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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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First loss Second gain

When i was 15, i got pregnant with a guy whom i barley knew. It all started off when i went to this 'party' with my old sister, who was 19. She was actully my half sister, but anyways, Amber (my sister) invited me to go with her to hang out with some friends. Little did i know that the majority of her "friends" were olser guys. But one guy, Max kept hitting on me the whole night. But honostly i was flattered that he kept telling me how beautiful i was. o one thing led to another and we had sex. It was mmy first time but i'm sure it was his 100th since he was a major player.

A few weeks later i told Amber that i had missed my peroid, which was just an excuse to get a pregnancy test because i've never had regular periods but i did think i was pregnant, i just didnt know how to say it. So she bought me three test and all three were positive. She then asked me who my boyfriend was,assuming that i had one, and when i told her the only guy i had sex with was Max, her friend from the party so got really mad. She told me stories about how he had kncked up other girls too.

Long story short, i got an abortion when i was about 4 weeks pregnant. Amber helped pay for it by telling our parents she needed money for another text book from school. Nobody ever knew about the abortion, besides Amber and my best friend Rylie. When i was 16, about 5 months later, i was pregnant again but this time i did have a boyfriend. His name was Ayden and we had been dating for 3 months when i found out i was pregnant. When i told him he said that he would support me and our baby, if we decided to keep it. I also told Amber who was there, along with Rylie, when i told mine and Ambers parents. At first they were mad but after a few hours of them yelling and asking me why'd i had done this they came around in supporting my decision to have the baby.

Ayden was proud to tell people at school, he'd knocked me up. I don't know if his intentions were to be cruel but that was the result. He broke up with me when i was 7 weeks pregnant with our child and he just stopped talking to me, like i had dissapered. I still dont understand why he would want to embarsse himself by telling people he was the father and then just break it off with me, but whatever the reason's they don't matter now.

When i was 16 weeks pregnant i found out i was having a girl and i soon picked out her name. Well i knew her middle name, Amber. I choose Amber because through the whole pregnancy Amber had been there for me when nobody else was. And on August 23rd i ave birth to my beautiful daughter Madeline Amber Rose. I knew right away after looking at her, that i had been right not to abort my child. The only person to date that knows about my abortion is Amber, and Rylie.
I took Madeline home when she was just 2 days old and i was so happy that she was heathly, since she had been 3 weeks early. After i brought her home i noticed how hard it was at 16 to be the best mother. But i leaarned with the help of my own mother and my Amber. I can proudly say that my friends stuck by my side and helped me plan for the arrival of my daughter, and Rylie was even in the room when i delievered Madeline.

Madeline is now 11 months old and i am going into high school as a junior this year. i know that life will only get harder as Madeline grows up but i also know that i will not be a statistic, and that i will proudly get my deplomia and i will graduate from college afterward. I know that as soon as Madeline is old enough i will teach her all i know about sex and realationshis, to unsure that she can live her life to the fullest and be able to be ready when she has her own children.


The love of my life

When i was 14 i met Tyler. He was my everything for awhile, you know after we became girlfriend and boyfriend. I had met him through my best friend (lucy), who was dating his cousin. Lucy was 14 also and her boyfriend was also 14. But Tyler was 17 which is why my mother forbid me to see him. I, like every other teenager, didnt care what she said because i was "in love". Two months into our realationship the subject of sex came up. We had talked about it before but it hadent been this serious. He told me i was going to be his first and i was happy about that because i was still a virgin too.

We had sex on our 10 weeks anivarssary. It was planned, and had been for about a week. Baseically we both got drunk at his house and had sex. He lived with his dad, but he was never home so Tyler and i started to hang out there. Tyler was a rebel and he turned me into one. Pretty soon i was no longer getting straight A's and i started spending every second of free time i had with Tyler, getiing high or drunk, having sex. I thought i was mature enough to handle myself but i of course wasent.

Two weeks before my 15th birthday, i found out i was pregnant. My mother took me to a doctor apointment, saying it had been planned for weeks already, but i knew she had made it because she supected something between Tyler and me. She was of course right, and after the nurse came back into the room with results saying i was pregnant, nobody said anything. In fact my mom acted as if nothing had changed, so i went along with it. But that lasted for about two days, and then she made me tell Tyler while she told my step-father. Tyler reacted as i thought he would. He said it wasent his, and that i was a whore for sleeping around. I knew he was going to say that because Lucy had told me about a week earlier he had been lying about being a virgin and that he made her boyfriend (his cousin) ive money to his ex for an abortion.

