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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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Pregnant once

I'm 18 and am supposed to be six months pregnant, an ex boyfriend as her father. We're both in college and we were both very serious about finishing. So we did what we knew we had to. First month through the pregnancy, I aborted her. We named her, and are still guilty about losing our baby. Now, I'm worried I might be carrying another child again -- same father. I'm afraid to do what I did to her. And he made it clear to me that he's still not going to support me. I cannot bring myself to tell my family either, two of my sisters had unwanted pregnancies as well, and I am looked up to as the family's only hope. I do not know what I'd do if tomorrow's test will show that I'm a positive..again.

beginning of a good life.

My boyfriend & I had been together for about 2 years before we found we were pregnant in may of 2010. I was getting ready for school (17 at the time, he was about to be 20) & decided to take a test since I was late thinking it was a false alarm since it happened many times. But it was positive & I cried just looking at the test thinking why me? I caleed my bf right away & told him the news. He was shocked & told me everything will be ok. My pregnancy was emotional & difficult, I was rejected by my family . Even though it was tuff I wouldn't change it for the world. January 8th 2011 was the greatest day of my life <3. Liam is now 1 years old, we have our own place & daddy is working hard to make us happy.


A mothers love doesnt matter about age

Monday, 9 January 2012My story.
My name is Tiffany I am 23 years old, I live in Ontario Canada and I was a teen mom...

I want to write my story. I feel that maybe I can help others, or at least one person. I don't want to save the world, I just want to let young teens both male and female know that bringing a life into our world is hard and that they should make the right choices and that there is people out there who just want to share their stories so they know how hard life can be if you also are expecting at such a young age.

It all started in 2005:

I was 16 years old thought i had figured life out, i thought i knew it all. I was using tricycling 28 day Birth control for years, I had been in a 2 year relationship and in grade 11. I didn't think about the consequences of having UN-protected sex because i was on the pill, i didn't think i would be the one to get pregnant at such a young age. I didn't think i was going to be a statistic, but because of foolish fun i was.

In April 2005 just days after losing an infant nephew in my family i found out i was pregnant. Two months pregnant to be exact. I got pregnant in Feb of 2005 at the age of 15, days before i turned 16...

My aunt picked me up from school, took me to shoppers drug mart, didn't tell me why we were going there, once there she grabbed two pregnancy tests and we left, we went back to her house, she asked me to pee in a cup and then locked me out of her house for an hour, next door at my house we were visiting with my grandma, shocked i didn't want to say anything to her in fear that she might look down on me in shock of the recent events that had happened.. After my grandma left my moms we went back over to my aunts house next door and she read the results to me and my mom... i was in shock.nI didn't know how to react or what to think, i remember sitting in my aunts living room with my mother and my aunt, and telling them i wanted to finish school, i had goals and aspiration's and having a baby i feared that my life was over.

