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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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Hasta La Muerte.

Im going to start my story off by saying.. Never judge a person if you dont really know them. Its none of your business to be saying how disgusting these girls are when you probably had sex around the same time bt lucked out and never gotten pregnant.

My Name is Jennifer. Im 16 years old today.
When i was 14 i met my Boyfriend Menandez.
He was 16 at the time.
He was everything to me.
we were together for a year and a half and i thot he was my world.
Iknew what he did,
IKnew what he loved.
&I still knew it was wrong..
Once a year came around i finally agreed to have sex with him.
i was 15 at the time.
He made me feel like a queen, But as you all probably know,
a month passed by and still no sign of my period.
I told him and he went with me to take the test.
I was indeed pregnant, scared and nervous.
We told our family-- OF course they were all dissapointed in us.
He was there through it all though.
I asked him to Get out of the gang life. He wanted to but i know he couldnt.

When i turned 8 months. I finally wanted to figure out what i was having. A Little girl. Beautifull baby girl. She had her fathers eyes and nose. As we stood there looking at the ultrasound screen, i heard menandez cry. He was so happy. He glowed for the rest of the day.

My due date was July 18th-2011. & it was only 2 weeks away.. Menandez and i were getting the last of the babies stuff together when,
a group(gang) came up to us unexpectingly and pointed a gun to my Boyfriends head and threated my life. My heart beated so fast, i could hear it in my ears..
They let us go after menandez hit him twice.
I knew it was a matter of time before they came back to get him..
3 days later my water broke. i was at home with him, painting the babies room. We went to the hospital where iwas in labor for 14 hours.
She finally came around 3:35 A.M. She weight 5lbs 4 oz. & her name is Marcianna Nikita Merrit. her father was the first to hold her. He smiled and cried at the same time. He kissed my forehead and i felt complete.(( YOU DONT KNOW WHAT REAL LOVE IS UNTIL YOU HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF LOVING YOUR BABY. YOUR OWN BEAUTIFUL BABY. YOUR CREATION. ))
We brought her home and ilt was difficult for the first 4 months but it got easier. He was always there by me. No matter what. 6 Months after she was born, Menandez was shot 3 times by the gang that we had ran into months before. He was rushed to the hospital and died minutes after i had arrived. They came out to tell me and i was heartbroken..

My daughter is now a year old. Big, Beautiful&looks just like her daddy. Everyday i miss him,
More & more,
BUt i know he loves his daughter and i lover her as well.
May he rest in paradise and always be in my heart.
I lOVe you babe, i miss u everyday.

Thanks for reading my story. I hope i can related to some of you girls. Keep your head up and dont let anyone bring you down.

Jennifer & Marcianna<3 <3


Not Happily Ever After... But Close

my boyfriend (then) when we were sophomores in high school. I never saw us as a couple because he was just a geeky friend who was always playing around with everyone, just a big goof. to my surprise we started dating a few months after we met, and we fell in love with each other quick and hard. I had a couple relationships previously but nothing serious. Until him. We stayed together all through high school, even graduated a year early together so we could start our lives. My mom hated him with a passion, and his father wasnt so into me either. But we didnt care. We were engaged and in love. we got an apartment with another couple who were good friends of ours, and life seemed perfect. We worked together, and were inseperable. Well after 6 months of living on our own, we started talking about having a baby. we were financially stable, and just ready to parents and make this step in our life together. So we started trting. And after 4 months, we were granted our wish. We were pregnant. we were 17 and found out on my 18 birthday :) My pregnancy was easy breezy, and I slept through my whole l8 hour labor. At 3:16 on February 17, 2010 we were blessed with a beautiful 9 lb 7 oz baby boy with a head full of hair. Little did I know that's what day would be the best and most awful of my life. after I was born he informed me that he has been cheating our whole relationship. he brought his girlfriend into the hospital and I had security remove both of them. I took my beautiful boy home, m I live with my mom, and started my own life as a single mother. my son is now 2 years old and he is my world. his dad sees every other week for a couple of hours. I have married a wonderful man who has taken in my son has his own, we are expecting our first baby together in september. I want a message to be sent to all of the teen moms out there you do not need a man to define who you are. You can email me or facebook me. I would love to help in any way I can.



