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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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Im Nicole, While i was pregnant my fiance Robert died. It has been so hard on myself & my child. My daughter is turning 3 and is always asking where her father is and it breaks my heart to hear her say it . Any advice?


a tragic end

When i was 16 years old my summer going into junior year i got pregnant. I was dating my boyfriend Cole for a about 1 year when we found out we were expecting. I tried keeping my story a secret for as long as i could. Cole would take me to all my doctors appointments because he was 18 while i was only 16 and i couldnt drive and we were keeping it a secret. I was 3 months into my pregnancy when i found out we were expecting twins. I didnt know what to do i was 16 pergnant with noone knowing and having twins. My family was very religious and i didnt know how they would take it but i knew they had to tell them. I came from a huge family, my mom dad 4 sisters and 2 brothers. I sat my whole family down and told them the story there immediate reaction was shocked they didnt know how i could get myself in this situation but after a couple of months they became completely supportive. On May 6,2011 i gave birth to my two beautiful girls, Sophia Jade and Alina Skye. They are my life and me and Cole no longer speak but he is around for them and i have to say one of the best dads ever. I am hoping we can work our relationship out because i want our family to be together :(


our baby

I got pregnant when I was 17. My boyfriend Jack and me both wanted a family, it ust wasnt suppposed to be so soon. When i told him he hugged me and kissed me. I wasnt expecting him to do that though. My mum and dad were fully supportive, mum was shocked but happy for me, she told me it would be hard work. My dad intiatlly wanted me to get an abortion but when he saw my beautiful baby at the ultra sound he changed his mind, my parents and jacks bought us a small but beautiful house and continued to support us. I quite school and got a job at a cute little cafe. Jack is 19 and is a aprentice. We went for our babies first ultra sound and everything was perefect. On the 1 of August I gave birth to our beautiful daughter Kahlii. She was so tiny, small for a baby born 4 weeks early,whch is very small, cant wait to take her home :)


Invisible girl

Hi! Iíve read many of your stories some so sad and others got beautiful endings. I thought I should also share my story as a sort of therapy for myself. I use to be this quiet and shy girl who kept to herself and had the biggest dreams, I was always the good girl who never went out or dated. I met my boyfriend of 3years via chatting through his cousin who was at the time my best friend, wow I thought he was perfect and was just the best, I never knew a love like that existed. I really thought he was the one, I was saving sex for marriage but I thought he was my soul mate and we would be together forever. 1 6months into our relationship I gave my virginity to him and He knew it meant everything to me. 3months after that (devil has perfect timing) I found out he was cheating and was also sleeping with that girl, everyone knew except me. I was crushed, I mean I gave him everything, he was my best friend and my all, and we planned our future together. Well like the idiot I am I forgave him and took him back, thought maybe he made a mistake and that he had gotten a wakeup call.
We carried on having sex and did the whole pull out thing. 3mnths later after nausea and missing my period, he got a pregnancy test for me, and we had a feeling I was pregnant and I took the test and two lines came out being positive, I was 19 in my first year of University pregnant and about 8weeks pregnant. Him being my everything he was the only person I had but after he found out am really preg he changed towards me and I Couldnít believe this was the same guy, wow the next two months were hell for me, he went back to the same gal he cheated on me with and slept with her knowing am expecting a child didnít need that stress, I ended things and they dated, He never once contacted me, he would ignore my texts. No one knew, and I had this secret on my shoulders alone. I would hardly sleep, stay up crying, not knowing what I would do. I prayed sooo much, only by Gods grace I got through those moments. I was obsessed with him tryna get his attention. How could he forget me the girl he claimed to love so much with his baby growing in me, I considered abortion and would make many appointments and I would never pitch each time. I told God if my baby daddy makes me his Girl friend again Iíd keep the baby, I prayed hard for weeks for him because thought I wouldnít be able to this without him. I named the child Grace whether it would be a boy or not cause it would be by Gods grace if we made it.
God answered my prayer and me and my baby daddy dated and decided to keep the baby, I was almost 6mnths preg at this time. He held my hand; things were so perfect between us wow. Than 3weeks after that my mom found out I was preg (she use to be a nurse) so she noticed and my tummy was expanding and checked me herself. I was so scared and she told my dad and he wasnít talking to me and my whole family was told, thought I was dreaming, thought my family would be mean towards me but surprisingly they were supportive except my parents, They wanted to give up my baby for adoption and My boyfriend would never allow that, but he and my family stood by me and his family also found out and the two families had a meeting and his family acted like they cared and would be part of my baby, in my wildest dream. Went to my 1st doctorís appointment and ultra sound and found out I was going to have a girl, my boyfriend was so excited and we were just the closest and he was my best friend again wouldnít have went through all the family politics without him. 6 June 2010 I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl, with eyes wide open, I cried the first time I saw her, had a c-section because she couldnít come out through natural birth no matter how hard I pushed. She weighed 5.6kg and her father came to see us the next day. A month later I found out my boyfriend was gonna have another baby soon and he never even told me about it, with the same girl his always cheated on me with. Till today I donít know what happened I was crushed and couldnít believe it, Our plans got thrown back in my face, was hoping it was a bad nightmare, My baby was suppose to be his one and only.
Things got bad again between us, he cheated again with a different girl this time and basically left me for her, I met another guy who loved me and my daughter to bits but I had to end things cause I was still in love with my baby daddy and I was not going to use him cause he deserved more. I always compared me to this girl he always cheated on me with but now I was comparing our babies. Itís something hard to heal from and get over. He hardly saw our daughter but I was always taking her to him and his family behind my parents back. His family has never once called once to ask about her or check on her or even visit although she is their 1st grandchild thatís when I decided I would stop taking her there because they know where to find her. Well today me and my baby daddy are trying to fix things between us, I just doubt he is serious about me I have a feeling he dating someone else although he wanna work out things with me, I still got trust issues and wish he would break his back for me and do whatever it takes to prove he is serious about me. At the moment I donít get why he never makes time for her, she would know him by now and be use to him if he bothered. He can go for 4 months without seeing her, I wish it was her birthday every week maybe he would bother he is more concerned about his other daughter and now his sisters child whom He loves more. It sucks to be me, wish we could be a family. I love him in an unhealthy manner, he once told everyone I am obsessed with him and maybe he is right. Wish he would come to his senses one day and realise what he has in me. Right now my daughter is almost 14 months, She is the smartest daughter, with beautiful eyes and super naughty, I love her more than anything and would do anything for her, my family adores her so much and got unconditional love for her I guess it covers for his family not caring about her and my parents enjoy being grandparents and sheís my dads lil girl. I sometimes wish things were slightly different with a few alterations. I wanna make a success of myself and I pray to God me and my daughter have a happy ending with her father, Hopefully when he asks me to be his girlfriend it will work this time but if I have to let go I will, because me and my daughter deserve the best.



