Single Moms

It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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Callie Havana Kaitlin Sumner

When I 16 years old I started going out with my first boyfriend Bradin. I was head cheerleader, popular, and had a lot of friends and he was captain of the football team. So a month of dating he pressured into having sex with him. We were in his room messing around and I finally gave in. I wasn't on the pill and we didn't use protection. A week later he broke up with after he got What he wanted. Soon after I found out he split. I told my parents who were very supportive. Then I gave birth to my baby girl Callie Havana Kaitlin Sumner.


Long road ahead

Hi I'm shayla and I'm 18years old.
First off, I am not a single mum so don't judge.
I am 10wks pregnant and I have been with the baby's father for four years, high school sweethearts. We are currently moving out together as my parents are both not supportive of this pregnancy and the decision to keep the baby. Though brads parents are overjoyed and cannot wait for their grandchild to arrive. Thoughts of abortion have definitely run though my head, I am very very scared but have faith in our decision. I'm due in February 25th, and hope everything works out even though I have some health issues (a pituitary tumour and a Tumour on my temple) tht are putting pressure on this pregnancy and our relationship.


struggles of being a teen mum

when i was 15 i thought life was great my parents had just learned to trust me i was a straight A student i had amazing friends i was popular i had everything going for me i had a boyfriend who was 19 and yeah we had protected sex until a party one night we got drunk and careless i fell pregnant in the back seat of his car. My parents were the first to know my mum was ok with it upset but ok my dad didnt talk to me for the whole time i was pregnant when it was time to tell the dad he was over the moon he was gong to have a baby but what he didnt relise was the sickness that came with it. one night at a family function i felt sick and went home he told me he went home aswell but instead he went to a party and the reason i know is because my sister was there the next day i was told that he had slept with my sisters best friend i didnt believe it i thought he loved me i asked him he denied it and i believed him until she finds out she is pregnant as well. so not only was i pregnant my unborn child was going to have a sibling. we broke up not long after that i couldnt deal with the stress and he couldnt deal with the sickness. so now i wasnt just underage a nd pregnant i was single i had alot of support from my mum she was amazing there the whole thing. i continued with school untill people started to find out and things had changed i had no friends the only friend i had was amazing and supportive but other than that i had nothing and to make things worse my ex was with my sisters best friend. things got more stressed seeing them together so i had moved about an hour and a half away so i had to start at a new school new friends and a new town . everything was great untill kids started to talk i was known as a slut but the worst thing was no one knew and was quick to judge i had been teased almost every day untill the day someone turned to me and said "so i hear your a slut i mean only sluts fall pregnant at 15" i couldnt handle it after that so i had left school. when i was 16 i woke with pains i was in labour so we rove to the hospital i was in labour for 38 hours and eventually had to have a emergancy c section and i had had a healthy baby boy it was the happiest day of my life and nothing could bring me down not even the fact that my ex had had there baby 2 hours earlier. i struggled heaps to coe but with the support of my family i got there my child is now 3 and i still struggle every day im still a single parent afraid to be hurt again. my son has never met his dad and his dad is due to have his 3rd child. no matter how hard it was im still happy and the kids that teased me through my school years all have kids now. im a proud mother and i couldnt wish for anything better dont ever let anyone bring you down in life because at the end of the day life is what you make it.


At 16 & 18, We're Expecting!

my name is Patience, im 16yrs old and 20wks pregnant. Jesse, the Baby's father is 18. We met over a year ago, and just now found out in March we were pregnant. We had conceived on valentines day, but the thing is... we knew we had just gotten pregnant. we both had that feeling. we had talked about it, and even tried it. our family caused a lot of stress so we stopped talking. we had moved out on our own in January. we just recently moved to a better home about a month ago, perfect to raise our Baby. On June 25, we found out we're having a little boy!!! Izaiha Allen is due November 15. we love seeing our lil prince in ultrasounds, feeling him kick and hearing his heartbeat. ofcourse, every couple has arguments... but jesse and i make it. we talk about things, and get along better than i've ever known any couple getting along. jesse is my world, my reason for existance.. and now we get to start our family! <3 i couldn't ask for a better life, fiance and first time pregnancy.

Patience Crane

16 & pregnant

So yesterday i found out i am 6 weeks pregnant. I am 16 i will be 17 in october and my boyfriend is 14 he will be 15 in november. My boyfriend is very immature. We are against abortion coming from a southern baptist families. I dont agree with adoption either because it is our responsibility to raise our baby. If its a girl her name will be Laney Marie or Jessica Amadea if its a boy he will be named after his daddy the fourth.


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