After breaking the news to my boyfriend we decided that we would figure it out. My family was going to support me in my choice and help me in the ways that i needed... My pregnancy progressed well i ended up finishing grade 11 and started grade 12 at an alternative school, finished my first semester early so i could have extra time off at home to adjust to being a new mom, to have time to bond with
My son who came into the world November 22 2005..
During the course of my pregnancy there were many doctors appointments, many ultra sounds, hospital visits, false labour, and a lot of stress. A LOT of looks and alot of friends who turned there backs,
I thought during labour i was going to die, I was induced 6 days before my actual due date, I realised laying in the hospital bed with needles all over me that i was going to be a mother, at 16.. I thought i was ready and again i thought it would be easy and i was WRONG.. was i ever wrong.. I had no job, no money, no means of supporting my child at the time i had him. I was lucky to have the support of my family and my boyfriends family... i lived at home with my parents and my younger brother and boyfriend with my son... At home it was a constant struggle, diapers, bottles, baths, long nights with no sleep, doctors appointments, medication, fights with my boyfriend, nights alone, depression, and the worst is guilt. Thinking you cant raise a child off of love alone.. My son was an easy baby, but at 16 years old i thought my life was over. All my friends didn't want to visit me anymore, I had to grow up. Be responsible, I had a little life that depended on me. I needed to make sure that every time he cried that he had a bottle, a clean diaper, and sometimes he would just cry to cry.. A lot of young people think that having a baby means that you have someone who will love you unconditionally, yes my son loves me to death but love isn't enough to raise a child. it takes alot more.
my son was 9 months old when me and his father spilt up. Its hard when you have a small child who now has to go to two different homes to see his parents and families.. i didn't want that for my little guy. I tried to fix things with his father for the sake of my child but after a short time i realised i was already one statistic and i didn't want to be another. I wasn't going to be with a man for the sake of my son. he deserved more then that.. Time went on, and my little man began to walk, talk and become independent. i started dating again, and rekindled with his father when he was about 18 months old. I became pregnant again... I didn't know how to handle it, he didn't know how to handle it, and i wasn't ready for a second child, I did what i thought was best for the situation and i had a termination, I had struggles with my first child and bringing another one into the situation was not best, and it was only going to make another child suffer, I went through a really bad stage of depression. i over came it and felt better then ever. I had my son, my family and felt on top of the world. i turned 19 my son was going regularly on weekends to see his father and he was progressing so well in life. I had a job, was doing correspondence and thought i had finally caught a break in life.. Well things were never easy with my sons father, we were always fighting over everything that had to do with my son, and my son felt it, he started to act out.. As a year went by we started seeing other people and things started to get a little easier, In 2008 I found out i was pregnant again. I wasn't sure what to do and how to handle the situation, after talking to my parents, i decided i was going to keep my daughter, i moved out on my own got my life situated for me and my son and soon to be daughter
Things still hadn't gotten all that good with my and my sons father, we went to court for a custody agreement, I was granted full custody and he was granted every other weekend access and to this date he has never missed a visit.

I found out i was pregnant with my Daughter in July 2008, i was only a few weeks pregnant, I suffered alot of morning sickness, alot of pain, I didn't gain much weight, i didn't eat properly due to the sickness i was feeling, i had alot more doctors visits, more ultrasounds and this time is was even harder to do because i had a little boy i also had to deal with. There wasn't time to sleep, or get better, or rest. i was always on my feet, always on the go, had to make sure my son had the things he needed daily, i found out in October of 2008 that it was a girl i was so happy, but yet the worry started to take over, how was i going to get all the things i needed for a little girl? I didn't have any clothing or bedding or stuff for a girl.. I had only boy stuff. So again financially i was struggling to make ends meet with one child and trying to pre pair myself for another. i am blessed that i have such a loving family because they all stepped in to help me, and i can never explain to them how thankful i was or am still to this date... I have a healthy relationship with my parents now because of my kids.

... In Feb. 2009 me and my husband started dating. My daughter was born shortly after in march of 2009..

Again I went through alot of hard times, but now i had two children. A three year old and a new born. My son was such a good little helper for me. He never went through the jealous stage, always wanted to help mommy out with his sissy, I again was lucky with my daughter that she was not a overly cranky baby, she loved to sleep, and even though she didn't progress as fast as my son i never pushed her to do things. She was a happy healthy baby...

My son fell in love with my husband from the start, My husband was always great with my son, played with him, helped me out alot. I knew he was going to be a great dad to both my kids. My husband and myself had talked about marriage a few times shortly after getting together, (not us getting married but our views on it) and he asked my father for my hand in marriage and took my mother out shopping to pick my ring out. On April 11th 2009 my husband proposed to me.. I said yes, we set a date for August 15th 2009. We were together for a Meir six months and two weeks on the date of out wedding. I had never felt so in love, I finally thought my life was actually coming together the way i dreamed it to me. My children, my husband, our dog.. Life seemed perfect.

Here i am in 2012 writing my story for anyone to read, I am still happily married, living on our own, My son is 6 years old, my daughter will be 3 in march, and in august it will be my 3 year anniversary. there has been so many rough patches in my life that i will never regret but i want to share my story to maybe shed some light that this is real. teen pregnancy is real, and its not all glitz and glam like TV shows it to be there is so much more then that.. I still havent accomplished my goals i had set for myself long before i became a mother, i haven't given up on them i have just simply adjusted them I am working on my GED at home, I was working a full time job of 40+ hours a week and currently on employment insurance due to medical reasons and i take it as a blessing because i get to spend all the time in the world with my baby's, I am looking forward to returning to work but right now i love the bond i have created with my amazing children. i still struggle today with being a young mom because although i am 23 years old when i take either of my kids to the hospital i get crazy stares and remarks from people because of my age..