When i was 16 i found that i was 4 weeks pregnant with my boyfriend of a year. I as soon as i saw that little pink line show up on the pregnancy test i regretted having sex immeidatly. Matt and i had only had sex because he said that he had waited 10 months, and t had been long enough. And i understood were he was coming from because other guys would sleep with girls after one week of knowing them and then leave. So we had sex, and it didnt feel wrong at the time because Matt and i loved each other.

When i told Matt about my pregnancy his first reaction was "I can't do this, i can't be a dad at 17, get an abortion." and so on. But i knew as soon as i found out that i couldnt get an abortion because i wanted this baby. Matt came round eventuelly and came with me to my first doctor appointment, my mom was there too, and i found that it was early in my pregnancy, i was only 4 weeks pregnant. When i was 16 weeks pregnant i got to find out that i was having a boy. I noiced that Matt got real excitied when he found out he was going to have a son. I don't know what it is about guys and having sons but whatever it is, Matt loved it.

My mom was excited about my pregnancy and she decided to decorate the nursery for my baby. I told her the colors and she went to work. It was ready for a baby boy by the time i was 34 weeks pregnant. Matt however, started to get less excited about the birth of our son. It seemed that the bigger i got, the more he became distant. Matt and i were barley talking at that point even though we were still technaically "together". But one of my best friends told me she had seen him kissing another girl at the mall a few days before. I was so heart broken and i just didnt understand how someone could cheat on their pregnant girlfriend. Later that day after i had cried for hours, i called him and told him that he wasent alowed in mine or our son;s life and that he wouldnt be on the birth certificate. But after a few weeks, i never heard from him, and i think what hurt the most wasent that he had cheated but that he didnt care enough not to do it or at least say sorry.

On November 12th, when i was 17 i gave birth to my 5 pound 6oz son, Blaine Landon. I fell in love the second i saw him. He came early by 6 weeks so i wasent alowed to take him home for almost a week, even though i had been discharged from the hospital after two days. I took Blaine home later on and after i had him home, i noticed how different it was not to have a nurse standing behind you to telll you if you were doing something worng or right. My mom helped me for a week after Blaine was home but then she had to go back to work and i was on my own for two weeks. Matt came to the hospital after Blaine was born and then once more before he was alowed to go home but he didnt come by my house to see him until he was 4 weeks old.

Blaine is now 9 months old and he is a very heathly happy baby. He loves to "talk" and is constantly moving around. Matt has seen Blaine a total of six times, the last being when he was 5 months old. I don't understand how he could see his son and not want to be a part of his life, but it's his decision to not have a son ans right now we are better off with out him.


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