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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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15 and pregnant

When I found out I was pregnant. I was scared. I didn't know what to do... I was scared to tell my mom about it because I know I was going to get kicked out.. Ugh!! The baby father know I am pregnant but he thought I was having twins. God I hope now. But I am not.minam five months pregnant now, but I know I am going to be a single mom because the dad don't seem to care to help me. Imam having a baby girl!! I am naming her Mia lea wing(: god I hope I am ready for this.

Jaylynn wing

17 pregnant, daughter 17 mos

well i first fell preg at 15. the father dipped on me but i decided to keep my daughter and to this day she continues to put a smile on my face.
and also i am engaged at 17 me an my fiance just found out this morning i was preg. im a lil scared and excited im just a lil worried cause i am currently lookin for a job and dont kow what im gone do
i really want to buy a car but wont b 18 till feb. i dont know what im gone do i just wish there was more teens on the same boat as me but dont abort your baby it not your fault just make the best decision there is to be


14 & pregnant

My name is Nina , & im now 15 i was pregnant at the age of 14 ): i was really in love with this handsom football player named quism i was raised with no father but a foster mom . heres my story . the day before my birthday quism asked me to come to his house , & i was confused the hotest boy in my school asked me to come chill with him , well i went to his house & we went to his room when we got in there he was telling me how much he liked me , & everything but i was listening to my heart not my head ididnt thnk about anything . after he told me how "he felt" it was like music flowing thru my head i started kissnhim . and beginned laying down i started gettin nervous because i was a virgin and i didnt no what i was getting myself into but he told me its gonna be alright and just to put my trust in him i started crying because it hurted very much but whennn he was about to climax he told me he loved me , & i was to in to the sex that iwasnt worried about anything like A condom ); went to school the next day i went to school and still wasnt thinking about it at all but i went to my locker and saw him craddled up with his ex Brynne ? and i was confused cous i thought we were together , but everybody said the they was back together half way thru the day i got a hall pass to the bathroom andd he ran out in the hallwayand picked me up & said come to my house after school , so i went & i told him how i saw brynne and him today and i beginned to cry a lil , and he told me it wasnt nothing soooo i wiped my face and we beginned to have sex . weeks later i was feeling light headed and throwing up eeverywhere and 5 days missed never felt thatway before and i had the idea that i was pregnant but i wasnt trynna say that i was so i told him what was going on and accidentally threww up on his book bag & later on that same week we went to the doctors and told me i was 6 weeks pregnant and the only thing that was on my mind was wtf was i gonna do i was only in the 8th grade . i wanted to walk down the aisle wanking at my mom . he wanted me tokeep the baby sooooo bad , and imnot gonna lie i wanted tokeep my baby as well , as weeks went by my stomach beginned to grow i started skipping school because i was afraid about what people would think when my stomach got biger i thought it was time to tell my mom but my mom wasnt as hard on me as majority of the kids in my school , my mom is the opposite racist of me and not very hard . So wenn i told her its like she didnt mind i really wanted her to get on me andtell me how wrong was i . and she told me she didnt believe in abortions and why should i give a child up for addoption if i was in there and i didnt like it . so me and my mom went to quasim house and had totell his mom the news & his momwas soooo happyy but i still wasnt . me and quasim went upstair thinking about the name & while we were upstairs it was like the best boyfriend ever like laughing , kissing , cuddling i didnt wanna give my baby up anymore (: i was now 5 month pregnant & found out i was havng a lil man (: happy life i was living until i went back to school when everybody saw that i was wearing a hoodie 10 x my size they got the idea something was wrong & i took my bestfriend in the bathroom and didnt think nobody was in there and showed her and told her i was pregnant she was happy for me too , somehow the word got out . i thought it was because of my bestfriend but it wasnt it was because the girl brynne was in the bathroom . when i got to the staircase the girls jumpped me . but everything was good . me and quasim was still together my baby was all right . and i still walked down the aisle the day of my graduation (; with the huges smile ever ! & 9 months later i went into labor a handsom young man name him Quamere De'Andre Moorer and till this day were still together (:


Madison, my miracle

Jack* was that kind of guy that you instantly liked. We were both 15 when we met and I fell for him 100%.I had previously guys/boyfriends but none were like Jack. Jack was sweet and more understanding (and hot) then any of them. After we dated for like 2 months- I went over to Jack's place- nobody was home. We made out- but I (OMG THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING) bumped his fly which turned him on and his sperm went everywhere. He put on a condom- but it must have broke or something- because I missed my period a few weeks later. I bought a test from the chemist and I freaked out when it was positive. I told Jack, and his parents were supportive- my parent's not so much! Mum basically screamed and Dad almost kicked me out of the house. (I was an only child so yeah...) Jack and I started skipping school (we were in grade 10) and his parents offered to support me for a while. When I had our baby all it took was one look at her... She was perfect and Jack and I fell for her instantly. We named her 'Madison'.
1 year on- Jack and I are still together. Being only 16 doesn't mean that you are a bad parent because Jack and I are raising Maddi just fine. My Parent's are being more supportive now- but I'll be everly greatful to Jack's mum and dad for supporting us from the start. Maddi is 13 months right now- and she is the most perfect child that I'm lucky to be a Mum to.
She is my miracle....
Thanks.... from Katey


Now what do I do?

I'm 17 years old, & yes I love to party. Sneaking into bars, hooking up with friends & so on. My story begins in the summer, at a party I went to with my best friend her gorgeous cousin was there. We have hooked up several times before & nothing happend. No feelings involved, & no baby. That party was fun both got drunk. Had sex, no condom no birth control. Of coarse me being the typical teen I am, I didn't even give it a thought that I could be. It's October now, we had sex in July, I've been partying ever since today when I thought I'd take a test because I told my sister I haven't got my period in awhile. Now I'm pregnant, still in shock, don't know what to do, who to tell. I'm scared that the baby I have inside of me will have birth defects, or the baby's father will not be there, or I'll end up loosing my friends & especially my family. But I'll take it day by day, work up the courage to tell the people I need to.


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