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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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my True Love

Before I had my baby, i Didn't love anyone but myself. My story begins when I met my Baby's dad and we started a relationship. We went out for a quit a long time, until one day I decided to back away. One day I found he was married. I went back with him and he promise that he was going to leave his wife. One day I gave him my most valuable thing and i found out I was pregnant, at age 15 and he was 21. He didn't know I was pregnant and me either until I was 4 months pregnant. I was scare and hid my pregnancy for 9 months. My mom found out the day I was in labor.MY mom and my dad were mad at me and wanted to kick me out. I asked them sorry and forgive me. Today my Baby is 1 years old and my parents love him. My parents give all their help and I thank them. I am going through stuggles though because I am a single mom. I am Senior in high school and trying all my best so I can graduate and give my son all a better future because he is my true love.

Gaby Feliciano

My single journey

Well this is how my story goes I met this guy named JB at the beginning of my 2nd year of college he played football I thought he was cute it was mid august & he asked me to be his GF I said yes we had a good relationship we held hands he walked me to class we kissed in public it was all good until I started finding out things about him he wasn't all so sweet well he had told me he hand a 3 year old lil girl I was fine w/ that but I start hearing he had all kind of girls at home he was still with I didnt know what to believe so we started arguing alot we soon broke up it was late november I started feeling sick but I didnt know what it was at the end of december I found out I was pregnant I told him & he asked me what was I gonna do? He told me to have an abortion & he didnt want anything to do with my baby so I knew I was in it alone my family was extremely supportive I became depressed he started talking to other girls in my face at school like I was a total nobody it was now April & I met this guy named Tyler I didnt take it too seriously bcuz I was pregnant & I didnt think he was cool with that well we became best friends he was there for me during my entire pregnancy he asked me to be his girlfriend I said yes & has been happy every since I had my baby august 14 2011 and tyler was there the day me & my baby kaydence came home from the hospital I am so thankful for my sweet baby boy & my BF :) I recently enrolled into a Surgical tech program that starts in january my baby is 4 months old & has never seen his father which is ok with me he is a total dead beat & I don't want that around my son! I am so thankful for Tyler he is the sweetest guy I have ever met I am truly in love he is a real man. Life is much better for me I am building my childs family & future :)


Single and Pregnant

When I was 15 years old, I got involved with a guy. We had known each other for many years and we decided to fool around. This was the summer of 2008. In September, I found out that I was pregnant. I was a few months shy of my sixteenth birthday. I wasn't thinking about presents for me. I was thinking of how to tell my parents, what I was going to do, etc. I told them in October. My dad was beyond furious and my mom was pretty upset. But they both were supportive in the end. Those nine months waiting were full of many different emotions. By the third trimester, I was excused from school to take care of myself and prepare for the baby. On April 20, 2009, my beautiful baby girl was born. I told the father right when she was born. He didn't want anything to do with her. So I raised her for about a year with the help of my parents. She came before anything I wanted to do. As a teenager, my life got real stressful because I wanted to be with my friends and do what teenagers do. But I was a teen mom and if I wanted to go somewhere or do something, Samantha went with me. Finally, I decided to give her up for adoption. I know I should've done that right when she was born, but I couldn't. Giving her up after a year was the hardest thing I ever did. I miss my little girl, but I know I did the right thing to let her go and be raised in a good family environment and have things that I didn't. Even though she's with a new family, I'll always remember her smile, her laugh, her cry, and the way she loved her mommy. Thank you for reading.


you don't know love til you have a baby

When I was 15 I met the guy I thought I would be with 4-ever.We had a good relationship at 1st thought we could do anything as long as we were 2geather,we were 2geather 2 yrs when i found out I was pregnant.we had talked about having a baby & thought it would keep us 2geather no matter what but I had a very strick mom & when she found out she was MAD but eventually got through it.Me & my boyfriend at the time had discussed a baby just so I could move in with him,but after I started thinking i'm to young I got my whole life ahead of me it happen.I had a beautiful son & moved in with my son's father everything seemed good until he thought being a dad was hanging with the guys & leaving my son with my mom while I worked everyday,so when my son was 8mos old we split for good.I stayed a single mom worked all the time almost missed my son walk.6mos later I met the man I'm married to now even though we had our up's & downs we made it.we've been 2geather a little over 3yrs & things r great & we r expecting our 1st child 2geather in 4mos.My son is 4yrs old now & so smart he's in pre-k & is my world even though I thought I was ready & wasnt.His dad is still in his life half the time,hes in the military & is married with another baby,he still hasn't grown up fully but I don't think men ever do.The 1 thing I can say to any girl out there make sure its love not lust be 4 u give ur all to a guy.A baby is a HUGE responsiability.When u have 1 ur life will never be the same,no more partying,hanging with friends cause half of them will stop talking to u b/c u have a baby & can't do as u plz.Just think be 4 u act on any situation that will head u for young motherhood.


Lonely Pregnancy

My story is a bit different from alot of peoples !! Back in either july or August of 2010 my older stister learned she was preganant and then a couple months later we learned that my little sister was pregnant!! then back in april we then learned that i was pregnant!! Everyone says that i got pregnant because my sisters did! But the truth is i didnt want to get pregnant i was being careless my sisters were pregnant and my mom wasnt paying much attention to me ! so i was doing what i wanted when i wanted then i learned i was pregnant . i told the father and he stopped talking to me and said it wasnt his ! Then was saying if the baby is his he will be taking her ! But then i learned to ignore him and not talk to him at all come to find out he is having another child with the girl he is with now! she is due just 3 or 4 months after me yes it made me a lil upset but i just feel bad for the child !! But anyways Im a single mom well soon to be mother i currently live with my mother and two sisters and their children and just getting to know that my mother is planning on movin away with my little sister and niece! so once they move it will be me and my older sister and her son and my daughter! Unless my little sister decides to stay with us! But anyways my pregnancy has been very odd !! At first i was not gaining weight and i ate all the time. I was always sick always in bed couldnt get out of bed i had morning sickness all day long and i had awful pain in my abdomen and didnt know what is was! come to find out there was nothing wrong with me at all! Then later i found out i was having a girl! The morning sickness finally started to subside . But the pain didnt. Then i started to slowly started to gain weight and then the doctor told me that i was dehydrated that i needed to start drinking lots of fluid so i did everything then was fine for a little while now im 8 months along and the pain is back and the sickness is back and the doctor told me that im very dehydrated again to drink lots of fluids that thats the reason i was dizzy and sick was because i was dehydrated !! so i have been drinking lots of fluids and the dizziness is gone but my headaches are gone im still slowly gainin and losin weight but she is fine !! Another thing is just these past few months i have developed depression and very bad anxiety which is very scary! But im getting help and getting much much better soon i will be havin my daughter and then ill have nothin to worry about besides her and myself!! thanks for listening to my story.


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