I come from a broken family. my parents separated when i was 6 years old. My mother and mt step father got together shortly after that and have been together for 18 amazing years, he has raised me no different then his own children. i call him dad and i am so proud to have him in my life. My real father has had nothing to do with me unless he needs something. I have ended that cycle and because of the situation that i came from i realised i needed to make 'friends" with my sons father. and as of today we are amazing friends. He has another son with another woman and i enjoy having his Son over for play dates with my kids, and i going out with my husband and sons father and just being adults... I don't regret anything that has happened in my life because it has made me who i am today and i feel that i am a strong woman who can over come anything as i have in the past. I have raised two amazing children built amazing bonds with friends and family members and i Cherish every moment that i can tell my story..

So i hope that my story has opened your eyes to being a parent at a young age. its not cute, its not fun, its not the cool thing to do. Unless you are ready for days of crying, no sleep, depression, lack of communication with the outside world, and devoting your life to a tiny being then please use protection or wait.....

Thank you for reading my story.

Tiffany Guest

tiffany guest

Figuring it out

My name is Danica and I'm 16. I was at a party and I got so drunk I could barely remember anything- but I ended up having sex with this guy in my class at school. I told him I was pregnant and we went out for coffee to talk about it but now at school he completely ignores me. He was my first kiss and first time so it bothers me how he doesn't give me the time of day. My parents keep screaming at me to get an abortion but I am so against that for myself. I don't wanna give it up for adoption either. My friends are not supportive at all and call me a slut. I'm now 4 months and starting to get a bump and people keep coming up to me asking if I am pregnant and who the father is. I don't want to say who it is if Sean won't talk to me- we have assigned seats in English and this term I have to sit next to him. He has sex with a different girl every weekend- I didn't know about that before because he's pretty shy- so I guess I'm no different.

The other day I met this really great guy. Incredibly bad timing I know but no one has ever liked me before. We went out and really hit it off. I have a hard time socializing but it was so easy to talk to him. I didn't tell him I was pregnant but I let it slip out. We were walking and the road was slippery and held on to his arm and said, "Don't let me fall, I'm pregnant." he didn't say anything but I think he already knew because I saw him looking at my stomach before that. I don't know what to do now because one of Sean's best friends keeps saying that I should get rid of this guy (he saw us) and talk to Sean. But how can I when he keeps ignoring me. Tried to talk to him in English but he didn't reply. I really like Matt but I don't know how he feels about me having another guys baby but he said he likes me.


Perfect Family!

I met the love of my life when I was 14 years old. I moved in with him within 3 months. He was 18 at the time. We were drinking and smoking weed every night. One day, I realized I was sick of this lifestyle. So I moved back in with my mom and 2 weeks after our 1 year anniversary (i was 16 now) I found out i was pregnant. I told my mom and she was very upset. She called the abortion clinic right in front of me and set up an appointment for me. I knew deep down in my heart I was not going to KILL my baby. So me and my boyfriend got our own place and ended up having our son 6 weeks early. He was only 4 1/2 pounds but he was very healthy. His name is Mason Dylan. I fell in love with him right away. And I started back at school and my boyfriend was working full time. When Mason was three months old, my boyfriend proposed and of course, I said yes (: One month later, I found out I was expecting AGAIN !! I was sooo sad. I couldnt handle all the stress with even one barely. what was i going to do with 2 kids ??? so i looked into adoption and that was our plan until i was 6 months pregnant. I couldnt do it. I loved him soo much already. There was no way, once he was born, that I would be able to follow through with it. So on july 23rd 2010, our son Bradson Michael was born! 7 pounds, 7 ounces. such a beautiful boy (: so by now, i dropped out of school and was staying at home with our boys while my fiance was working. and now I am 18 years old with a 2 and a half and a 1 and half year old. I wouldnt change a thing that I've gone through but I also wouldnt encourage for teens to TRY and have a baby. I KNOW I was born to be a mom and I do my best every single day to give them what they need.

Cady Grampre

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