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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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The tiny miracle I call love

life is never what we expect it to be, is it? We expect to get a good job, a wonderful husband and the perfect children, in that order. This, however is not always the case. I never expected to become pregnant at just 17.
I found out I was pregnant on my birthday. I was both shocked and terrified. i knew that I hadn't intended this and was scared how my boyfriend, Max, would react. I assumed he would stay with me, but turns out he wouldn't. He would trade our family for a football scholarship and a cheerleader named Alice..
I was crushed, Max was always the strong steady type and he left me alone and 3 months pregnant.
Telling my parents was awful. I have never really had a relationship with my dad, because he just recentely reentered my life after abandoning me and my mom when I was 6 months old. My mom was a totally different story. She was extremely upset with me. She asked my what I was going to do with my future. I wanted to be a doctor, how could I do clinicals with a child?
I calmly told her that I was still going to pursue my dreams, just later that I thought I would. She was still furious, but told me that I had her support no matter what.
When i was about 19 weeks I found out I was having a baby girl. I didn't keep the gender a suprise because I had decided that I had enough suprises for a life time, and I didn't see the point.
The labor was hard and painful. It took 12 hours and two epidurals. Plus my mothers help before she was born.
Katelyn Elizabeth Moore was born on May 12th 2011 at 2am. I was completely exhausted, but also completely in love.
Well, Max does have contact now, though it is supervised visitation and only one day a week. My mom loves being a grandma, though would have prefered it to have happened later. My dad also loves being a grandparent. Did I mention that Kate is their first grandchild?
I have graduated and enrolled in college as a full time student. I will not be a doctor but a nurse, less time and really good pay. I absolutely love being a mom, though it is tough, but wouldn't it tough no matter what age. I would be more mature but not more in love. And as for Kate. Well she is just perfect. She is loud and wonderful, playful and adventrous. I plan on telling her to wait for sex when she is older. I don't want her to have to struggle and worry about things like I do sometimes. I don't want her to juggle college a job and a kid. I want the best for her. I was stupid to get pregnant early, but I do not regret Kate at all.

Love you Katie baby,
Love Ashleigh M. Carson

Ashleigh Wilkionson

15 and pregnant!

It all started when i was at my dads for the school holidays. I knew i was ment to get my period while i was there and i kept getting cramps but no period. So one day when i was bored at dads house i decided to inbox my friend to ask if she had gotten her period yet (we would usally get it around the same time) and she replied "yeah 2 weeks ago"
i was so scared! I asked my friend if she could get me a pregnancy test for when i get back from dads and she said yeah.
so when i got home i had totaly forgoten about it and was about to go out drinking with my bf (at the time) when my friend said she had the test for me.
so i took the test and it came up positive! After that i was ment to b meeting up with my bf to drink. So i went and met up with him and he asked if i was drinking and i told him no and he asked y but i wasnt ready to tell him so i just said i didnt feel like it.
a few days after i decided to tell my bf i was pregnant. I told him while we were watching a movie at my place, he told me right then and there that he wanted me to keep it :) i was so happy to hear that coz i knew i wanted to keep it.
like a month after that i knew i had to tell my mum but i was just too scared to so i got my friend to inbox mum and tell her for me lol.
when i got home from a friends place mum was sitting in the kitchen with my bfs mum and my bf!
mum told me my bf could stay ova and in the morning she would get me a pregancy test.
so in the morning i did it and it came up positive so mum took me to the doctors and they took my bood and said im around 14 weeks aready so they booked me in for an utrasound and i was ony at 8 weeks :)
my mum told me she would support me on whateva i decided to do but if i decided to keep it i couldnt stay iving at home as it was too crowded already. So a few weeks after i moved in with my 18 year old sister, her bf and their son.
my bf got kicked out of his house a week after i moved in with my sister so he ended up moving in too. So everything was going wel until my bf started drinking all the time. I ended up kicking him out and we broke up :( when he moved out i started hating it where i lived so mum ended up letting me move back in. Ive had a pretty ez pregnancy, no sickness and no tiredness ive been feeling pretty good :) im very happy and excited to have my baby and me and babys daddy are still friends and talk alot.
im currenty 28 weeks with our baby boy that we r naming Jayce, due 5th of september 2012 :)


Ginny Rose Marie

When i was 15 i fell in love with my boyfriend of 3 weeks. Needless to say, we had sex. After our us being together for 2 months, he dumped me. It was then i realized he loved me temporarily, just until he was done with me. I was heartbroken and a month after we we're done, i found out i was pregnant. It was exactly an ideal way to find out. I had a yearly doctor appointment, my doctor wanted to put me on birth control and it was a standard test to make sure i didnt have anything wrong with me. When i went back to see my doctor, along with my mom she told me i was pregnant.