I didn't think it through

My story begins when I was 15, young, dumb, and very naive. I was 15 when I begin sleeping with a guy who was 20 and headed for the navy. First of all I know it was illegal, but it was about finding love for me. He was the second guy i had slept with and I thought he wanted a relationship, but boy was I wrong. He did me wrong, after the first time of us sleeping together he deleted me on facebook and texted me that same night asking if I was on birth control because he didnt pull out. Well lucky for me I didn't get pregnant THEN. He didnt speak to me for awhile after that, until a few weeks later thats when we starting being fuck buddys I guess you could say. He never used a condom, or pulled out, which was baffling for a guy who was five years older than me and headed for military life.Then he headed off and I didnt hear from him for year. Now I am 17 and he came home a few months back and now he is 21 and I'M PREGNANT! I ended up giving into him and he thought he couldn't get me pregnant since it never happened before and now he wants nothing to do with me or the baby I am carrying. He is shipping back out in a few weeks and all I can think about is why, why did I have to be so dumb and keep sleeping with him, but above all that allow him to not use protection. Silly me thought he cared. So now I'm stuck doing this all alone, with no money, not a good job, no support system. NOTHING. My advice to all young ladys is to please dont have sex with someone unless you are dating them in a commited relationship, second, no glove no love or at least some form of protection, third of all, dont ever and I mean ever allow a guy to use you just for his own pleasure. Most guys never stick around. Think before you down in that bed with them because laying down just to "cuddle" or "watch a movie" can change your life forever. Babies are a precious gift, but I don't want anyone to go through what I am. Go to school, get a career, get married, then have babies. I wanna give my child the world but won't be able to for quiet some time. How will I explain to he/she that their father is a POS and wants nothing to do with them. Make a baby outta love not pleasure or impulse. BUT PLEASE WAIT. Thanks for reading. I hope you all take what I have said to heart.



I found out I was pregnant late one afternoon after school. My boyfriend, josh was at football practice so I decided to take a test. It came up positive. I broke down by the sink and wept. I never wanted a child. But here i was 16 and pregnant. Josh had moved in with me after his parents death. While I was having my fit on the bathroom floor josh had been knocking for a while. I threw the test away and went through the next month. I tried to hide it from josh as much as possible but I was throwing up every morning. He would freak out every time he heard me from down the hall. It was one morning when I was three months along he suggest I see a doctor. I just sobbed. He sat on the floor with me and tried to soothe me even though he had no idea of what was going on. The truth was I was terrified. I told him while sobbing and he just scooped me up and told me it would be alright and he was excited about the baby. 6 months later I had our beautiful brown hair blue eyed daughter Renalie Rose 7 lbs. 4 oz. She was perfect and unique so josh suggested a unique name. We are now living happily with our two year old and do not plan to have anymore. Josh has been so helpful and sweet even though we aren't married


my baby girls

i was 7 months of 16 when i found out . that i was pregnant. i was shocked. everyone said that i had a bright future in front of me dancing. my boyfriend james was tryin to get a football scolarship to collage. i was a virgin up until i met him when had be goin out for 13 weeks when we had sex for the first time, the first time that we had sex i was very scared and freaked out but my james went slow and kept asking if i was okay after a couple minutes i felt comfotamble and started to relax. after that every chance we got we were having sex. when i found out i was pregnant i was shocked as my boy friend told me that every time we had sex he made sure that he had a condom on.
i didnt think that i was pregnant until started vomitting all the time. i took a pregnacy test and it came back positive i didnt beleive so i took another, and another and another until i had taken about 7.
i told my best friend alex striaght away, she was so supportive and told me that i should tell james, i didnt tell james as i thought he was goin to dump me. so i didnt talk to him for three weeks. after school one day he conered me and asked what was going on i broke down and told that i was pregnant. he freaked out and asked if i was sure, and how many pregancy test i had taken i told that i had taken 7 and that i was sure. he then kissed me and said that we should go back to his place and talk about it. he walked me to my house so i could ask mt rents they said yes and that i should stay over there for the night as they were going out for dinner and didnt want me to be home alone. tylers mum was out of town for a couple of months so when we got to his house we were alone he picked me and started makin out wif me, he then slid his hand up my shirt and laid me back on the bed and pulled of his own shirt.he then siad that he would be with me no matter wat and that he was soory that he got drunk and forgot to put a condom on. we celebrated our news by having sex again.
after that we then drifted apart over the next couple of weeks we would smile and talk, he then came back around when one of his friends sore me walking pass and started calling out names. he told him to shut when he didnt he punched him and got into a fightwith him. later that week we decided to tell my parents and they kicked me out so i moved in with james and things were great, his mum was happy for us and everything was good. james dropped out and got a job, and on the 8th of october 2011 our two beautiful baby girls weyre born audrey alice and willow anne. on january th 6 th james proposed to me we r now planning our weddin and r as happy as can be.


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