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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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chelsea welch story

hi my name is chelsea hopkin welch im 17 years old and im a single mother im going to 18 this month and starting 12 grade i was very shocked when i findout when i was pregnant last year my parents were speechless and so is my ex-boyfriend now when i had my beautifyl daughter on march 8,2012 her name is aubree chelsea wyatt she is 3 months and 2 week old i really can't go sleep because i have to wake up and feed her put her to bed but now teen motherhood is hard.

chelsea hopkin welch

Everything happens for a reason.

So here is my story... I was 17 when I found out I was pregnant wit my now 7 yr old son Gabriel an I was glad that I had my mother here to support me every step of the way because at first my sons father was around but he soon had began to say he was not the father when he went to jail whice took me by supise because he was livin wit me n everythin??? We broke up an it was a mess I mean fist fights,my windows got busted out the policed where called I just couldn't take it anymore with all of that goin on I still stayed wit him until he got out n didn't want any thing to do wit my son because he was too "brown" lol duh I'm mex/pr n dark skined so after all that I knew my son n I would be better off without him and still to this day he doesn't have anything to do with my son:-(.Soon after I began talkin to a new guy n 9 weeks after my son was born I found out I was prego again wit my now 6 yr old daughter Anazhia I was sooo shocked an highly upset with myself I almost was goin to get an abortion but once again I had my mother by my side telling me that everything would be okay,but don't think I had everything handed to me... I had to get my own place an cps had to come make sure I had food,clothes,beds ect..for my babies an I. With all this goin on I told my daugthers father I was prego n he seemed to be ok with it then he changed his # I seen him about 2 weeks later with my bestfriends sister n he acted as if he didn't know me at all so I did what any strong young women would do I got a job waitressing an did what I had to do so that my babies whould always have what they needed. I was a single mother for 4yrs I'm mean I did have little relationships here n there but none of them lasted nobody wanted to be with an 18 yr old lady that had 2 kids with 2 different guys so I had along lonely and depressing 4 yr but we where doing great. I was now 22 yrs old still in my own place I had my ups n downs but I was doing it I then started dating my bestfriends brother I thought things whould be great because we knew each other for about 6 yrs an he knew what I had experienced with my other kids fathers so after about 3 months he was living with me I found out I was prego wit my now 3 yr old daughter Anisida, just when I thougt my life was looking good he left me to move back in with his bm who was secertly hiding that she was 6 months prego with the girl he always wanted so once again I was doing this alone he then wanted nothing to do with my baby he told my bestfriend (his sister) that I did it with the first 2 why not do it again what a sad accuse of a man huh...Oh and Anizhia's dad stays 5 blocks away n still hardly see's her or does anything for her unless I hunt him down.I know this story is long I'm almost done lady's bare with me, I'm now almost 26 yrs old and I have an amazing man in my life he is my bestfriend and my soon to be husband and a great father figure to all three of my kids he treats them as if they are all his own n I couldn't ask for a better man, I got off of the shot and a little after a year we started trying to have a baby oh an we are now expecting our first baby together I'm now a stay at home mom and I'm enjoying every moment of it lol well almost every moment of it, we go to the doctors together, we've been thinking of all kinds of names and as soon as we find out what we are having we are going shopping to get everything we need for our baby. I'm so glad that after everything I been throw I still could appreciate a good man I didn't let the f*cked up so called men we have in this world ruin my kids or my life cause everything happens for a reason and God only gives you as much as he knows you can handle. So just when you think things can't get any worse you have to remember they only get worse befor it starts getting better so keep your head up and stay strong not only for yourself but for the kids you have to be role models for your babies.


15 and pregnant

My name is Alisha and I am currently 18 but I got pregnant when I was 15. I have a beautiful baby girl who is 2 and her name is Isabella who was born on January 16, 2010. Her father was never really there for her when she was first born and he took her only sometimes up until recently. Bellas father about 3 months ago moved to far away from us and now he doesnt see her at all. He left and hes only called about 3 times and 2 of those times were way past her bed time and he knew this, Being a single mom is difficult and for me what is more difficult and now that she is old enough she starts to notice his absense. When your 2 year old little girl asks where her daddy is, what are you suppose to do?


Love em to death

I'm not a single mom but I will share my story. I was 16 and I had the best boyfriend you could ask for,Chris, I was 15 and we had been going out for 2 years so he invited me over to celebrate and well I got pregnant. When I told him he was shocked but he had always loved kids so he was also happy. My parents however were not. They kicked me out. His parents were bless their heart so supportive and 6 months later we had a beautiful baby boy named Carter. Now we are planning his second birthday. My parents and I talk sometimes but I ended up moving in with Chris and we are planning to get married after graduation. I am blessed with the 2 most beautiful boys ever
Stay strong girls it will get better
Proud mommy molly


Never thought it would happen to me!

First off don't judge me!!

Well i meet josh at a party.. i played so hard to get forever.. cause i was so tired of getting hurt. So it went on for about a year.. i was dating his best friend.. but i know he was cheating on me with another girl.. && i really liked josh alot he was so sweet, caring, && so loving. He was my dream man.. i waited for so long.. && finally we were at a party one night at my aunts house.. he told her to ask me to come to his car.. cause he wanted to ask me something.. i was like ok.. so i went to josh's car.. he said do you like me? I said yes i do to be honest.. he said would you want to be together as a couple? I said i do but im scared of getting hurt.. he said baby trust me i will never hirt you ever.. so i believed him.. && we were together a month.. then i spent the night at his house.. his parents were gone && my parents thought i was at my aunts house.. so we had sex for the first time.. && we we fell in love very fast.. && a month latter i was feeling so weired.. it was crazy.. i was very scared.. his mom pops the pregnancy test out && says i wanna know if im a grandparent or not.. i was only 16 years old.. josh was 19 years old.. && i pretended like i didn't have to pee && i really did badly.. i was just so scared of what that test was gonna pop up.. well as soon as i peed on both test.. they said PREGNANT!! i cried all night on josh's chest.. him && his parents were the happiest people ever.. they were on cloud9.. my parents on the other hand was pretty mad && upset alot.. but a few days after they started to except it.. && they were getting anxious && excited.. Me && Josh got married on July-30-2005. On my 17th birthday.. i was so scared but i love him with all my heart.. we had a beautiful wedding thanks to his parents && the church they went to.. then Skyler was born February-14-2006.. he was my little Valentine's president! The best one ever!! He was healthy weighed 5lb 8ounces 20 inches long.. he was a true BlESSiNG!! && Josh, my parents, && his parents stuck by my side the entire journey.. yea we had hard time.. i gave up my social life, && we both lost && gave up friends friends.. we gave and sacrificed alot for our little man.. so he could have the best life it was hard.. but we did it.. just so we could be the Mommy && daddy we needed to be.. && i tried my best && still do to be the best mommy && wife i can be.. && for the update.. me && Josh also have another little boy when i was 22 years old.. his name was Bentley.. he waswas born fathersday June-20-2010 he weighed 8lbs 7 ounces.. && was 20 inches long.. he was another one of our true BlESSiNG!! && July-30-2012 me && Josh will be married 7 years!! He is the best husband i could ever ask for!! He's not only my husband but he's my bestfriend to!!!! He's truly an amazing man, husband, && daddy!!!! I love him with all my heart && more!!!! && it's so hard to believe how we started out.. && now seen how far we have made it now!! We have came along way over the years!! I love my little family with all my heart!!!! Wouldn't have it anyother way!! [[MyFamily=MyLife]]

<3 Ashley Nichole Williams <3

Ashley Nichole Sims -> Williama

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