we always seem to get back together.... He is always saying im just with him for money.. but im not with him for money. im with him because he makes me happy, loves me, an is always there for me, he just got his own place last night. i forgot to tell you, i have step parents and im 16 years old. my boyfriend is 18.. we been dating since i was almost 14, still together, and i just found out im pregnant about 3 weeks ago. because i was trying to have pop.. but after drinking it i kept puking. so that was when me and my boyfriend werent together and before we broke up he bought 2 pregnancy test... the first one i toook said not pregnant.. probly cause i didnt pee on it alot... then on the second test i just peed in a cup an it really shocked me too see that it said Pregnant... idk what im gonna tell my parents im only 16... my boyfriend has his own place. Hes the youngest in his family hes called the baby.. he's excited because he wants too have kids with me, and marry me. The night i found out im pregnant my BF was getting ready too drink.. then he walked me home... and then next day he got a happy, just that my mom was my age when she got pregnant and through out her teen years she had my brother at age 16 my other brother at age 17 and me at 20. an two sisters after that... me an my boyfriend are still together.. i still havent gone too the hospital but i have prenatal vitamins. so ill see how things go with telling the family.


12and a good mom

Hi im meeka and im 12and I have a baby girl name ka'niyah
She is my light and joy but this is my story I got pregnant from this
Boy I mett aht a party and he said he was going to get me a drink
And I knew I shoudnt have let him but I drunk what he gave me
We danced a lil then I got real woost and I couldnt stand he asked to take mehome I thought he was being a gentleman so I went we ended up aht his place he took me in and we talked I felt a little better just in the MOOD if you know what I mean I knew him already he was ninth grade so we liked each other alot he said he wanted to be my boyfriend I said yes we kissed and then ended up having sex well three weeks later I woke up throwing up I called gim and told him he said he would come over he brought three pregnancy test all of them came out positive and I told my mom she was so fissapointed in me she sent to live with hym I stayed for 5months out of my pregnacy and she said I could come home then time through my pregnancy flew by time for the baby I was sitting in math class ehen my water broke and my mom came and got me I gave birth to my little fatma aht2:00am she weighed 9pounds today she is 6months and is the light of my life I know what I did was wrong and way to early but things happend but girls out the who are doing what I did its not easy yeah to have a baby of your own is good but to be on your own and being yung with a child at thirtteen it aint easy at all think befor you do and see how easy it is to jave a regular teenage life I gave mine up for ka'niyah and I wouldnt change it for the world


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