My first thought was to get an abortion, but after while i realized that i didnt want one. Soon enough word got out around my school that i was pregnant, it didnt take long.My mum and dad werent accepted my decision to keep the baby, they werent happy about it though. At my first appointment with the altrasound tech, i learned i was 12 weeks pregnant. Soon after i got news that i would be having a girl. On september 17th i gave birth to my beautiful daughter Ginny Rose Marie. Her father came to see her when she was 2 days old, which was a bit shocking since i hadent spoken to him since i was about 5 months pregnant. I was happy that he wanted to a part of her life, but when Ginny was about 3 months old he told that he couldnt do it anymore, he tried but couldnt do it. Today Ginny i almost two, and without my mum and dad i dont know where i would be.


Mommy At 17

You know when you think your " inlove" , your crazy about him , you'll do anything for him. & think that you guys will always be together through anything and everything, i believe him, everything that he has ever told me. Boy was i wrong.

Heres my story :
I have been knowing J for almost 3 years now. We were bestfriends before we got together. He was always there for me and hated how everytime i got into a relationship with another guy and they would hurt me. So we decided to give it a shot. We started having sex on our 6 month anniversary. We did use condoms but we didnt like so much so we started doing the " pull out method" , thats when i got pregnat. I kept feeling sick , throwing up etc. but i only thought i was getting sick and then i started gaining weight, i went to the doctors and they told me i was 6 weeks pregnant. I was shocked, couldnt believe it, i cried myself to sleep at night , i couldnt tell my parents just yet . When i told J i was pregnant he was shocked but stayed by my side through it all. When i finally told my parents they werent supportive. I moved in with J and his family took me in if i was their own.
i found out that i was having a baby girl , J was excited ,
J started messing around for other girls but i wasnt going to go through that so i moved backed in with my parents.
Me and J arent together atm but thats okay because ill have my baby girl by myside.

to all the single mommys , you dont need any guy to help you, thats their lost for not being their for their child, keep your head up & smile <3

Mommy Loves You Anihia Marie <3


Pregnant at 17

It was the start of my graduating year i had a bright future ahead of me. I even got accepted in to collage for culinary arts cooking program the following year.
(Matt was in grade 10 but was older) we met and started dating oct 1. we were the most weirdest couple you would ever met but everyone of our friends said we belonged together. you would never find us without each other by the end of December we were engaged. The first time he stayed over my house was new years eve. My mom and step dad went out for a little bit and we were home alone so you can kinda guess what happened. On jan 29th I broke up with him cause he was cheating on me(I cried so much that night)...On Feb. 1 i went to work around 4. I had this wired feeling I wasn't even that late not even by a day. i told my co work ill be right back and i went to the store to buy a pregnancy test took it back to work.. At 4:30 i took the test and by 4:40 i was looking at a positive. i was so scared I didn't know what to do. when i got done of work i went home and told my mom she wasn't mad but really disappointed(she was pregnant too at the time). The next day i went to the hospital to take another test from my doctor they said it would take a few hours to get the results so after that i went to my friends house by 2 i had the phone call saying the same thing the test said the night before. my friend told me i should tell the father so i did call .. he started crying and saying no over and over again The first really words to come out of his mouth was "get rid of it'' I just sat down on the floor and said 'I cant" and after awhile he said he didn't believe me and i was playing a joke on him to try and get him back and wanted me to take another test right in front of him...I can replay that whole conversation in my head over and over again I remember everything. i called my mom after words and told her what he said she said he had until Sunday to tell his father or she was telling him. That Sunday I went over his house we were down stairs talking and he kissed and said he loves me and misses me and wants me back and I said yes cause I was sacred and didn't want to be alone. After a bit we went up stair he was to scared to tell his father so I did his father was disappointed in both of us but he said he will support us. I never talk to him after that. on the 22 on Feb. I was sent to the hospital cause I was have really bad pains and didn't know what was happening I though I was losing the baby I was in tears when I went to tell matt in was in class he walked me to the main part of the school and kissed me goodbye and said everything will be the end of that day everything was ok. I came to find out I was 7 weeks and 2 days..I txted and call matt but he wouldn't answer his phone when I got home at 11 that night I called him and told him what happen and all he said ok�æ I said I love you and bye and all he said was bye not even I love you . The next day he got his best friends to break up with me for him.. Ever since then i'll talk to him maybe once every 3 weeks if i'm lucky... I found out around 16 weeks that his father wants to get a DNA test done to see if his son really is the father.. . I'm now 23 weeks I'm due oct 8th 2012..My life is really messed up but the only thing that keeping me going is knowing that my little boy will love me for me and I have a loving family behind me.



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