So after my secret was out, that i was about 12 weeks pregnant and i had no baby daddy, school got tough, so i changed to an alturnitive school for teen mothers. It was better for me. I never spoke to Tyler again after that because he didnt deserve me or his unborn child. I realized i had never been in love and nither had he. Because i knew my baby would have no father figure, i considered adoption because i didnt want my baby to go through what i did. My mother had me at 20 and she was married to my third step-father at the time. But after finding out the sex of my baby, a girl, i knew i could never do it.

I am proud to say that at 15, on Feburary 15th at 2:28 am i gave birth to my daughter Brittany Lynn, her weighing in at 6 pounds 7 ozs. I am now 16 and Brit is 6 months old, next week. I didnt plan on getting pregnant at 15, but who does really? What i did plan was me being a good mom and no you know what? That plan is right on schedule. So no Tyler was not the love of my life, he has not even once seen his daughter. But Brit is the love of my life and she always will be.


Goodbye Childhood, hello Adulthood

When i was 15 i was living my rebelious years. I went out every weekend with people way older than me, drank and smoked and snuck in and out of my house. Looking back on it now, it was a normal thing for a kid that age to do, but somewhere along the line my freedom became reality and my boundary line became blurred.

i met this guy named Chase at a giant party in the woods one fall night. we were standing next to each other at a bonfire and the rest is history. Me and Chase were never official, because he was 19 and i was 15, and he didnt want girls thinking he was off limits. We "dated" for about a month, aka met up three times a week to get high and have sex. Im not saying the decisions i made were right, but the truth it the truth. Needless to say, Chase left, moving three states away after that month, and i wasnt really upset. I moved on with life and continued my partying habits.

But then, three weeks after Chase moved away, i began getting sick every morning like clockwork.. i knew then and there that i was pregnant, and it was Chases baby. to make a long story short, it was the typical baby daddy denial story, as in , "its not mine" " your a slut" blah blah blah. So there i was, fifteen, alone and pregnant.

My mom didnt take it well but supported my decision to keep my baby and transfer to an alternative teenage parenting high school after the birth. the rest of my family, minus my two older sisters didnt feel the same. they refused to condone this behaviour of mine, and pretended like i didnt exist and never did.

Then, at three months along, i went for a regular ultrasound and came out with an irregular shock; twins. I think i was speechless for days to follow that appointment. Two babies. TWO babies. TWO BABIES. i think you get my thought process.

Throughout the rest of my pregnancy i got help from my mom and sisters and chase still denied our kids. Turns out that his dad is an identical twin, hence where the surprise turned up. I gave birth to my twin daughters, Elliana and Mia via scheduled c sections at seven and a half months along. They only weighed three pounds each.

After i took my babies home, life became a vicious cycle. Feeding, changing, burping, bathing, rocking, pumping, feeding,changing,bathing,burping,soothing etc. I took six weeks off of school and returned to the teen parent school.

Now at seventeen i have two year old twin daughters, they come to school with me everyday on the bus in their special carseats, and go in the daycare while i go to class. I will be graduating soon, and will pursue a career in ultrasound tech.

My babies are a blessing, Ellie is wild and rebellious, always climbing up things and getting in trouble. and Mia is mommys little cuddler. Chase has seen the girls once, for five minutes, claiming they look nothing like him and i havent heard from him since. Doing it alone is a struggle but we make it work. If i could go back and do it all again i would have waited, and i wouldnt have partied as much becasue it blurrs your judgment.

As for now, Elliana Grace and Mia Rose are my life, my inspiration and my heart. But no one my age should have to give up their childhood to raise a child, protection is key and i advise any one who has read any of these stories to think twice about the "fun element " of having a baby young. they are cute and funny but they are a human life that you are forever responsible for. I hope anyone reading this can make the right choise and stay safe.


The invisible girl preggies

Hi! Iíve read many of your stories some so sad and others got beautiful endings. I thought I should also share my story, which no one has heard it all. I use to be this quiet and shy girl who kept to herself and had the biggest dreams, I was always the good girl who never went out or dated. I met my boyfriend of 3years via chatting through his cuz who was at the time my best friend, wow I thought he was perfect and was just the best I never knew a love like that existed. I really6 thought he was the one, I was saving sex for marriage but I thought he was my soul mate and we would me together forever. 1 6months into our relationship I lost my virginity to him and He knew it meant everything to me. 3months after that (devil has perfect timing) I found out he was cheating and was also sleeping with that girl, everyone knew except me. I was crushed, I mean I gave him everything, he was my best friend and my all, and we planned our future together. Well like the idiot I forgave him and took him back, thought maybe a mistake and he got a wakeup call.
We carried on having sex and did the whole pull out thing. 3mnths later after nausea and missing my period, he got a pregnancy test for me, and we had a feeling I was pregnant and I took the test and two lines came out being positive, I was 19 in my first year of University pregnant and about 8weeks preg. Him being my everything he was the only person I had but after he found out am really preg he changed towards me and Couldnt believe this was the same guy, wow the next two months were hell for me, he went back to the same gal he cheated on me with and slept with her knowing am expecting a child didnít need that stress, I ended things and they dated, He never once contacted me, he would ignore my texts . No one knew, and I had this secret on my shoulders alone. I would hardly sleep, stay up crying, not knowing what I would do. I prayed sooo much, only by Gods grace I got through those moments. I was obsessed with him tryna get his attention. How could he forget me the girl he claimed to love so much with a baby growing in me, I considered abortion and would make many appointments and I would never pitch each time. I told God if my baby daddy makes me his Gf again Id keep the baby, I prayed hard for weeks for him cause thot I wouldnít be able to this without him. I named the child Grace whether it would be a boy or not cause it would be by Gods grace if we made it.
God answered my prayer and we dated and decided to keep the baby, I was almost 6mnths preg at this time. He held my hand; things were so perfect between us wow. Than 3weeks after that my mom found out I was preg (she use to be a nurse) so she noticed and my tummy was expanding and checked me herself. I was so scared and she told my dad and he wasnít talking to me and my whole family was told, thought I was dreaming, thought my family would be mean towards me but surprisingly they were supportive except my parents wanted to give up my baby for adoption and My boyfriend would never allow that, but he and my family stood by me and his family also found out and the two families had a meeting and acted like they cared and would be part of my baby, in my wildest dream. Went to my 1st doctorís appointment and ultra sound and found out I was going to have a girl, my boyfriend was so excited and we were just the closest and he was my best friend again wouldnít have went through all the family politics without him. 6 June 2010 I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl, with eyes wide open, I cried the first time I saw he, had a c-section because she couldnít come out through natural birth no matter how hard I pushed. She weighed 5.6kg and her father came to see us the next day. A month later I found out my boyfriend was gonna have another baby soon and he never even told me about it, with the same girl his always cheated on me with. Till today I donít know what happened I was crushed and couldnít believe it, Our plans got thrown back in my face, was hoping it was a bad nightmare, My baby was suppose to be his one and only.
Things got bad again between us, he cheated again with a different girl this time and basically left me for her, I met another guy who loved me and my daughter to bits but U had to end things cause I was still in love with my baby daddy and I was not going to use him cause he deserved more. I always compared me to this girl he always cheated on with but now I was comparing our babies. He hardly saw our daughter but I was always taking her to him and his family behind my parents back. His family his never once called once to ask about her or check on her or even visit thatís when I decided I would stop taking her there cause they know where to find her. Well today me and my babydaddy are trying to fix things between us, I donít get why he never makes time for her, she would know him by now and be use to him if he bothered. He can go for 4 months without seeing her, I wish it was her birthday every week maybe he would bother he is more concerned about his other daughter and now his sisters child whom He loves more. It sucks to be me, wish we could be a family I just doubt he is serious I have a feeling he dating someone else although he wanna work out things with me. I love him in an unhealthy manner, he once told everyone I am obsessed with him and maybe he is right. Wish he would come to his senses one day and realise what he has in me. Right now my daughter is almost 14 months, She is the smartest daughter, with beautifuI eyes and super naughty, I love her more than anything and would do anything for her and I wanna make a success of myself and I pray to God me and my daughter have a happy ending with her father, But if I have to let go I will, cause we deserve the best.


Doesnt end with birth.

My names Madeline, Mads for short and like everyone else on here I got pregnant at a young age. I had lost my dad 3 years ago to the day that I found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend and I had been best friends for the longest time and when my dad passed away he was the only one who was there for me and eventually we started dating.I wanted to show him I loved him and didnt know how so I lost my virginity to him. The day I told him I was pregnant I could see he was scared for me in his eyes. We wanted to keep the baby and things worked out well for us until delivery. Id had a phobia of doctors since watching my dad die and when I went into labour I had a panic attack and absolutely begged Aaron to not let them touch me. After awhile they took me in for a C section and 20 minutes later I had a gorgeous curly headed baby girl who we named Addison-Jack. Aaron cried more than she did that day it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. Anyway things went well with us. When Addie started having medical problems we took her for testing and when she was 2 she was diagnosed with lukimea. She struggled for her life and ill never forget the day when they didnt think shed last through the night and those chubby little fingers grasped onto mine and her daddys hand and she gave us a little smile and closed her eyes. Her daddy and I feel asleep still holding onto our baby and in the morning I didnt want to open my eyes because I knew she wouldnt be with me. I looked into my daughters precious little face and felt my heart shatter because what made her Addie had already gone. Teen pregnancy is a blessign and a burden you never think it could happen to your baby but babies die so dont take yours for granted. Rest in peace baby girl. Your mommy and daddy love you with all there hearts.( 9-22-10) <3


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